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Oh hi,

Shhh…do you guys hear that? It’s the Flutey Tootey music of Danny Elfman. You know what that means dont’cha. That’s right. We are about to watch one of them military action thrillers that takes place in the  jungle.

But before we do that… I’m gonna need some proof of life…maybe Scott could hold up his iPad with today’s FAKE NEWS or Maybe Randy could show me his hobbit feet and the latest WoW Release notes.

No wait! I got it….Ibbott…find a cure for Alzheimer’s while playing a cover of Van Morrison’s “I’ll be your lover, too”

Ahhh…that’s the stuff.

Also, no one talk about this movie in front of Dennis Quaid…ever…infinity

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Proof Of Life (2000) – Like Day 44. I want my shirt. I want my spoon! Also, You do NOT want to go into the jungle with the Blue Man Group. Thank you very much, no.


I need some proofs of life.

It’s always about the money

Kidnap. What a weird word. Kid Nap. Where did you originate you funny little word? Shouldn’t it be Kid Nab. Like…to Nab something. Of course Nab is a weird word as well. Nab…Peter Nab…Peter Nap. Nabbing Peter. To Nab a Peter. and he is more of an adult Adult Nab.

Shoes…Where we’re going we don’t need shoes.

Look, I’m not going to defend this movie…. But I’m about to defend this movie.

This movie is beautifully shot. I mean…just look at David Morse’s feet….oh the humanity for Sean Hannity…someone get that man some shoes!

Everybody knows when you hear the flutey tootey music you are going to end up in the South American Jungle.

Flutes with Drums…always in these military rain forest action flicks.

Russia is very desaturated.

Taking some Insta of my cash grandma.

Is this the earliest we have heard the name of a movie in dialogue of a Filmsack movie?

Crowe has a boo boo on his head.

Never trust the Russians.

The Russians want 19 year old porn? Ah 19.

Where do you put pallets of money?

Excellent state of health..minus a few fingers.

What are they doing to my titles. What is the effect? What does it have to do with the movie?

Tank vs Helicopter.

Wow…his eyes are blue.

Meanwhile down in the jungle.

Oil execs don’t like Meg Ryan.

“Peter…what is happening?”

4 Quad. Sounds like Spanish.

Newlyweds are still happy and in love!

Nobody is at our table. Table the quad…that is a lot of seats.

“Are you shitting me?” Just us and the talkers.

“What’s in Houston?” Randy?

I’ve been trying to build a dam!!

Mel Blanc wants to dance! Oh sure. I’ll dance.

Peter…look…Peter… PETER!

8 years working for assholes? Try being a slave!

Are they Newlyweds? They seem very passionate.

Oh this took a turn…first David Morse took a turn and now things are going to shit.

Don’t take my RICE hat! RICE!

This is a lot of reading for an American movie

Not for the pipeline…for the pipeline. NOT FOR THE PIPELINE…pipeline!

Everyone listens to a Por Favor.

The oil guy doesn’t know a “dam” thing. Ha

Ahh…2000 era laptop noises.

It’s that lady from Kindergarten Cop

This is a game….speech… Let’s get the rules straight.

mmm…. ELT…needs mayo.

I do not want to go into the jungle with the Blue Man Group. Thank you very much.

Why is sister surprised his wife knows stuff.

There is turmoil in the camp… Go help the girls load the donkeys!

Alice is Alice.

Alice has her shit together.

Ha! Let’s address your Australian accent Johnny English.

“She’s a trip.” Do we still use “A trip” as a reference?

Meg Ryan thinks Convertibles are stupid.

Also, she likes Scorpions…no wait…the drug lord who was the previous owner was Scorpion…This house is cursed. Bad Juju.

Take no shit Alice. She just wants the truth.

No kidnapping insurance.

Quad Carbon has evaporated.

Mr. Fernandez….he ain’t no Russel Crowe!

It’s only 50 thousand dollars…a down payment…billions of pesos.

This is going to be a fast transaction.

Can’t talk to them? No. No you can not.

Let us wait.

We walk for week and you got no fire!!

50 Thousand dollars and you go cheap on the trash bags. What kind of shit show is this?

“Oh my god…it’s you!”

Well he is just coming on in…

Touch our money and I will pull a gun.

That mirror in that main room is getting a lot of action.

Always a Caruso in the kitchen with a shotgun

Cigarettes calm you down..apparently

Was there a plan? There is a plan!

Day 44. I want my shirt and spoon! SHIRT AND SPOON!


Shoot your compatriot in the foot. Get a slapping…and get demoted to working with the animals.

Dangit Marco.

What the hell do they have in the forest floors?

Long skirts are Meg’s thing in this movie.

Russel Crowes is a bad dad.

Marry an Australian.

Day 59….not looking so good

“Your toilet is a boot. Size 9…too small for your gross foot.

Eric and Peter…best hostage buds.

Newspapers pic.

Oh no…not the ole wooden spoon to the feet!

“You never get a pretty picture.” – Tagline

ohhh…look at those feet!

Sister and Frank have all the money!

What’s that? It’s the alarm…aka…some guy banging on a pan.

The gov’t is attacking our cocaine plants! Those jerks!

Day 71!

Look at my tattoo…”What the hell is that?”

Day 72…losing faith for Meg. Daughter is buried in Africa.

745 thousand dollars…is not a good number!


Caruso is always “in your face.”

I will protect you and your mother…your father? Screw him.

Mel Blanc! He danced with Meg!

“it’s not about the money!” ok…’s about the money.

This is my Panama Crew

haha… “Alice you don’t think I get up every morning thinking about Peter?”


Caruso is impressed…once again.

This movie is book ended by military action. Most of it is waiting to see more updates on Peter’s feet.

Downtown One vs Uptown One.

The take down. Always brutal.

Where is Rambo?

Time to go loud.

They just about blew the whole deal by not checking the perimeter out of the outhouse.

Seems like overkill to use explosives to kill 2 guys on an open path when you have a gun.

Alright! Peter killed his nemesis!

Who saved who!

“Who am i? Who am i?” … “Your an asshole!”

“How’s my wife”…shit…did you have to ask that?

Such passion between Crowes and Ryans

Meg Ryan got a funny walk. Like she can’t lift them boots.

Long Long Look.

Love this music.




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