Rounders (1998) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Listen, here’s the thing.

If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour of this movie, then you are the sucker.

Guys around here’ll tell ya… you “sack” for a living. But It’s like any other content creation endeavor. You can’t sack for a living. You grind it out. Like toothpaste after your significant other squeezes from the top of the tube. WHY!

Also, here are some things I’ve heard from my day to day life as a podcaster.

“If it don’t hurt. Slam it in the car door.” – Mike “The Italian Ice” Rodriguez.


“Sucking on a fountain straw like that will get you face punched dude.” – Drunk Guy on 5th

and finally

“Winners floss.” – Tommy The Tooth

Gawd, how boring is something when you have nothing better to do than sit around quoting assholes and making up names for shit. Don’t splash the pot!

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Rounders (1998) – Like learning a bunch of poker and racial terms that I will never use. Except Butt onion. I’m gonna use that everyday. Butt onion. Twice a day.


1998 is like the worst year for movies ever.

Who keeps that kind of cash hanging around.

If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour of the movie…you are the sucker.

I am grinding it out.

One big bet an hour.

A true grinder….need me a hogey.

You do not want your whole life to be a grind.

Teddy KGB! He likes him some Oreo s.

3 Stacks of High Society? Why are they talking in code? Is someone listening?

KGB like him some cookies.

Hide your chips from Joey!

Rounder…makes a living at cards.

Putting all that glimmer in play? Butt onions? I need a rounder dictionary. Soft Seat? Making a Run at it? Are these guys even speaking English?

No Limit Texas Hold’em

25,000 Buy in. Attracts the Flounders and that attracts the shark…oh my gawd…my head hurts.

Play the man and not the cards.

If that is the Cadillac….what is the Yugo?

There is a world series of poker?

A hand on tilt? OMG! I am so lost

Who is Papa Nogenia? On the wire? What the hell am I listening to.

“Goh Head.” – KGB

I’m over betting to buy the pot and I am sleeping in my turtle neck.

Mmmm…Oreo slide noise sounds so good.

Teddy is on a flush draw.


That is the face I make when I lose all my money.

Nine months later. Did he impregnate Joey (John Turturro)?

Nothing creepier than Edward Norton low talking

Like this guy said…that guy said…I have no idea what anything anybody is saying.

Maybe he just likes bundles of cash.

Which is worse. Legal terms or poker terms?

Man he forgot her quickly.


No one touches KGB Oreos!  Those are chip shaped.

ooooh. Didn’t get outplayed. KGB uses the oreos to decide left or right creme for yes or no. That is a pretty good tell.

I feel so unsatisfied.

Grama is smelly.


Gross. Grama is flicking his beard crud into the poker room air.

Grama thinks he is bored. I’m way more bored.

“Don’t splash the pot.”

“Last card coming.”

Who is the guy in the background with the blue jean onesie?

20 minutes of mugs picking up chips. That is why you don’t splash the pot.

Why is Grama angry? He got his money.








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