License To Drive (1988) – Show Notes


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This week’s FilmHack inspired me to start my own FanFic Film Play called “License to Lose” where Grandpa Anderson has to fight the DMV in order keep his license after he is diagnosed with dementia.

License to Lose will most likely be a senior-citizen adventure film starring Corey Feldman as a cantankerous old grandpa who must prove he can still drive after his dick son-in-law reports him to the DMV due to a controversial diagnosis of moderate dementia and results in his license being revoked.

Hilarity ensues as Grandpa Feldman tries to get frisky with his DMV examiner in the back seat of his Caddy. Oh Grandpa…you can’t drive in the back seat.

Further hi-jinx follow when Grandpa Feldman tries to order a vanity plate from a high tech kiosk but discovers that “Grandpa” is already taken. Sure he tries Grandpa1, GrandpaRulez, Grandpa with @ symbols for A’s….all taken. That is until he wallops the monitor with a cane. Bingo!

If you are still listening…give me a call.

Coming to a theater…or not…near you…or not.

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License To Drive (1988) – Like


Which Corey made these opening credits with their Amiga? My money is on Feldman

That is exactly like the bus ride during the 80s…also, my bus was number 5

Ferrari with Heather Graham looking bored in the passenger seat is the only Ferrari you will ever need.

ha! I love that bus stunt. Skiiiirrrr

Can you slide on pavement in shoes like that. Also, all teenagers were sliding around during the 80s. It was our preferred mode of travel.

School films. Do we still do any school films? No…I mean like film on a projector.

Why is he using a match? A Ferrari should have a cigarette lighter.

Matches in movies. 9 out of 10 times are strike anywhere. Why can’t you just use the striker on the box. Why are you carrying around matches!

Does your brother have Mono? We were always concerned about that in the 80s…if someone had Mono. Also, Haim actually had Mono during the filming.

That Ferrari has a stupid horn.

Never, ever agree to ride on the handlebars of Corey Feldman. ever!

Parents are stupid

Mashed Potatoes and Ketchup. mmm. Pregnant food! I haven’t seen taters piled that high since Richard Dreyfus built a mountain…or perhaps the time Belushi erupted like a zit in Animal House.

Carl says….Carl says..Carl the commie.

Dinner table. That is right kids…we used to have to eat at the table and asked to be excused. Unless Corey Feldman was outside laying on the horn.

“Hey Dweebs! Does your mom hold your dick when you pee?”

Happy Birthday Debbie!

Her name is Mercedes Lane.

I hate to perspire. …Palo is always the attractive foreign guy

How many Heliums had to die to for that party?

Was any generation every more embarrassed by their parents than kids  from the 80s perhaps the 70s?

Let’s give her a cruise. No one has ever said that.

Les is more. Les.

Dad’s that try to be cool… get ran over.

3 houses down. It’s never 3 houses down.

Dad is sweaty and angry and apparently had some off-screen trouble with bags of Pampers.

The anxiety of taking the driver’s test is intense! Very relate-able. Guess that is why they are making another. With ladies this time!

Warning…one more wrong answer and you fail…gee that is a lot of pressure DMV test.

How computer’s work? …nope..

How driver’s license work? …nope. Your sister passes so you get a license.

Twins? They are supposed to be Twins. I must have missed that setup. They don’t act like Twins that I have seen.

Did your DMV have cars to drive? Ours was strictly BYOC

Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince playing during the driver’s test with Uncle from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air 2 years prior. Wild.

The cup was empty!

Just run. Don’t talk to her! Run!

God giveth and the DMV taketh away!

Were licenses rip’able during the 80s?

What kind of cruel family and friends “assume” you passed a test and leave you grats and presents

Oh wow.  He isn’t going to tell his parents! Comedy gold.

Uh oh. Busted.

What kid of dad opens a bottle of champagne to just give his son the business.

Corey is talking to the audience.

Mom and Dad must go to bed at like 9pm

That is one proud Grandpa that would have a vanity plate that says “Grandpa”

“Get off my Truck Boy.”

80 bucks is funny? I mean like hilarious.

Mercedes Date: Make out music. Nope! Rejected. Did you ever have a cassette player reject your tape in such a manner?

Not the car! Shoes on the hood!

Feldman’s parents are vampires?

“who’s car are you driving…grandma’s?” my plates clearly say Grandpa

Who keeps the A/C control in the garage?

The interior of that car is always lit.

Hydroplane. Foreshadowed.

This is not the first time I have heard Feldman give a speech over this music. Burbs?

Was that the point of her name Mercedes to just make that one dumb joke? Mercedes in the trunk of a Cadillac.

The Anderson Twins are having a tough night.

Murdered, raped and robbed convenient stores.

It’s painful to watch this drunk guy wreck Grandpa’s car.

Drunk guy vomit!

That was pretty intense.

Mercedes is such a damsel

Les is always winning even when he is losing.

Reverse works.

This is your time Les….Drive backwards if need be.

I wonder if Les was a breach baby?

Grandpa had a similar experience. I want to see “License to lose” where Grandpa tries to prove he is capable of still driving even at his age.

Where did you learn to drive like that is not equivalent to good driver. Good driving is mostly about being courteous and following the rules.

Do these people have no insurance?

Jetta. Nope. VW Golf


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