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Oh hi Chachi, Sorry I didn’t see you there.

Now I would like to read my poem about something that’s pretty important to me and that I get really confused about a lot. It’s called “Chachis.”

Chachis, sometimes I feel like I’m so much above ’em and sometimes I feel like I’m so much below ’em. Sometimes I hate ’em and sometimes I love ’em (hold on a sec. I’m having a puberty fueled fantasy about boobies. Oh yeah..) now where was I…right…Sometimes I hate ’em and sometimes I love ’em but if I was a caveman, I think I’d just club ’em.

Oh c’mon! Don’t boo the Cooter. You know the Gary Cooter is all about the love! Now hand me my trapper keeper. I got a raging puberty Cooter Boner that I need to hide. Oh hi Scatman.


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Zapped! (1982) – First comes the woman and then the whiskey and then the unfiltered tweeting. My old lady won’t let me have salami.


  • Oh hi, I didn’t see you there Chachi
  • God Bless Merica!
  • Zapped! Lightening!
  • Schools out
  • That rat is scuba and anatomically impossible.
  • Come on Edgar! All the rockstars love this stuff!
  • School wants to know the effects of alcohol on divers.
  • He has the Ultra Grow Formula
  • Coke Bottle glasses.
  • “You know what you need? A girl!”
  • Oh…boys will be boys.
  • Yay! It’s the Ralph Waldo Emerson High Penguin Cheerleaders for the baseball team…
  • That band…they are pure comedy gold…especially the trumpet guy.
  • Gary Cooter! It’s Gary Cooter and the band
  • The Baseball team is winless.
  • Rabbit Doo-Doo.
  • Oh Peyton…your camera is a metaphor for your penis
  • Scatman!
  • haha…Scatman gonna drop some super gro into the Cannabis
  • The Devil’s Double Wammy. Women and the Booze.
  • No salami, no weenies.
  • Then a little beer.
  • Radioactive Spider….no! Beer, Cannabis and Super Grow….you been zapped.
  • Time for the comedic music.
  • ‘Barney Bonehead’ retort ‘Up Yours’
  • Roll up his sleeves…check between his toes.
  • This was something my parents did.
  • Alvie did it and his dummy.
  • Specializing in Botany.
  • She sure is pushy…ladies shouldn’t be pushy! We all knew that in 1982 because it was still 1950s US
  • Gary Cooter has no room to make fun of Mrs. Burnfart. and your 4th year as a senior.
  • It’s called Chicks and this is my Gary Cooter song.
  • The ladies boo the Cooter.
  • Barney Boner don’t call on me
  • All you need is a good opening line
  • Ouch…Barney go with your mice.
  • Tee Winkle College (Rob Robert)
  • Nerdy Botanist and his rich unpopular friend
  • haha…the closed captions says [zapping]
  • Is thought sweeping easier than real sweeping…it looks harder to me.
  • Triumphal Music
  • oh snap…he broke her 5 glasses and now she is an 10
  • There was an explosion that knocked me out and I came to and didn’t think anything of it.
  • And now the circle of trust is created. The fellowship is created.
  • Relaxo Prune Juice and Rum.
  • Spam with Cream sauce.
  • Zapping…
  • I has Telekinesis and I can phase stuff
  • Haha…they have glitter Nike Swooshes on their space uniforms.
  • Poor Alvie…eh don’t deserve this.
  • His mom is a monster and his dad is a chump
  • Edgar has it too…the Zappinging. You little shit.
  • Well we have established that Edgar has long term effects of the Zapping and will probably get sick or die first?
  • Alan take your fingers out ya noise…now suck it!
  • Nathan ‘Too Mean” Levine…tha brute keeps rubbing his crotch.
  • Look at me…my bat is a penis!
  • I have never understood mooning.
  • The best way to hassle ladies is to expose their boobies.
  • The principle can’t access the lab!
  • Burning Pot to dispose of the evidence is never a good idea.
  • Trope Sex Comedy “Overheard conversations are always mistaken for sex talk”
  • My old lady won’t let me have Salami and chili dogs.
  • Help Me Mr. Einstein
  • You ugly Spasm
  • High School Popular girl is always dating the College Dude
  • Freddie is Robert’s older brother who went to Africa on Safari and married a Pygmy Girl
  • Drink a 12 pack a piece and try not to puke on the spinning teacup ride.
  • …Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me..
  • Fighting with your Zap powers.
  • Barney is always trying to eat something.
  • Robert is taking me to Hawaii for graduation.
  • Peyton is playing Jane like a fiddle.
  • Jane has got to see all the lady pics on the wall and know this guy is a creep.
  • Weiner food is referenced a lot in this movie. Wonder Weiner.
  • Bernadette had 3 crushes a year
  • Mom and her cross
  • We need a music montage…here…here…and here
  • This is a more intimate moment that I wanted to see
  • Excuse me as I slip under the table
  • He grew a conscience
  • Flying Roulette Wheel of science!
  • First come the woman and then the whiskey – Scatman logic
  • Tranquilize your kid!
  • “I think I’m going to throw up.” retort “That is one of Satan’s favorite lines.”
  • This is Heaven Prom Theme.
  • Revenge Porn in 1982
  • Watermelon to the head
  • Let’s get naked…..This is hilarious…let’s get naked! This got all Rape-y real quick.
  • A chemical reaction to get zapped powers and then a physical hit to remove them…nope…he was just kidding.
  • The rise of a new superhero? Nope…use your powers for exploding clothes.
  • How the hell was Gary Cooter and band not the band at the prom.

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