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Twister 1996


Oh hi,

Hey listen, thanks for letting me ride along with your Storm Chasing team to track down and research Tornados. This will no doubt be a valuable experience for my new podcast: Tornado Talkers. What’s that? Roll the maps? Oh sorry…I was just folding them like a rookie. My bad.

Ok, so as a podcaster here is my Tornado wish list for the next 24 hours, in order of a convenient rising action. First a Side Winder, then Twister Sisters, A Jumper, A Night Stalker and finally the much talked about… Daddy Killer a real 5 Fs Tornado. Oh it’s F5…so not Fs to the 5th power then.. Ok ok…I’m rolling the maps…

Oh hey look is that one of those Motel-Garage-Food Stand-Drive-Ins over there? We should totally stop by there tonight on our way back. Hot snot! They are showing the Shining! A manly High 5 ensues! H5! No? I know…roll the maps. Man, you sure got a lot of maps.

Slightly off-topic, what do you suppose they are drinking from that straw that runs into the roof of that one truck. Yeah, the barn burner truck…oh…it’s tropical fruit punch? Cool…cool…yeah that was NOT what I was guessing….. Oh theres a second straw…and where does that one go…oh…oh…one end out of the floor of the truck and the other end up your pants.

Alright, I rolled up all the maps…you can just let me off here. I can probably catch an early showing of the Shining for my new podcast Roadside Motel,Garage,Food Stand,Drive-in: The Midwest Experience.

Oh look…cows!

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Twister (1996) – It’s the wonder of nature baby. Hey, why don’t we just ride these horses out of here! Oh look…cows! #chaos


  • Twister
  • June 1969
  • Momma’s got ya Joe.
  • Tobey! C’mon.
  • F5
  • To the Storm cellar mom!
  • F the chickens!
  • Nothing like waiting until the last second to head to the storm cellar
  • That storm is growling.
  • Dumb man thinking he can hold the door…also…maybe next time a stronger latch on your storm door.
  • Meanwhile in space.
  • G.O.E.S. 8 Weather Satellite
  • NSSL
  • Tornadoes and coffee…they go hand in hand.
  • All I am saying is “don’t fold the maps. Roll the maps…there is a crease.”
  • Barn Burner
  • “A Manly Handshake Ensues” – The Dust man.
  • Biggest series of storms in 12 years
  • It is the same as it was in December…
  • “The Suck Zone, The point at which the twister just sucks you up…” – The Dust Man
  • New Job, New Truck, New Wife
  • Dorothy…she’s here…I Dorothy
  • “To the extreme!”
  • Nobody know how a Tornado works. Until now…data from inside of the tornado.
  • 3 minute warning time. Trying to get to 15 minutes
  • Fire up the action music.
  • Lets go go go…pack it up…set it up…pack it up
  • It’s what they do
  • He’s back…I’m not back…he is so back.
  • Thank you southern girl
  • In it for the money and has high tech gadgets but no instincts Jonas
  • His balls are cubes.
  • Unrealized Idea..Unrealized Idea
  • Bill is looking for the opposite…stability The ying and yang
  • Hot Pit BBQ
  • Bill is a human barometer and Twister Talker
  • We are going Green…Greenage
  • Ha ha! It’s the wonder of nature baby! Drink from the Barn Burner straw.
  • The chaos os 3 different musical themes at once on the road trip.
  • “Joan…she didn’t marry your penis…ok…she didn’t only marry your penis.”
  • I bet those spikes are topping 40k
  • No one has caught the magic of storm chasing since this movie?
  • This tornado is a sidewinder…duh
  • Liability only…I bet his insurance is ridiculous.
  • Very large rope on the ground
  • “I got to go Julia…we got cows.”
  • Twister Sisters.
  • Triplets
  • Aunt Meg with all the chimes and food.
  • Meg has the meats.
  • Is she going to eat that meat or just fork those rolls.
  • Bill is the Extreme
  • F4 would relocate your house.
  • F5 finger of God
  • Let’s find this road…it’s like Bob’s Road
  • Hail!
  • “That’s no moon…it’s a space station…woooo”
  • Rabbit is good…Rabbit is wise…
  • Melissa look at this!
  • The cone of silence! Nooo…We got a jumper.
  • Are Bill and Joe not aware that their mics are always on. Or is Joe setting it on on purpose.
  • Motel/Garage/Drive-In/Tornado Hole (Canton)
  • Maybe the tornado is trying to kill Joe. It’s Twister Destination
  • Night time tornadoes are the scariest.
  • That Drive in is playing Psycho and The Shining.
  • Galaxy Drive In?
  • I knew the TV would kill me.
  • Poor Meg’s cows. Did you see Meg’s cows out front? I did…they were flying around…well the same cow…sucked up by some Twister Sisters.
  • OMG…who are these people!
  • They should have went into the house.
  • Those kill farmers had a storm cellar.
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