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Oh hi,

“Yeah, I’m here On Mars Just Looking at this photograph
and Every time I do….. it makes me laugh,
Hey look it’s Jupiter on Mars…. How did your eyes get so red?
Oh right…right… Spoiler, The comedian is your dad.
And what the hell is on Rorschach’ head?” 

“Gimmie back my face!” hehe…he so crazy. “You’re locked up in here with me….” Faceful of boiling fry juice… now that guy is a Comedian.   unlike your dad.. yep a funny guy…All the way up to the part where he asks to be exploded. Then…well the juries out on that. It’s a Rorschach shaped blood splatter…what do you see?

Anywho, look at the time. It’s 3AM. Time to go out and do something stupid.

Owl’s shoot fire from their face, right?

That intro was as abstract as a Rorschach face.


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Watchmen (2009) – Like gunning down your Vietnamese baby mama in a dive bar while hanging with your blue man group groupie friend. This movie has layers. #HumanBeanJuice


Human Bean Juice

5 Term Dick

Blimps always do better in Alternate Time-lines


Gunned down his baby mama

“Maybe we should agree on No Drinking at meetings” – Owl

Some Comedians just want to watch the world burn….and maps

The Comedian don’t mind punching ladies

Vietnam…the 51st state

Two Owls and their weekly drinking session.

The End is  Nigh…That’s my day job…The End is Nigh Guy

The Doomsday clock is 4 minutes till midnight.

Elbows are not supposed to bend that way…proof…

Doug Roth…and Wally Weaver.

Hey, Let’s go down this alley and see how many elbows and knees we can bend in the wrong direction. Bone…broken and protruding!

How could hanging out with a naked blue dude named Dr. Manhattan not give you cancer.

Jenny couldn’t watch….the watchman…with the watch…

it happens at 4 minutes till midnight.

“My Face! Give me back my face!”

What’s this button do? Oh…it’s shoots flames out from it’s owl face…Archie the Flame Shooting

Relax Lawrence. We can tear holes soon.

You are locked in here with me

Man…all the guys that she dates like to hang out naked.

Congrats, we saved you….now let us drop you off on the mean streets in this back alley.

Blue is back in town…blue is back in town.

The news says you were on mars

You broke my watch ship!

Where did they live that didn’t get destroyed?

Simple Themes: Watches, Time, Pictures

And now it’s time for some Sorta Nickelback

“I’m On Mars Looking at this photograph….
Every time I do it makes me laugh,
Hey, How did our eyes get so red?
Oh right… Spoiler, The comedian is your dad.
And what the hell is on Rorschach head?” 

Smiley Face on Mars. The Comedian is my father


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