The Dirty Dozen (1967) – Show Notes


Oh hi,

This week on Filmsack the Funky Four were sentence to two and a half hours of hard labor due to some….ummmm…indiscretions….  Saturday night at Ibbott’s house. Ibbott You know what you did ya Telly Savalas looking creep.

Anywho,  Let’s go over the plan.

  1. Login to Netflix, we’ve just begun.
  2. No Netflix not now, watch that new Original later
  3. Start the film, make the popcorn
  4. Fall asleep half way through
  5. Oh no, Wake up and write the intro

And where is Donald Sutherland? Ahhh…on the ground…face down….with a look on his face like he had no idea bullets would hurt so much. Yep…everybody get a good look..alright move along…move along

Hey, what’s the slowest possible way to get out of this intro? Perfect! Let’s go!

No way did they drive that thing all the way down to the beach. Worst road trip ever.



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The Dirty Dozen (1967) – Like poor dumbstruck Donald Sutherland laying face down on the mean cobbled streets outside of a German B&B. The look on his face is the look on my face. We are one.


Death by hanging

20 years hard labor or just prison.

Son…you got court marshal.


11! ELEVEN!!

Head stomp.

You don’t know Victor Franco

This is the oldest bunch of Dirty Dozens.

Does he have a clever quip for every prison cell he leaves?

Had there ever been a modern war movie that did not use military style drums and trumpets for it’s soundtrack?

This movie has hints of a musical comedy.

You slav? you slob

Over your arms…over your legs.

2 near idiots

We ain’t shaving in cold water.

No soap…No shaving…ahhh…Dirty Dozen.

Is it the job of the military band leader to look so darn happy?

Sutherland plays a really creepy dummy.

I ate my dog tags. Number 9!

What do you tell 8 ladies to get them to come to your military hut in the middle of nowhere.

And where is Donald Duck?

OMG the hook rope is killing me.

son of a butthole. falling through the roof…c’mon.

Judas tele savalas

Feed The French and Kill The Germans

Poor old dumb Sutherland laying face down on the mean cobbled streets of German Town.

Hehe…everybody keeps taking a peek at dead Sutherland.

Slowest escape vehicle ever.

Run Jefferson run….nope.

Everybody loved Jefferson.



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