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War 2017


Oh hi,

International Double Crossing, Murder and Mayhem hotline, how may we help you heap cold dishes of revenge upon your enemies sometime in the distant future after some elaborate possibly unnecessary scheming that involves plastic surgery, betrayal and ninjas….today? oh man…we really need to shorter our corporate phone greeting. Hello, are you there?

Right. Uh huh. Sure, we just happen to have a guy that specializes in heisting horse dolls made of gold. Oh sorry, horsey action figures. How much? Well, in addition to the base cost of your eternal soul and happiness we will be needing payment in the form of briefcases full of cash with whatever weird ass twist of a tip of your choosing.

What do I suggest as a good tip? Well, tell me what you have in mind and I’ll give you some feedback. Right…uh huh…sure…sure…I see what you are going for there. But in addition to having it delivered by a lady in a black dress…how about she says “Here’s your money honey” drops the briefcase and then strips down to her itty bitty bottoms, turns and walks away never to be seen or heard from again. Oh yeah..I like that…it sounds totally unnecessary and we love that shit around here. Ok, I think I have everything we need here. Talk to you in 3 years. Bye

Oh man…what an exciting phone call. phew…time to address my oral fixation..Smoke ’em if you got ’em!


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War (2007) – Like


  • Bloody Violence!
  • That was fast…Does Jenny know? Cigarettes!
  • It is your oral fixation…
  • shot gun credits
  • 462 days of no lost time?
  • Oh..they are in a serious situation…not just a couple of guys at a bus stop.
  • Quick cuts are us.
  • I am Jason Stathom…and I see things.
  • FBI…nooo…back up is on the way Tom
  • Geez is this a Woo film? woooo
  • Man in the shadows is ninja gunman.
  • Even in the light he is in the shadows
  • Took one to the face…I got him.
  • Triads…Yakuza…and so forth…bullshit story…Rogue is a phantom…
  • Foreshadowing…you never know who is working for whom…
  • Drinking and driving?
  • Game day…don’t forget the steaks. He forgot the steaks…it happened that one time again. He forgot the stakes of working for the FBI as well
  • Oh man…the Rogue really took that face shooting personal. Shot him in the face..and then made him watch him kill his wife and kids first and then burnt the house down. Geez Rogue Phantom
  • The rogue is roguish except for the titanium bullet shells…that he just leaves like a calling card.
  • 3 years later…San Fran..
  • Black Light Boobies and Butt…hey hey hey hey…uh huh huh.
  • Killed them guards with his creadit card…platinum
  • Sure are a lot of skinny butt ladies in this movie
  • send in the dobermans. ohno!!
  • Tattoos for shirts.
  • Rogue is merciless…killed that poor doge with a bomb
  • Do you know what Shiro does to traitors…that’s right…bang to the head.
  • Yakuza…rings are kills.
  • The old thumb in the bullet hole wound.
  • Cop is my day job…doctor is my other job.
  • Rogue cost him his marriage…that is a good thing.
  • D.U. bullets
  • The Rogue cuts his face every 6 months…that is a lot of plastic surgery. What is the average recovery time for that…geez.
  • Shiro (Yakuza) killed Chang’s Family (Triads) and sold all of his shit except 2 statuettes that he is trying to sell currently. The Rogue was working for the Yakuza…maybe no so much now.
  • He doesn’t care about ancient feuds…
  • Closet full of black
  • 7412…terrible code.
  • That’s my wife Maria…she is not a horse
  • These two are the Ti brothers…
  • Careful…don’t leave your ear unguarded
  • So did he get his ear reattached? or will that guy be our chick in the bucket
  • Don’t fail me daughter
  • Meanwhile, in Chinatown
  • No Benny’s here…wrong answer.
  • Interpol is down in ChinaTown.
  • Plastic surgeons dropping like loose skin off an old person
  • The horses are not real horses…they are cars? ohhh…that is all a ruse
  • This music is pretty generic…sound machine.
  • Never pay your extortion money up front.
  • Oh…they are horses…DON’T TOUCH THE HORSES Ti!
  • Ok…I want your to take the guy his money…and then take off your tiny black dress and walk away. You did great!
  • Sniper gun down the ventilation shaft…out of sight out of mind.
  • Agent Wick says “Hold on Motherf’er”…this mofo is out
  • Which way down is faster…this way!
  • Your stupidity insults my father
  • 14 hour flight…need me a salad…chef salad…no blue cheese punk
  • Pain, Rage Loneliness.
  • Warehouse 16…you know the one
  • The eyes…the one thing the surgeons can’t change…but a pair of color contacts and some make up could.
  • “You will find only pain living in the past.”
  • What a 2007 looking hone.
  • I am still having trouble trying to figure out if the horses are an alliteration or not and if so…for what.
  • “Chasing Ghosts” that would have been a better movie title.
  • I don’t think you should be angry shooting at paper targets
  • Rogue has a thing for Maria?
  • Now you see my gun…now you don’t
  • What! I just realized that is Catalina from My Name is Earl
  • Triads hanging out at the local pizza and beer joint being angry.
  • Sure…I could hit you with a stick…but a burning stick!! Yeah!
  • Rogue just stirring up shit…so he can chase down the younger Joey Ti brother.
  • Tube fight! Tubes!
  • Uh oh…the Rookie is so dead.
  • Chang can not be shook. That is how he survives
  • Some strong smoking message here?
  • Spyker vroom.
  • “Now that is some spicy tuna…” hahaha jokes!
  • Stathom muscle car. All beef. Rogue is all class
  • oh no…not the muscle car!
  • Goi is right there! He ain’t the shooter!
  • This take down is going bad
  • Things I learned…don’t kill Stathom’s partners…he don’t like it.
  • “In Japan…you would be dead”
  • Jet Li’s “Eat Shit While Driving” is a lot of fun.
  • Stathom is all beef and anger
  • his name is Wu Ti – WOOOOTEEE
  • Rogue is still working for Shiro
  • That’s the order…there is no why
  • “I have no master”
  • He just ghost knifed ya…his other job is street magician.
  • he used to work for the CIA commissions to do surgery
  • Fate…choices…
  • If Rogue is in here…then who is the ninja outside!
  • Wu Ti doesn’t know about the gun under the desk.
  • Haha…poor Wu Ti…he took a lot of bullets
  • Never a good sign when a ninja is running away
  • You never leave the children to live after you kill their dad! That is classic for a revenge story 20 years later.
  • Rogue is a myth…a rumor.
  • Rogue does all the smooth things but forgets about FBI surveillance?
  • I got this one bullet that I worship…
  • Now it is time for your reward…that’s right…
  • See he gets it…remove all future threats.
  • “Angry face” and ” who gives a shit face”
  • You just knew them horses were going to be fake.
  • Too slow Rogue
  • You ordered the hit
  • I ordered many hits. I ordered the greatest hits.
  • You always leave the wife and daughter alone.
  • Ha! …Double Ha! Great ending
  • Tom Lone. Changing your face…Your voice…
  • Pain can be a weapon if you choose.
  • Crawford is the bad guy!
  • What what what! Unpossible
  • What’s in the box? Whats in the boooox?
  • Why wouldn’t he recognize his partners eyes?
  • Jet Li talks funny when he is being choked.
  • Twisty Twist Twist…is he dead! oh come on.
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