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12 Monkeys


Oh hi,

Ok Mr. Cole I’m going to ask you to relax while I attach these alligator clips to your “face fat” and then we’re just going to shove your “3-times-naked Bruce Willis Ass…ok…Will-Ass….” yep going to show you right into our Woody Woodpecker, cartoon inspired, “time tube.” Woo hoo.

Like a big ole naked wiener…covered in a condom… to insure your travels are safe. What’s that? You say you are good at remembering things…best not to remember this Mr. Cole. But don’t worry, it’s safe….like an MRI machine but it’s not an MRI machine in a basement and all of this is not just in your head in some sort of divergent reality on planet Ogo.

Alright, one more alligator clip. I think this one goes to your right nipple…nope nope… already got one there….this is your classic left nipple alligator clip situation…nom nom nom…and there..ok enough Monkey Business. Alright, hold onto your butts I’m firing up the time tube. Clear!

is he gone? ok, let’s go shopping! Randy, Colonics For Everyone!


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Twelve Monkeys (1995) – asking the tough questions. What did you do with you time? Did you waste it on drugs? Women? This movie? Are you also divergent, friend?


  • how many monkees?
  • “…5 Billion People Will Die From A Deadly Virus in 1997…
    …The Survivors Will Abandon The Surface of the Planet…
    …Once Again the Animals Will Rule The World…”
  • Excerpts from interview with clinically diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, April 12, 1990 – Baltimore County Hospital.
  • Break out the accordion.
  • Witness, the death of the man…into the eyes of old man Bruce Willis.
  • Volunteers come back to the 7th Floor…or they get pardoned.
  • Volunteer Duty!
  • Let me put on my body condom.
  • oh no. Christopher Plummer!
  • We need a volunteer to head to the surface….don’t let the suit become compromised or you are not coming back.
  • Hissing roach collection…and now there is a bear.
  • That bear don’t seem hungry.
  • So the end came during Christmas….
  • …also collected…spider.
  • Doves are good and it sounds like other birds as well. Owls.
  • and lions…oh my.
  • “We did it” – Red Monkey!
  • I could do with 100% less Bruce Will-Ass
  • 87645 (astrophysicists)
  • 25 to life…you are going to hurt us…are you mister cole.
  • Why don’t you sit down in the metal chair that is wired.
  • TV Ball…can you see us?
  • Yet among the myriad microwaves / the infrared messages / the gigabytes of ones and zeros / we find words, byte-sized now / tinier even than science / lurking in some vague electricity. / But if we but listen / we hear the solitary voice of that poet telling us / Yesterday this day’s madness did prepare / tomorrow’s silent; triumph or despair / Drink, for you know not whence you came, nor why. / Drink, for you know not why you go, nor where.
  • Meanwhile, 1990
  • See through lady’s raincoats
  • He put 2 police officers in the hospital.
  • Cole does not like to be asked about his ID. He gets agitated
  • He was volunteered because he was a good observer. Got a tough mind.
  • Need to go. Drooling.
  • He thought it was Oct. It is April. He thought it was 1996. It is 1990. Oops
  • South of France? I can’t go to South of France. I just need to make a telephone call.
  • More scrubbing…everyone is always scrubbing Bruce Will-Ass
  • They are always playing loud TV in the Asylum.
  • Jones is doing the turtle…
  • 5 thousand dollars….
  • Don’t play the games…you are volunteering.
  • plague of madness. Can’t let them call. Doctors discretion
  • Anti-capitalist Pitt.
  • He kept asking for shows that have already played….but the nurse change time.
  • L.J. Washington. He doesn’t really come from outer space. Ogo. I am mentality divergent….when I stop going there…I will be well.
  • “I don’t really come from outer space.” ….’Oh. L.J. Washington. He doesn’t really come from outer space.’….. “Don’t mock me my friend”
  • “It’s a condition of mental divergence.” “I find myself on the planet Ogo.” “Part of an intellectual elite…preparing to subjugate the barbarian hordes on Pluto.” “But even though this is a totally convincing reality for me in every way, nevertheless, Ogo is actually a construct of my psyche.” “I am mentally divergent…in that I am escaping certain unnamed realities…that plague my life here.” “When I stop going there, I will be well. Are you also divergent, friend?”
  • A board of intellects. Always a board of 6. With 2 enforcers.
  • Dr. Cassandra (complex) Railly (french to mock/jest)
  • Reoccurring nightmare of the death of who we assume are his parents when he was a child. His father is shot in an airport.
  • oh!! I found a spider! He is my spider now!
  • Crazy is Majority Rules.
  • Why did he eat the spider?
  • I’ve managed to contact certain underlings, evil spirits, secretaries of secretaries, and other assorted minions who will contact my father. And when my father finds out I’m in this kind of place, he’ll have them transfer me to one of those classy joints! 
  • Colonics For Everyone!
  • My father is god. I worship my father. – Jeffery
  • Monkey Business (Marx brothers)
  • No more monkey business…let’s take it down.
  • The real problem is polluting the timeline. We already destroyed everything else.
  • haha…The My Pillow Guy wants him to go to the Keys. Foreshadowing of his final demise.
  • You are the most bootiful woman I have ever seen….
  • It is always a party of 5 against him. Party of 5.
  • 4 year she has worked with the others.
  • The guy who shot him in the airport is the guy from the asylum.
  • Not a prob Bob.
  • Haha…alligator clips are one way to make a connection to your face.
  • Oculus symbol! Into the tube
  • 6 Scientists.
  • You failed again…this is not the 3rd quarter of 1996 dummies.
  • Chicken little is sane and “Let’s go shopping is crazy.”
  • Jose! They sent Jose back as well….More Bruce Will_ass.
  • ok…so was there just a short hop into the 1st world war?
  • So the scientist have failed a lot sending people back in time.
  • Now the radio is telling him to go to the Florida Keys.
  • He went underground when he was 8.
  • Little 9 year old Ricky Nueman boy cried wolf.
  • The time tunnel is a cartoon idea…Woody Woodpecker.
  • I love this air. I love this music.
  • The Army of the Twelve Monkeys
  • She had a chance to run….
  • No sir old bob…is he here…is he there…does he exist in time.
  • It’s in the tooth…I fooled ’em…I got no teeth!
  • He beats him up like a monkey. We all just a bunch of monkeys..
  • haha…All I see are dead people! He said the thing!
  • Do you recognize Pig Face. Pig Face!! FAA…
  • Jeffery Goines is a Judas! You Judas!
  • She is a doctor…of the head! not the leg.
  • He loves seeing the sun.
  • Maybe he is Jeffery Newman.
  • They lowered a monkey down the hole. The monkey had a roast beef sandwich.
  • You dropped your gun!
  • Maybe she is the crazy one
  • Goines thinks she knows everything he is going to do
  • cracked up whore and crazy dentist
  • she left the message
  • She doesn’t know the future…but she thinks she does.
  • Vertigo is always changing to the viewer.
  • …and now he is confusing “The Birds” It was a Hitchcock double feature!
  • Well it’s too late now. He released them all!
  • She mentioned she had seen him before. Was it in the picture she was researching for her book?
  • It is always the same movie. It always happens the same. But each time we see it different?
  • Reincarnated. She can still save us all. She can tell him when he is a boy and fix it.
  • Jones is my name….she is in insurance. She insures the future always ends.
  • This film has a lot of nods to the french
  • Numbers, 5 (goodness) number of deaths/amount Jeffery asks for, 6 (incomplete) 6 in the past/6 in the future, 7(complete) floor of the travelers (heaven?), 12(double incomplete!)
  • Goines is introduces as just playing around. Games.

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