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Space Truckers 1996


Oh hi,

Square Space Meats of Mars how may I help you? Hold on, What’s that Tony? We changed the name? Oh..that name was already taken back in the early 2000s on Earth…so did we go with our second pick then; Pigs in Space? What the hell is a muppet? How about Grub Hub in Space? been done huh…Look man…we make the finest, genetically square, jacked up hogs in space and I’ll have to get back to you on that name later. Now…how may I help you?

What’s that? Do we have any hauling jobs? Why yes, yes we do. As a matter of fact we got some squared pigs that need to go wee wee wee all the way home to Earth to meet their fate as the number 1 ingredient in some of New York’s finest street dogs. So are you interested? Do we have anything sexier? Sexier than hogs that stack? Say…you ain’t one of them Company Butt Boys are ya? You sure?

Alright, well, I do have a little side hustle that is off the books…so don’t tell Tony…How do you feel about a load of stackable manly processes with low amp electrical wang pulses delivered to a Mr. Brian Ibbotts of earth…oh and It has to be there by Saturday Night. You’re interested! Excellent! I’ll get to making up the fake manifest. I’m just going to put down the Cargo as Sexy Killer Robots In Latex to deliver to Low Earth Orbit.

Hold on a second …Hey, what’s that cooking…smells like somebody is cooking hamburgers. Is that you Tony? Oh shit. I got to go…I think Tony tried to make a zero gravity hot dog out of the manly processes. I’ll see you Saturday! Randy.


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Space Truckers (1996) – For a son-of-a-bitch gimp racist murder who jacked your load…this movie ended ok. #PigsInSpaaaaceSquared


  • Trucking in Space?
  • We got a great big ole space convoy
  • Triumphant music
  • Triton Largest moon of Neptune…moooon and a blight on Neptunes perfect complexion
  • meanwhile down on the dirty moon.
  • Set your weapons to close range…
  • Seal the room on my count…phew…
  • The Room Is Sealed.
  • This is actually more epic than I thought.
  • I lost my rear stabilizer!
  • The Company man…Money Saggs.
  • Turn ya to gooo…
  • That was an exercise….
  • Take over the world…5,000 Particle weapons.
  • The Company will be very proud of you.
  • Nabel is a genius…
  • Betrayed by his own arrogance.
  • 100 cups of coffee 500 cigarettes
  • Mmm…Space hot dogs…
  • John Canyon, From Mars City, calling Inter Pork, I’ve got 147 trailers of Mars’ finest, genetically square, jacked up hogs, which naturally I want to dump as soon as possible. 2 days past due. Park your Load and Park your mouth.
  • Space Billboards
  • Bitching Betty is his Truck AI.
  • They don’t have to talk about the magnetic floor…but they did…and hopper even walks heavy.
  • Those pigs are square! Max Space Usage.
  • Happy as pigs
  • Throwing a punch in Zero Gravity.
  • Why bother cutting the scene where you don’t remove the rigging of the guy flying through the air.
  • John was gone for 4 weeks.
  • Pachyderm 2000
  • Mom needs an operations.
  • Get me to Earth and I will marry you.
  • Sonic Pick…yeah! A couple of Teamsters.
  • Meanwhile, down at the zero gravity truck stop and cafe.
  • I don’t sell Ad space on my tits
  • All they sent home his dick…in a tennis ball cannister.
  • Just graduated from Truck school.
  • Pink Probational Overalls.
  • Taking Pigs to Titan.
  • This Kev thing has him upset.
  • Space Hub Cafe
  • Swashbuckling Good Time
  • This movie is more like Buckaroo Bonzai
  • The Get out lady in the toilet. Get out.
  • Mr. Zesty.
  • Space Sluts Inc. – The Manifest states Extruded Polymer Sexual Surrogates to earth orbit.
  • Serious Adherence to Schedule and discretion.
  • She had to give them a ’30 seconds notice.
  • Aww…I see where this is going…looks like her sister…but is her mom….he too old for her…and the young trucker likes her.
  • Sucked Ass First into the darkness.
  • Tubes Paste Food
  • Saliva Activated Espresso
  • It’s Black Rock!!!
  • You’re welcome freight driver.
  • A 5 hour cooldown.
  • Earth Girls are easy
  • OMG…he wasn’t wearing socks with those boots!
  • A little zero g spot action
  • Sexy Saxophone in SPAAAACE
  • Silent Suck Toilets…I don’t buy options.
  • But I do have a Suck a Zux in a cooler
  • Pirates!
  • Oligarch Passenger Liner. A7N8
  • Treasure Planet time.
  • …Manly Process…is he talking about my dick?
  • I have 7 forms of sedation.
  • I rebuilt my own mind…
  • Totally new glutes!
  • a low wang electrical pulse
  • Gimmie a second…my wang is broke.
  • Hey, what’s that cooking…smells like somebody is cooking hamburgers. That’s you Sam.
  • 312 of my crew in random order.
  • Dissnetagrators…that also martial arts
  • Bite a DeathNut asshole.
  • Lots of scrote grabbing in this movie.
  • She is using some SlapFu on the Crew.
  • If I had an anus I would probably soil myself.
  • 1 2 4 8…they activate in Waves.
  • For a son-of-a-bitch gimp racist murdered…he died ok.
  • Indestructible …except microwave….or fire extinguishers
  • You have to die classy.
  • Take her to the first exit off the freeway and marry her.
  • Escape pod for 2
  • Palmdale spaceport
  • Space C4
  • 20 years frozen…
  • haha…this movie predicted Presidential Visit Dumbassery.
  • President Saggs!
  • Company Butt Boys
  • He blew himself up.
  • Somebody Fragged Saggs
  • Take off to space eh!
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