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S.W.A.T. (2003)


oh hi,

Hold on a second guys, I have to finish cheating on my wife with this blatant product placement from Dr. Pepper and a quick nod and a wink to Mr. Pibb. (take a drink. ahhh) You feel me?

Alright, I’ll make this simple….you passed the test and are now part of an elite division of movie watchers known as S.M.A.C. means Stupid Movies and Crap.. but I have to ask… “Where was your Crap out there this week?” I mean come on. This week’s movie was borderline competent. Other than the “of its time” open racism, chauvinism and unnecessary rolling around! Save that for John Woo! You feel me Wooo. Yeah Woo do.

Anywho, let’s stay safe out there and remember the old Indian Saying “Where there is one white guy doing a podcast there are 3 more white guys on that same podcast.” What! That’s not true…1…2…shit.. “Flip a Bitch” sure I could have just said…turn around..but then you wouldn’t get all this flavor. Can you feel me?

Ok, My beeper is going nuts and they just let me know we threw a tethered phone in a box through Randy’s window and he has a list of demands or he shoots the hostage…oh…twist…Randy is his own hostage. Says he wants a limo, a vintage box of Swisher Sweets and a bottle of Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection No. 3. Your move Randy. Road Trip?




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S.W.A.T. (2003) – 100 million dollars turns everybody into a batman villain. You feel me. #ScreamingLadyOnAPlane


  • No not that SWAT
  • They have automatic weapons.
  • Requesting S.W.A.T. ? They took way too long to call SWAT…that should have been a call as soon as you saw more than one armed gunman. Not after you lost cops.
  • S.W.A.T. Copter
  • Stealth S.W.A.T. worm camera
  • I guess we’re not holding.
  • One renegade S.W.A.T.
  • Who has a camera box on the outside of the building…is that how that works..with just a simple lock.
  • Hey this is Rick from the LAPD…hi Rick
  • Gamble and Street…yeah that is the your trouble makers
  • haha…let us define the meaning of SWAT in a normal conversation. You forgot the tactics!
  • Gun Cage.
  • Street is solid…Gamble…he never stood a chance.
  • If you roll over on your partner….we will have you back on SWAT tomorrow
  • I don’t want to work the CAGE!
  • Partners for 5 years.
  • Partner or Paycheck. Take the money!
  • Even his dog is a loose canon. The Street likes the loose canon
  • Dr. Pepper promo! Haha…Mormons can’t drink Dr. Pepper in 2003
  • 6 months later.
  • Sgt Hondo is back!
  • Gus has a Woody for Hondo
  • 3 years away
  • A S.W.A.T. harpoon. “Key to the City”
  • They only Roll in John Woo Movies
  • Did they forget the Street? That guy talked to him earlier. during the shoot test
  • I would say it only takes 1 headshot to call it a tie. In the field if you shoot a guy in the head once that is as good twice.
  • This should be called the “Steely Eye Show”
  • McDonald’s placement!
  • That knife is going to play a part.
  • It is French’s Uncle’s birthday?
  • LL Cool J is down in South Central and he doesn’t speak Spanish
  • S.W.A.T. School?
  • Vegetarians and Liberals taking a hit in this movie.
  • S.W.A.T.s a calling.
  • Sanchez is a woman?
  • They got history!
  • “You feel me?” man..they really made this guy a dick.
  • If you take my money…I take your life. Mail it to me.
  • Linkin Park…classic
  • Man..his uncle really screwed him. Busted taillight and an arrest warrant.
  • Give me the team I want.
  • “Streets must have been damn near empty.” nods
  • His partner was his sister’s brother?
  • Does LA swat have access to all of these live training grounds…cause this is more training than a rocky movie
  • Send Sanchez up the plane chute
  • Time is running out song.
  • The sleeper is literally sleeping.
  • New course record! But you still lost one or at least got a gut wound to TJ
  • LL Fat J grew up to LL Abs J
  • Sanchez has babysitter…she wants to go out. Sanchez can’t take the tequila
  • Ex partner is drinking it up.
  • Busting down doors with J-lo..
  • Bad French can’t solve this problem with Money and he grows impatient…how about violence!
  • Can we have a S.W.A.T. birthday!!
  • Nice move…introduce all the Swat teams family lives.
  • Oh…watching the old SWAT TV series.
  • Beepers…Beepers.
  • Bomb Squad has a Bomb Ball
  • A polish hostage…nice…he is holding himself hostage.
  • Self Hostage Demands “I want a Limo, a 12 pack and clove cigarettes.” He literally wrote down a list of demands and is reading them off.
  • All of his ideas involve “Sanchez or the Key to the City”
  • It’s the damn robot aliens. He said he wired the doors and windows…even though you know that is shit.
  • The guy really might have been Polish.
  • Fruit of the Loomski
  • Hollywood and Wilcox
  • Alex Trebek star! Nooo
  • They dubbed him “The Catch”
  • Oh..he just dropped that bomb on the news.
  • 100 million to get me out of here.
  • Man….they are really making the captain 100% an ass.
  • This frog in the bird. Man..this film is low key racist.
  • Good throwback thematic music.
  • 100 million dollars turns everybody into batman villain’s.
  • A traitor in our midst
  • Boxer. Thank him for me.
  • TJ is going to traitor
  • Hondo is running the same path as President in 96
  • Established that the paycheck is not much.
  • “Flip a bitch!’
  • Gamble and T.J.
  • Ahh man…it went to predictable. I was hoping that TJ or Gamble would take a turn for the better
  • Boxer has no vitals!
  • Is boxer dead is a popular search on google when you search for S.W.A.T. 2003
  • TJ has no family…just a girl
  • Shouldn’t he be telling the chief that his ex-partner is involved.
  • The train distance between stops and the amount of time filmed on the train and the time it takes to walk from each stop to the stopped train does not compute.
  • The real moral of the story should be….roll over on your bad partner.
  • That old Indian Saying “Where there is one white man…there are more white man.”
  • Pretty sure communication would resume at the mouth of the tunnel…not after they get past the bars.
  • Full moon night
  • Limo…has…so where is the beer.
  • haha…I don’t think you are “Feeling me” on this Tom.
  • Leer Jet.
  • The real hero of this movie is the pilot who landed on the 6th street bridge.
  • There plan ends in Margaritaville
  • The worlds most exciting police chases. that was a show and Jackson seems to have a record with accidents when it comes to driving.
  • They keep flashing to the rich screaming lady
  • Sanchez is down…
  • Now LL gets to show off his running skills.
  • Hondo is going to make it.
  • T.J. took the easy way out.
  • oh man…knife to the hand and shovel to the legs!
  • oh man…the closed caption said “Squish”
  • Boxer is fine. They said it twice but never showed it. That is why people can’t remember.
  • SWAT 2 – Road Trip

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