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Screenshot from Patriot Games (1992)


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Oh hi,

This week on filmsack we don’t play no Games when we go all Patriot like over at Paramount plus while watching this explosive 2006 thriller featuring everybody’s favorite CIA Analyst slash Family Man turned unlikely British hero. God, save the Queen …  and her inbred cousins, apparently …. from the Irishman played by an Englishman. Good lord just knight me already. 

Anywho, I’ve been plotting my revenge all this week for a real or perceived wrong that was recently done to me and my family. Step 1 Call up Direct TV and request that they retask their satellites over Randy’s house…and the guy on the phone was like… but that is so hard and I was like … retask I say! After a few hours and surprisingly, just a 1 year contract extension, I was able to enact Step 2. All Randy’s channels are now the Sean Bean Network…24 hours of Sean Bean getting whacked, impaled and/or beheaded. Step 3…hijack Randy’s hot tub cam. Ahhh, Why are you crying Randy? Sean Bean will be ok. NOPE. Hot tub full of tears…my revenge is complete.

Ibbott, Zoom and enhance! Wait, why are Darth Vader, Mace Windu and Han Solo having a dinner party?! The odds of a coincidence are quickly diminishing. Also, Never tell me the odds.


Harrison Ford stars as Jack Ryan in this explosive thriller based on Tom Clancy’s international best-seller. His days as an intelligence agent behind him, former CIA analyst Jack Ryan has traveled to London to vacation with his wife (Anne Archer, Fatal Attraction) and child (Thora Birch, All I Want For Christmas). Meeting his family outside of Buckingham Palace, Ryan is caught in the middle of a terrorist attack on Lord Holmes.

Rated: R
1992 ‧ Thriller/Action ‧ 1h 57m




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Patriot Games (1992) – Like watching 2 hours of military satellite footage from a North African terrorist training camp and waiting to catch a glimpse of “from space” tit cleavage. Just fast forward to the good parts. You know what…just go watch porn ya perv.


  • I know.
  • Tribute! We need tribute!
  • Odd music pic…what are these number?
  • Sean Bean…he dead already
  • Thora Birch again?
  • Darth Vader and Han Solo in the same movie!
  • James Horner music.
  • Sounds like a very Native American vibe.
  • Nice fancy rich people house.
  • Monopoly with Thora Birch…mom will make my move for me.
  • we made no provisions for the fish…hope we get some closure on the fish.
  • Uh oh…you in big trouble .. if you don’t know who ordered the candles and champagne…oh good…she ordered it. I’m too paranoid for this shit.
  • What about your speech? I’ll wing it?
  • Perhaps you shouldn’t follow the map your 8 year old daughter made.
  • Ok little brother…this will be like nothing you have done before.
  • Get down…Who is this rogue agent!
  • Paddy…Paddy down!
  • I wonder how often the fuzzy hat army has to be deployed.
  • Help the boy…nah…he’s had it.
  • I think Sean Beans is mad at you.
  • I’m married to a doctor….stay with me Jack…say my name one more time in front of the bad guy.
  • Irish Republican Army. The Queen Mother’s Cousin
  • Meanwhile back at Langley.
  • I’d rip your heart out and feed it to you with chips if I didn’t think you would enjoy it….ya bastard.
  • Are you with us or against us?
  • Listening to some sad music and drinking my tea…just being sad…
  • That’s me holding my temper Charlie Boy.
  • Weird a rubber is a sing. Darlin…
  • They killed the competition. Time to take on the monarchy
  • Sean…his name is Sean…and he has a small pony tail.
  • Shot a father…a priest…rumored.
  • Not even 17 Paddy-Boy…and you killed him!
  • No even Doonesbury? Comic humor…ar ar
  • Sir Jack…Lady Catherine. I hope to be knighted.
  • I used the force I deemed necessary.
  • I didn’t make this happen…you did.
  • Are you still Dr. Ryan in the service of the CIA…no sir.
  • Wow…you gold fish have really grown…yeah…that is about the right size.
  • Not so good…I think I have a belly baby..
  • Did I miss something…no…but I did…
  • This movie has a lot of IRA talk…
  • Do I have a say so? After the fact? Can I at least pick the name.
  • I think Sean is obsessing…can I get something to hang this newspaper clipping up in my dungeon hole?
  • I am a book fixer but I also do the terrorisms
  • That is a lot of escort…oh…they splitting up…what is the reality of the ole split transport?
  • The darkest hole in Great Britain.
  • I kept seeing Jamie Fox in credits…nope…James Fox.
  • Mr. Highland turned on his own people.
  • Get on with it and be on your way. Pew Pew Pew.
  • Meanwhile back in ‘Merica
  • Moving him to Albany Prison.
  • So remote I’m having trouble even saying it.
  • Baby Birch picture is staring a hole through me.
  • Are you asking me to come back?
  • IRA thinks it is a bad idea….Sean Bean thinks otherwise
  • Jump right out and yell Marine Corp!!! EEEEEEk. scariest jogging chant ever
  • The winner of the purple target…loook out!
  • 10 … plate glass window…well…here we go. Eye surgery…we might have to bump it…bump it.
  • Why did you do it…pissed me off…it was rage. RAGE!
  • Bad mommy…late Sean….
  • Kind of cute? Perv.
  • Foiled by the crossing guard in your Black IRA van…
  • Everybody looks like Bean from the back…Back Bean.
  • Where is Sean Miller…do you find this amusing bloody teeth?
  • Get off the car phone!!
  • Operator I would like to make an emergency break through….we can’t do that on cell phones moron.
  • Faster Damnit…vrooom on the 50
  • Cathy…just get off the highway right now.
  • They shot her Porsche. She took care of the problem for them with her bad Porsche driving.
  • What about my daughter…… Wife and Baby fine… Daughter? Gonna be a while before we know.
  • They had to remove her spleen…nooo…that is my favorite optional organ!!
  • The IRA are not responsible for this attack.
  • Co-joining offices with James Earl Jones.
  • Alex Winter!!  Dude…Excellent.
  • Photo pile on the floor and a bunch of top secret papers…a little nighttime reading.
  • Father Killed by RUC in 1979…Belfast.
  • Free Ireland…kick out the Brits!
  • Snake cam
  • They call me the Hammer! This door is open! Morning.
  • Son of a bitch. ok…look look…SO-13
  • Double tap to the head…very professional…same day…
  • I’m just going to go throw some water on my face.
  • Cause I’m obviously hallucinating. Remember…Toilet flushes….I think one of us is in the wrong room.
  • That hair flip…
  • Ryan is still alive…They survived it…The whole family survived.
  • Meanwhile in Africa…a loud conversation over helicopter.
  • I let you go for paddy boy…
  • We got work to do and it is not in Maryland
  • You should look after your family better.
  • Lost her spleen though….
  • You get him Jack. I don’t care what you have to do.
  • Patriotic and Pride.
  • I won’t sell out my countrymen. I will destroy you.
  • Syrian Registry…The slow boat to North Africa
  • Retask those satellites….retask I say! But its hard!
  • I think one of us is in the wrong toilet.
  • Can you enhance that cleavage…ZOOM AND ENHANCE!! MOOOORE TITS
  • yep…Jack…it looks like you got some tits here.
  • Daddy…I got no is hard to fight off infections…read it again daddy.
  • The sun did not shine…we sat in the house on that cold cold day. So we sat in the house and did not do nothing at all… – Cat in the hat… we sat and we did not like.
  • Present from the IRA…We even put a bow on it.
  • Paddy O’neil can sleep at night…she is British.
  • She poses as a rare book dealer.
  • I didn’t tell him I was looking for a girl Marty..
  • This is a rare book shop.
  • The goober found our camera…Damn…Damn…double damn.
  • Just gonna grab some rare books for the trip…eeeeek…run!
  • He is pretty good at books and hiding…take my hat.
  • Where? At his house…why not…how droll… oh my yes…let us do that then…sir Jack.
  • Break out the photo microscopes…
  • The odds of coincidence are dropped fast.
  • Absolute certainty … my daughters love.
  • You are an analysts.
  • The reality of “Patriot Games…” This was new to us back in the 90s…watching a surgical strike…surgery that reflects his wife’s day job.
  • Great music Horner…
  • Who cut the power? Was it you?
  • Who do you work for…do you want me to shoot the other knee?
  • You come into my home and and expect to live?
  • He’s alone!!
  • Turn around Sean. No…Turn around. nope…not doing it.
  • Your boat is on fire! 
  • I done tried shooting you…burning you up…that ain’t working…fine I will just jump on your boat and kill you with this stick!!…ok…this anchor then!! …
  • Achors Ahoy…right to the Beans…and explosion…in case you weren’t sure…I wonder if he damaged his spleen?
  • Pancakes!!
  • No…not a brother.
  • Strawberry on  your toast.
  • Do you want to know what the sex of the baby is? He’s waiting.
  • Son of a bitch…they didn’t let us know!! the baby’s sex!

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Screenshot from Patriot Games (1992)

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