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Oh hi,

Congratulations… you found a crappy movie….on Netflix. Alright…sorry…sarcasm it’s kind of our go to thing around here. But to answer your question Mr. Ferry Man. Yes. The Filmsack Crew would be more than happy to help you recover the crappy movie you saw floating around on Netflix. It’s practically all we do!

So can you describe the movie for us? A giant floating turd. Ok…Well, I think that is all I need to know.

Say….could you Excuse us Mr. Ferry Man…I just need a quick Filmsack Crew Sidebar. Hey guys…I don’t think we should do this one. It sounds like this Mr. Ferry Man wants us to watch a giant floating turd. I mean I know that is what we do week in and week out…but what if it’s one of those Ghost Turds…You know what I’m talking about…you do all the prep work but then when you look back…poof …nothing…just an empty bowl. Wait…what was I talking about. Sorry guys…I’ve been constipated for 2 weeks…I think I think I may be septic.

Now get off my damn TugBoat

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Ghost Ship (2002) – Like a box full of gold hording rats. What tha… Two decapitated thumbs up. oh no. Thumbs down.


  • Get off my damn tug boat
  • A punch in the port bloater?
  • Congratulations…you found a the ocean.
  • Heading down to the docks and gonna get myself a crew.
  • Oh no…the straights
  • Well that came up quickly..OCEAN LINER!
  • It’s the Antonio
  • We named our TugBoat Artic Warrior
  • Under the Law of the Sea…she’s ours
  • 40 years…all the life boats are gone…and no one every found anyone.
  • Yay…Jump Scare Clock Chime
  • Rich Folks from Europe died here.
  • That Rubic Rope is the best.
  • Everything is trying to kill Karl Urban…including Karl Urban
  • Karl Urban…Chewing Gum and Smoking Cigarette’s…I think they told him to act annoying.
  • Spooky Ghost Ship Story by the Captain
  • There was a shootout in the pool!
  • A digital watch!
  • That pool drank her blood and then oozed it back out.
  • Pretty sure you don’t drink an open glass on a 40 year old table.
  • “That’s the happy version”
  • Dead bodies come dumping out like dead body diarrhea.
  • These rats are hording gold! You do not want to take the rat horde’s box of gold bars.
  • Mr. Giggle Time Ferriman..the box is going to be full of gold..yep!
  • Somebody has to say…and it might as well be me…this ship is f*ck’d up
  • This is less Ghost Ship and more Final Destination Ship
  • Tug Tug no more…Tug Boat on down
  • Emily Browning tried to tell you
  • This first mate is no Gilligan. He will pump you in the face.
  • Shelf life of a can of beans…1 year…that is like 39 years too long…do not eat 40 year old beans because they are probably maggots.
  • Poor bored Emily Browning…you think you are bored during a 2 hour dance…wait till you are stuck on a Ghost Ship for 40 years…
  • She hung herself
  • Why are they clapping for the First Mate.
  • When you are dead you know when someone is dead.
  • 1 survivor on the Loralyedele
  • ?When he has filled his quota…we set sail…Katie is not like the others.
  • Santos thought he had 1000 virgins at the pearly gates?
  • Ghost Tits get you dead every time.
  • Karl Urban always plays rock…
  • A ship of theives
  • She got fish hooked.
  • Not sure if I have ever seen a rock montage like this to explain everything
  • is he the devil of the sea?
  • Murphy looks like a dead beta fish.
  • Oh Dodge…no Gold baby…no gold.
  • Ferriman is really good at flipping his switch
  • The souls are free!!
  • What constitutes a full boat?
  • So she didn’t kill herself? They hung her?
  • the effects were very scooby doo movie
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