Olympus Has Fallen (2013) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,
Yeah…this Mike…but hey don’t call me by my real name on an unsecured line…refer to me by my callsign….Big Mac
Right. Right. Wow, that is a lot to take in. Listen, I’m a bit disposed at the moment so could you sum this up and make it like my preference of underwear…yeah that’s right…briefs.

So How bad is it? “The Front fence has been breached. There’s a C-130 burning on the South Lawn…and a gunfight raging on the North….” Yeah…that’s bad. What’s the good news? Morgan Freeman is now President. Well I’m not seeing a problem here. Let’s just cut our loses and build a new White House with Morgan Freeman as the President. Job done! Call it a day.

oh…they have the kid?…Alright….Let me finish up here then….GRUNTS….MORE GRUNTS….Ahhhh….The Package is in the pool. I repeat…the package is in the pool. Operation Taco Drop is a success and I am initiating “jiggle the handle” protocol. Uh oh…not good…this day went from bad to shit.


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Olympus Has Fallen (2013) – Like Owen Wilson said in Armegeddon… “Scariest Environment Imaginable. Thanks -That’s all you gotta say. Scariest Environment Imaginable” Wow


  • Is this the movie about White House Down?
  • I hope this movie doesn’t suck
  • Nice Font Choice?
  • Meanwhile up at Camp David in the snow
  • Red,White and Blue Boxing
  • “He likes it when you call him Dries?”
  • Christmas time is a great Action Movie time
  • “Mustang, this is Big Top, Bringing out the Full Package.”
  • This is a horrible idea. Driving in the snow. Right Diaz?
  • Gee…I wonder if that kid will have to use all that Mike knowledge about the White House?
  • Ice freezes on Bridges…also, where did that limb come from?
  • Seat-belts get stuck a lot in movies. What’s the numbers in real life?
  • The Package is in the pool. I repeat…the package is in the pool.
  • 18 months later … also, July 5th
  • Apparently, he is absent. He don’t go to July 4th BBQ with his girl
  • Watching the flashbacks makes me realize that he should have been quicker to pull out that knife and cutting seat-belts. Mike
  • How in the hell did the president eat all the Rocky Road in the white house last time?
  • Mike doesn’t roll into this job at the Treasury Department until around 10:15AM…sounds like he traded up
  • Ooooh. So Mike told Speaker of the House (Morgan Freeman) to go F* Himself
  • Mike clocks out around 7PM?
  • Code 9-9-9
  • That plane is up to no good!
  • I like to think that the Capital has Anti-Aircraft concealed in the roof.
  • Oh man…this movie done got violent. How does a plane of this type reach right into the heart of the capital with only 1 encounter with the Air Force?
  • Oh…they just gonna blow themselves up…so we got suicide bombers and hide in plain sight terrorists with a variety of firearms…like 20 or 30 of them…and a bomb on a bus.
  • Have you seen Connor! Where is the president’s kid!
  • Meanwhile down at the Pentagon…How bad is it? “Front fence has been breached. We’ve got a C-130 burning on the South Lawn…and a gunfight raging on the North….” F*CKING SH*T is right
  • Release the hounds!
  • Sniper…let me show you how to snipe with a pistol
  • Forbes…what are you doing Forbes…
  • …and now an army of trash trucks.
  • We gonna ground these trash trucks…
  • No Tim…you were our good friend.
  • PEOC has gone offline…
  • To quote Owen Wilson from Armegeddon… “Scariest Environment Imaginable. Thanks -That’s all you gotta say. Scariest Environment Imaginable”
  • Whaaa…Scary Korean guy don’t need glasses!
  • as Brian Ibbott says in this movie…”They’ve taken the White House.”
  • I got to say…it seems like it would be a lot easier to take the president hostage anywhere other than the White House.
  • Dangit…don’t you bring up 1812 the day after The 4th of July
  • I watched this movie on the 5th of July…am I patriotic or what?
  • I got to believe that we would just blow up the White House before letting someone rule the roost.
  • Really not a fan of Rugged Good Looks Ross.
  • Play that somber music!
  • Smuggy Smuggington. It takes 15 minutes for armed forces to reach the White House…we took it down in 13.
  • “Hey…what was that sound…oh…it was death..”
  • A pic of Connor!! Noooo. I’m only here to be emotionally invested in innocent kids.
  • Mr. Kang!!
  • Wow…he still has a lot of clearance to use his thumb to reactivate.
  • Chopped off the tip of the Washington Monument.
  • “What’s the going rate for souls these days?”
  • Forbes is so GQ
  • Well Mr. Speaker is now the President.
  • I really don’t see the problem. You got Morgan Freeman as the president…time to cut your loses and build a new White House in Virginia
  • Echelon 4…Banning.
  • Took a Lincoln to the head.
  • Cerberus…So change the codes. uh…hello….
  • Damnit Truman…you had to do upgrades to the walls…he’s in the walls…and with that info all the Koreans start creeping slowly towards the walls.
  • Is the kids designation “Spark Plug?” or is that something Mike just likes to say.
  • Don’t tell the kid “I will see you on the other side…” I’m sure that is what they told him about his mom.
  • Spark Plug received…now time to get real.
  • Mother killed by America Bomb
  • How do they have a picture of Mr. Kang if no one has ever taken a picture?
  • “Hey Asshole” Classic
  • Let’s play a game of “F*ck off” You go first.
  • Not even under presidential order would I give codes.
  • This is so Die Hard…Conversation with the traitor because you trust him.
  • How can Rugged Ross not fight any better than that. I thought he was an agent like Mike.
  • Kang is such a cartoon bad guy…he should have gotten all the codes like in 5 minutes. He is conveniently absent for minutes at a time.
  • Hydra Weapon? That’s some slow ass weapon.
  • Hydra 6
  • Hydra 6 is 4 sentries…Taking out Tigers.
  • How can such a fast weapon on deployed be so shit slow getting to its destination
  • We do not negotiate with Terrorist…
  • Why would you take the most resistant hostage. Uh oh.. Video feed is down….that means they need a new camera
  • Zag…Zig…Do something
  • Mike is John Wicking this house…
  • Dumbass…dur…how did the President not see that coming. That was the first thought. Launch the missiles dumbasses….like fire them to the space.
  • This has to be the stupidest president ever.
  • Finally…they shot the President…now finally Morgan Freeman can take his rightful place.
  • Don’t help President..
  • Knife to the brain…just like I called it.
  • OMG…Backslash Niner! HASHTAG! Who made this password!
  • Suck it Cerberus…now take this stupid shit offline.

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