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From Russia With Love 1963


Oh hi,

This week on Filmsack we strap on our size 8 1/2 steel toed stabbing boots and get to go go’ing back to the early 60s for a little hot spy on spy action with the Russians in Istanbul (not Constantinople) and get into a threesome with some hot blooded feuding Gypsies girls in SKIRTS. But hey, that’s nobody’s business but the TURKS.

Anywho, Let’s get to explaining our plot this week with some analogies. So, It’s kind of like our characters are in a chess match where one of the players is just trolling the other player letting them think they are going to win… so that later on …. they can film Sean Connery in a hotel room doing it. No wait…it’s more like 3 Siamese fighting fish where one of those fishes is watching the other 2 fishes … in a hotel room “doing it” … and one of those fishes is Sean Connery. No wait…It’s more like a lady who thinks she has a big mouth but then Sean Connery says……it is the perfect size for what he has in mind for his oral fixation and it involves him in a hotel room and some guys with a camera.

Randy, I think we just watched porn. PG porn. but porn none the less. You got a big mouth, a big mouth.



1963 ‧ Action/Thriller ‧ 1h 55m


James Bond willingly falls into an assassination plot involving a naive Russian beauty in order to retrieve a Soviet encryption device that was stolen by S.P.E.C.T.R.E.



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From Russia with Love (1963) – Like porn for the theater of the mind but on Paramount+ #mouthstuff


  • Double Oh Hi
  • short intro
  • I think a large blonde turtlenecked Russian Man is following me through the garden of the statues of weird poses and I have a gun and he has watch chain choker 1 minute 52 seconds…that’s excellent. Wait…I’m not James Bond…I’m just a guy in a mask. Fake out.
  • 007 Shaken not stirred on that ladies boobs.
  • Ok ok…hear me out…we will project the credits on belly dancers with tassles…Sold…let’s do it…bring in the horny horns and the large dongs … of the drummers
  • Meanwhile in the most boring possible next scene after the sexy dancing ladies. Royals playing Chess in a giant room of boring ass people, cigarettes and YOU SUNK MY BATTLE SHIP!
  • Your water sir…and a secret message coaster…so stop fooking around with this chess.
  • Siamese Fighting Fish… Brave and on the whole stupid. haha…Ibbott was right…that cat is doing that monologue.
  • Hello Number 3…let’s hear what number 5 has to say. Yes Number 1.
  • We need a Lady Russian.
  • S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
  • hey hey hey…you are scritching me too hard number 2.
  • Let his death be a particuall
  • Just grabbing some free sun out here in the garden next to my free weights. Now rub me down with your oils!
  • Hello is your uniform…it is made up of various Black Garments.
  • You couldn’t hear those guns until you got into the training area.
  • He seems fit enough. puts away brass knuckles.
  • This is way more Not James Bond than James Bond.
  • This lady is touchy feely.
  • Classified far above his level.
  • Sean Connery that is a lot of leg hair.
  • But we haven’t eaten yet!
  • I have a car phone in 1963!…Sofia Behave
  • Sometimes you got to give a girl a slap…uh…make that an hour and a half.
  • Now for my next miracle…oh hi boss.
  • Here are some killing tools…including a booby trapped briefcase that you better open right or you will get blowed up.
  • Money Penny is a close talker.
  • Let me sign this photo…with love… FROM RUSSIA
  • Someone always trying to kill Bond when he arrives on the plane.
  • Bond takes his coffee… medium sweet.
  • There is a lot of Turkey Talk in this movie.
  • This is an old friend of mine (points at nose.)
  • Bug room search! The bed is too small. I need the bridal suite with 100% less tapped phones.
  • Wait…are they Russian or German…man I don’t know nothing.
  • What did ladies used to do before laying in the bed looking at their phones…apparently appease their oral fixations with their necklace.. I’m boooored…nom nom nom LOOK AT MY CLEAVAGE! I SAID LOOK AT IT!
  • You not glad to see me this morning…over joyed..
  • You do intend on having Bond in your Bond movie.
  • He calls sex “the salt mines…back to them he goes.”
  • Sooo the Germans are playing the Brits by pretending to be the Russians like the Chess movie at the start of the movie.
  • RATS! Why did it have to be rats!
  • Would you like to join me for my daily exercise of rowing the the dank of the city as I paddle through rats?
  • Up periscope…..hey these periscopes don’t hear. Sooo…where is this periscope? in the wall in a rat hole?
  • “This man kills for pleasure.”
  • Well from this angle…things are shaping up…niiiicely… yeeeesss…
  • You will like my gypsy friends…
  • We are forbidden to table…I hope you are good at eating with your fingers
  • GYPSies!
  • I can see her digesting her food!
  • I will guard the back entrance…ohh…the ladies…they are dancer…and I am dead.
  • TANK YOU TANK YOU…hahaha
  • CAT FIGHT!! rarrr
  • Who will marry the chiefs daughter… the sultry one with the scarves or the sultry on with the scarves.
  • Noooo…not the claws of death!
  • I haven’t seen fighting like this since Spock v Kirk.
  • Cat Fight to the death…rawwwr
  • A shootout at the okey dokey coral.
  • Who put a gypsy western in the middle of my spy thriller?
  • Well it seems like the girl fight is small potatoes after the raping and the pillaging.
  • Is it really a good idea to make woo to the ladies in a blood feud over the last guy they were in love with.
  • Bob Hope!
  • That gun has a lot of attachments.
  • She has a lovely mouth…that Anita.. she should have kept her mouth shut.
  • Shot him in the back.
  • Green Figs, Yogurt, coffee very black
  • There is a naked lady in my bed!
  • I think my mouth is too big…I think it is just the right size…for kissing! LOOK AT IT!! LOOK AT MY MOUTH…CLOSER!!
  • His scar is all the talk.
  • I will tell you… long pause… in the morning…now kiss my big mouth.
  • Who directed this movie? A porn guy? Is all porn modeled after this movie?
  • Business first.
  • Talk into my camera…how large is the machine? Type Writer. Describe the device into my camera. Will you make love to me…Day and Night.
  • Am I as exciting as all of those western girls… LEAVE MONEYPENNY!!
  • Russian Clocks are always…booom
  • These rats are not into explosives.
  • How many sons does this guy have?
  • Oh james! You bought me sexy lingerie.
  • This movie sags in the middle like one of those old horses at the gypsy camp
  • Keep the door locked…like that paper thin door.
  • What! I had grown accustomed to Kermin!
  • I love you…it is true…even after you slapped me silly.
  • Kerim’s boys are not going to be happy.
  • matches? I use a lighter…until they go wrong.
  • Convincing British sayings. “Ok Old Man.” “Very good old man.” “Oh there you are old man” “Enjoy your dinner old man.” “Cheer-o”
  • Didn’t he get poisoned in the first one.
  • I’ll have the grilled soul.
  • He ordered the red.
  • Look at my map..and take a nap.
  • Red Wine with Fish…I should have know something. SMERSH!
  • So wait…you got me having the sex…can you give me the film? I need that film!
  • 50 Gold Soverns….now give me my cigarettes.
  • The ole…pull down the fancy jacket so you can’t move trick.
  • Close quarters fighting. Now just like I practiced! …watch choke!
  • Briefcase knife!!
  • He was trying to take my walking around money!
  • Randy…wake up or I’ll leave you behind!
  • Sleeping on a bed of roses
  • Spectra has Yellow vechicles
  • Those helicopter shots are pretty hot.
  • Poor flower truck driver ain’t getting paid enough for this shit.
  • number 3 is screwed!
  • Number 2 gets the 12 second venom.
  • more megaphone yelling
  • where there is smoke there is fire…
  • They fell for that hook line and sinker…pretty violent end for those guys on the boats.
  • Do not trust the cleaner lady!
  • That is a big phone receiver there bond.
  • Number 2 going to do it herself
  • Knife shoe!!!…take this…take this… and this.
  • I can’t ! My Boss or Bond…pew pew.
  • Yes…she’s had her kicks.
  • From Russia With Love song!
  • We won’t always be working on the Company’s time.
  • Randy behave yourself…we are being filmed.
  • He was right you know…I’ll show you… no I won’t …bye bye wave.
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