Eraser (1996) Show Notes

Arnold Schwarzenegger Eraser


Eraser (1996)

R | | Action, Drama, Mystery | 21 June 1996 (USA)


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Intro: Oh hey, You’re early…what’s that? Was I just upstairs taking a revenge poo in your toilet and now wiping my poo hands on your towel? C’mon Lee…I’m Daryl the bad ex-boyfriend and I am only here to do one thing… and that is to get railed to that wall in 3…2….1… ouch.

And now for a very important PSA….Hello Young Ladies,  let me talk down to you for a minute.  If you break up with a boy…get your keys back…Don’t let a revenge poo happen to you.






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Twitter: Eraser (1996) – Time to pucker up, here comes some bad James C(aan)PR…mmm…Funyuns.





This is how you tie a boot


Fore Finger…middle finger


Time to burn the Birth Cert.


Blade in the belt buckle…will it be used!


Every time I see a doctor’s glove I think of prostate exam


This music is pretty awesome so far.


Meanwhile…in suburbia


Nobody hits from us Johnny…


So the subtle Frank Sinatra in the background makes me think they are implying these guys are mafia connected…isn’t that right…Vinnie.


That is one big ninja


Shutup! Do it!


Those are some mighty light corpses. You ever tried to put up somebody? There is a reason they call it dead weight.


Right…Those son’s of bitches.


Why wouldn’t it work without an audience? This isn’t filmsack…you don’t need an audience to your house blowing up.


Apparently you only get erased once. That’s company policy.


I didn’t ask you which one was fake…I asked you which one was real…jack ass.


Just going to drag these photos from the “used to been” to the “is now”  screen.


A bonified good person.


Stupid corrupt Cyrez corporation


Broach cam! 


Oh…a blackout.


This is how I image Redbox functions on the inside.


Do I have time to make another copy? sure…why not.


Boss blows his brains out in front of you. Cheap trick.


Man…Arnold is so sanctimonious in this movie.


This disc is blushing.


What do you think your Dell from 1996 is going to be able to do to decrypt your redbox disc.


Damnit Daryl…You just let yourself into my house when I’m not here…did you take a shit and shower in my bathroom? see Daryl…this is why we broke up…no boundaries.




ahh man…I was just about to pull the trigger…then a car pulled up…I guess I better wait…ooh balloons!


This rail gun is the balls!


Am I playing Quake right now? Pew Pew Pew…Rocket Jump!


Ha! The household refrigerator…protector of the innocent.


Drill bit gernade! My favorite thing.


Analog thermostat and a ripped gas line out of the wall..that is going to work. Eventually…


Nooo…not Daryl…


Hey Daryl…”Stick Around” – I couldn’t resit.


Reporters always make it worser.


Undersecretary…what is an under…secretary.


Have you ever tried to break a disc…it’s impossible.


Don’t burn plastic…the ozone is crying


This is turning into The Equalizer…I don’t want any payment…I want your loyalty…


This movie is offensive to women. Actually, it’s offensive to human beings. This credit card is for emergencies only…it’s not a license to shop…cause I know you women like that.


Orphans? that’s a restaurant? Orphans?


I make this cup of coffee look small…do you guys have a smaller cup?


Are these chumps with you?


Shiff and I’m Calderone..


Peeled her like and onion. mmmm…


John Crew-Garrr


A weapon for every orifice. 


Allison is inside making muffins. (women are puny)


That is not how CPR works Caan….CAAAAANNNN…


What a world what a world what a world….kissed to death by James Caan.


1996…this is early on cheap bottled water.


No John…don’t beep her…that is exactly what they want.



You do not want to throw a chair into the engine of the jet you are riding in.


Oops…threw my parachute…guess I better go get it.


Well that was easy enough.


oh man..did that hurt? That had to hurt…I saw it.


Is that how backup chutes work?


Nothing worse than your mentor betraying you. He knows all of your tricks.


Arnold did not get to drive even one nice car in this movie.


Somebody got to beat up those teenagers with the zoo animal harassment sticks.


What kind of Secret Handshake ends with you shooting me in the leg!


You expect me to believe there is a Black Guy Named Bob Who Owns A Tow Truck and Junk Yard in Upstate New York? Is that the story you are weaving?


Alligators…am I right! That was one cool ass scene…never happen…but…shit…that was good graphics for 96


You’re Luggage! That wins the movie…I can turn it off now. Done.


No gay bar has ever been this gay.


Where did you get this cheap knock off shit…Ultra Seltzer? Did you pick these up in Utah?


Movie security guards are only confounded by Pizza Deliveries and Janitoring. 


Defibbing is a fun party game.


Electronic door locks are easily bypassed  by shooting them.


It’s a unix system!


The human gernade. It’s really the worst way to go.


Quick! To the roof! I have a helicopter there…we will fly away!


Tony Two Toes! Oddly…he got 3 toes. But Three toes is just stupid


That rail gun is sweat! Man I want to play me some FPS games.


Did he just Rambo up out of the floor? Yep… Two guns!


Typical Russian Mafia.


Typical Italian Mafia…the lesser of the 2 evils.


Damsel in distress…check.


I was literally yelling at the screen by the end of this movie..this movie has great timing and music…made my butthole pucker.


Damnit John…you dropped a crate on me. I should be dead.


Hello…? Ohhhh…we are on the train tracks!!!


Won’t someone please think about the train engineer.  Stop using trains to exact your revenge. It’s inefficient.


Going downtown…gonna blow you all away





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