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Do you use Jetpack? What features do you turn on/off and if you feel so inclined…why? Especially if the “why” is resource or security related, I would like to know.

What other plugins do you use? Do you have a vetting process for plugins?



I have about 10 websites of personal use that I create content for occasionally based on my interest and attention span.
I have been using WordPress on most of them for years. Now I am using WordPress on all of them!
In order to maintain my sanity I have started fully using wordpress.com to manage my sites. Keep plugins up to date…cross post where appropriate…mull over statistics.
One plugin I always install is JetPack. This allows me to manage everything from WordPress.Com and I do like the Single-Sign On feature that let’s you login once and hop between sites during the day. I log out when I leave my PC and have 2 factor authentication on.

Enough backstory!



I only install plugins with at least 5K installs or more…if it is less than that then I probably am not looking for the right solution to the problem. IMO. I also remove/replace plugins that have not been updated in over 6 months. As well, I deactivate any utility plugins after I use them. Like Search & Replace…which let’s me search and replace elements in the WordPress database…which is convenient to have installed if I migrate a site or need to replace a shortcode because of a replaced or removed plugin.

tl;dr – I’m a long haired WordPress Freak!

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