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Empire State 2013


Oh hi,

This week on Filmsack we put on our bullet proof vests, made for our hearts and not for our scrotes …remember… be careful out there scrotes.., and drive our mob operated armored car money truck right back to the REALLY real world of the early 1980s New York. Where we are short on good paying jobs and long on crime, mouthy coke friends, young Giuliani’s and cops whose heads are shaped like thumbs. Sorry Rock. Maybe if you grew some hair on top…oh god no…stick with the thumb look…it’s working for you.

Anywho, grab the other end of this naked statue for my mom and help me load it into the trunk of my Smokey and the Bandit Trans-Am. Careful with the berries…that’s my “wine drunk in the alley” mom’s favorite part! Hey, do you have to pee? I know a great place to pee. It’s real busy though..there is always somebody in there…I mean like we are always waiting on somebody to come out. It used to be even more crowded before my dad got fired from his tenured job as the crime boss bathroom upkeep man. Ahh..the salad days.

This movie was like Robin Hood, if Friar Tuck couldn’t keep his coked up mouth shut and Maid Marian served pie down at the local diner and The Sherriff of Nottingham had a head shaped like a thumb. I’m sorry Rock!

Randy, I said thank you for saving my life right? Alright, good.


R | 2013 | Action/Drama ‧ 1h 34m

After failing to get into the police academy, Chris Potamitis settles for a security guard job with an armored truck company. After he makes the mistake of mentioning the company’s lax security to his best friend, He’s unwittingly drawn into an elaborate scheme to rob the abundant amounts of cash being stored on their premises—resulting in the largest cash heist in U.S.history.


IMDB https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2171867/

WIKI https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empire_State_(2013_film)

Rotten Tomatoes https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/empire_state_2013


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Empire State (2013) – Like a “Saturday Night Fever” at Ibbott’s house. #ThumbShapedRock #I’MSorryPops


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  • My favorite Rock. The thumb shaped head Rock
  • When a Rock looks like a thumb.
  • 8 Million Heist!! Based on a Truth Story.. Mostly 50 and 100s
  • Biggest cash robbery.
  • A hole in the roof
  • Real news reports
  • Bad joke…if I knew I would be out there with a shovel…just kidding…not kidding.
  • Eddie…where’s Chris…and where is the money!
  • Meanwhile, 3 month earlier.
  • I quit…you are fired…You’re Fired. I quit. You’re fired.
  • Nothing is worse than working for Italians…except the Greeks!
  • Only thing worse is the Greeks.
  • Weird…this looks like a real movie.
  • Enough with the chickens Karen.
  • What you got in the back of your trans-am Burt Reynolds
  • Mom has a lot of statues.
  • period piece.
  • Dad is in the shitter
  • don’t touch my dad…or else… just or else ok.
  • Come on Vicky. Put on some clothes. Also, what the hell are you doing! Back and forth…back and forth. Mails here.
  • Once I become a cop like you pops…back in Greece…and rejected.
  • Jobs are tough to come by.
  • Beepers..lot of racism here…
  • Black Sabbath concert and the joint killed his cop chances.
  • Cop…nope…Security Guard…maybe.
  • $200 dollars a week. $50 a night at the club…but it closed. Far cry from State benefits.
  • The vest is for your heart…not your balls.
  • The owners are taking money?
  • Keep it simple..work…find a girl.
  • Hot box with some cool cash.
  • minimum wage gets you a sleeping guard and a 1234 pass code.
  • 25 million dollars. They got a dog bowl in the money hole for the deaf dog that guards the cash.
  • oh yeah…the guy in the flaming vans are no good.
  • Why did they blow up the van?
  • A thumb with shades and tattoos. All attitude.
  • Is he dead…yeah…high probability.
  • He has a “Don’t touch me or my family” thing.
  • Thank god for that gun protector thing.
  • She’s a good girl…she came to check on you.
  • The job is going to take car of his family.
  • Pot at the Led Zepplin..c’mon clueless parents.
  • Everybody leaves when he shows up.
  • Yo. What channel is cable.
  • I don’t guess he gets promoted to driver? Still just the bagman.
  • Demoted to working nights. Didn’t use his gun.
  • The bosses don’t give a shit. Why should we?
  • Tony is only getting $5k of the $50k…bastards! Damn you Empire!
  • His friend Big Mouth is the problem. He may be the devil.
  • geeb’az …worst crooks ever.
  • Starts out as Robin Hood. I sure hope this doesn’t escalate.
  • Tony really married up.
  • She be like…I don’t want this money!
  • This place reeks of Aquanet.
  • White Russian princess.
  • Good lord…will he never shut up. Eddie is going to be murdered…give Eddie some coke…is that a good idea.
  • Eddie’s dad died at 42
  • Worst case scenario…you dead
  • You could legit die from trying to sleep on a couch covered in plastic wrap.
  • of course Spiro is going to find out… you got Eddie on your team.
  • This movie is making me anxious.
  • He is still down for the Columbians.
  • Time to draw out the heist….worst heist plan ever?
  • Take out the camera…find the pay phone.
  • What is the worst that is going to happen? Death.
  • A blue van is flames.
  • We got a tip.
  • It is about as secure as a candy shop.
  • Cops are like…it’s just money…that is what security gets you.
  • This cop always got on the headphones…and is always working out when he can…got to keep up with the Rock.
  • We need some backup…we need backup…duuude…backup
  • Now they answer…colors…colors.
  • Move…you almost shot me.
  • No such thing as a coincidence. or maybe there is…too late. Poltergeist!
  • He saved a cops life…now give me a job.
  • Mike killed Jimmy
  • But you know what…I’m doing it. Doing it Chris.
  • haha…Eddie is an idiot..
  • I’m not going to jail and I’m not going back to my shitty life.
  • You shot the dog! Thanks for telling me about the dog.
  • Damnit Eddie…he done took everything.
  • 9 million or 25 million.
  • Dude…like they ain’t tapped your phone.
  • I was on the phone…no…I wasn’t on the phone.
  • They keep saying 3 break-ins… so they knew about the first time he took the money?
  • Wait…Rudy Giuliani? Dan Triandiflou
  • This reeks of organized crime… 5 crime families!?
  • 8 million … 9 million
  • Somebody out there has a lot of cash.
  • Holy shit…how is The Rock like 20 feet from you in a car and you don’t notice.
  • Nobody knows how much is in that money hole.
  • Eddie does care about Chris.
  • So is he just going to leave 8 million in his trans-am?
  • The Empire Heist.
  • Big Time low lifes…small time low lifes all the same.
  • You come in my place…naming names.
  • Spiro…Yasshuf…
  • Michael have a seat.
  • I don’t know nothing.
  • I said thank you for saving my life…but don’t be lying to me.
  • and now we wait…that’s a lot of money to count.
  • Spiro’s bathroom gets a lot of use. Something about that place makes you want to take a piss.
  • ha! Big reveal. Jimmy is not dead.
  • Damnit Jimmy… now go get my fucking money.
  • Eddie ain’t working. I want to look in Eddies locker.
  • Eddie’s girl ain’t interested. 8 million… 400 extra…sweet.
  • Run Eddie Run
  • The money is in the statue.
  • Finally…Pop shot Eddie.
  • I fucked up…yeah ya did Chris. yeah ya did.
  • 11 million is still missing.
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