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Black Rain 1989


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Oh hi,

This week on Filmsack we RAIN down on your favorite streaming service like a recently divorced  … and handling it …  New York City cop who’s Jurisdiction includes flying to Japan to bust up a late 80s “set up out of spite” BLACK market counterfeiting ring ran by some Yakoosies on Suzookies. No Yakuzas on Suzukahs. Mobs on Bikes. 

Anywho, I am here to return Disc 2 of the Romancing the Stone Blu-Ray I never returned and to make amends in the traditional manner… by doing a little thumb chopping action! So how much should I take off? How about I cut the thumbnail down to the quick..that hurts like hell and shows I am willing to sacrifice for our relationship. No? How about just the tip then? So whenever I try to smash a bug or text my ex-wife I will see it and go…oh yeah… amends. You want More? Alright alright, to the first knuckle then. So I can open pickle jars and still know the pleasure of going vroom vroom on my MotorBike? What! More!! But pickles…and Motobikes! Ok ok…so down to the nub then. Oh well, at least I can still pleasure myself..yeah don’t think about that one too long. Toro!

Randy, $50 bucks says I’m faster…no context given or needed.  Damn these suits!


New York City policemen Nick (Michael Douglas) and Charlie (Andy Garcia) witness a murder in a bar and quickly apprehend the assailant. The killer, named Sato (Yusaku Matsuda), is a member of Japan’s infamous Yakuza mob, and Nick and Charlie must transport the gangster back to Osaka for his murder trial. There, Sato’s fellow gangsters free him from police custody, forcing Nick and Charlie to scour Japan’s dangerous underworld of organized crime in search of their fugitive.

Rated : R

1989 ‧ Action/Crime ‧ 2h 5m




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Black Rain (1989) – Summed up in 2 quotes. Sometimes you gotta forget your head and grab your balls and If you pull it you better use it. #NoThumbsToUp


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  • There better be some black rain in this movie. Better than chocolate rain? I bet not.
  • Very Japanese Rising Sun
  • Oh man…this intro song is hot…this is a hot jam.
  • No Rain so far.
  • He better get an umbrella…
  • Biker Bridge! Let’s gather and rock out with our rocks out..beneath the city.
  • Hey…BJ and the Bear truck.
  • The underground biker scene.
  • Fast bike? Wanna race? Ain’t you got nothing better to do on a Sunday.
  • $50 bucks says I’m faster.
  • Hey…let’s see if we can kill somebody…ok! Let’s race down this bullshit seaside open alley and nearly kill ourselves and everyone else.
  • Divorced…dead beat dad…Lawyers calling…
  • Called her an ugly goose. Now here…take this money to your mom.
  • Is this the dirtiest town?
  • Toro.
  • Ladies of the 80s are going for the shoes…it is the second place they look…I saw it in a magazine.
  • Wait…he’s a detective.
  • We did the math hero…you are short a 1000
  • Don’t yell into the mic.
  • Talk into my left titty here…cause its the mob.
  • We having lunch with the mob? Good plan.
  • Mind ya business…just killing a guy or two.
  • MEAT…that truck says… MEAT! and it almost hit you.
  • Foot chase with the yakuza who stabbed a guy and slit another guy…
  • Give me mom box.
  • This is the empty hook area of our work facility…and this is the meaty part…and this is the blood drainy part…and this is A BAG OVER YOUR HEAD!
  • Did you kick my suit? I’m gonna kick your nuts in…5…4…3…nuts!
  • My collar my case.
  • The magic box.
  • get a geisha…
  • Give that to internal affairs…as long as they are there they can water my plants.
  • Are you threatening me with the finger gun.
  • You know Ronan…good cop. He’s a good cop…he is a good cop.
  • Ronan did take the money.
  • Private Schools the Braces…man is just trying to get by.
  • He speaks the English..
  • Playing some solitaire and chain smoking on the plane. Just going to take a little stretch and ELBOW THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR FACE!
  • in and out of Geisha.
  • You had 1 job…turn the bad guy over to the Japanese officers…fail.
  • I’m pretty sure this is outside your jurisdiction.
  • Police departments are the same all over the world.
  • Unbelievable…
  • Thank goodness the American cops are here.
  • Dropping all of these racist words.
  • I am not great at communicating Coffee.
  • We will take the heat…but not the fall.
  • This is an insurance document.
  • Japanese speak English…too bad the reverse is not true.
  • Give me your gun…and the other one…we know you Americans.
  • Find his ass with 2 hands.
  • From one gritty city to the next. We are the same. Except for the giant fans…the japanese have giant fans.
  • I usually get kissed before I get f…just a little bit of foreplay.
  • What are you? The girls want to know if you are the guy that lost Sato at the airport…it was on the news.
  • You got a cigarette.
  • Where did you learn to speak Japanese? Chicago?
  • Counting you and me? 11 million.
  • Bullshit…you are a suit. Suits are bad.
  • He makes his money by gambling.
  • We should walk?
  • Motorcycles!!  Its the same…we are same. WE ARE NOT THE SAME,
  • We got a tip…time to go on a training exercise….observers. OBSERVERS!
  • Headbutt…I only want to talk to him for 5 minutes.
  • Fuck patience.
  • Observer me grabbing this cash!!
  • We got our guide in trouble. Suit.
  • Burning the money on my plate on the street.
  • What is up with the monkey noises?
  • Hey Mas…we got good news for you… Mas… oh come on Mas…don’t be like that…
  • I saw you take the money…
  • If you pull it…you better use it.
  • This is good as it comes…but it ain’t money.
  • You should talk to your partner before you go to the suits…so fuck you very much.
  • The way you do the things you do…alright…sing it.
  • You talk to your partner first before you talk to the suits.
  • My tits in a ringer….
  • Give that lady 50 dollars and she will take you where.
  • Karaoke … American’s are good for movies and music.
  • Lose the K-mart tie.
  • Loosen up Mas…do some Ray Charles with me.
  • Let’s toro with my jacket…wait…did you take my jacket. Don’t get personal.
  • Hey Charlie…it’s a trap…dumbass.
  • the lesson here is…you like by bullfighting die by bullfighting rules.
  • Charlie Dead. Mas is your new partner or maybe the lady. C’mon don’t lose your head Charlie.
  • The rain…it is Black.
  • We keep something personal…Here..take his badge…but I already got a tie. I’m taking the gun…that is how I am going to remember him. I think you are abusing the system…I’m taking the gun.
  • If I learned anything …it is Japan is full of slow moving fans.
  • I think he is upset. He tore that place a new hole..
  • Sequins…I know his preference.
  • Sometimes you have to forget your head and grab your balls…too much!!
  • You disgrace him. Yourself and me….brotherhood of cops
  • If you aren’t fighting in a molten lava factory with welding going on in an 80s action movie…are you really even making an 80s action movie? SLOW FANS SPIN SLOW!
  • Burning bills!
  • Open mouth laugh.
  • I want to be an Oyabun
  • Everybody sweats..
  • I am near…almost as near as when you let charlie die.
  • Shot a guy in the back and he blowed up…disgrace.
  • People can outrun vehicles.
  • I told you …. no guns… now get out of Japan.
  • Looks like you are screwed Maz.
  • Anything to declare? Charlie in a box. Nobody wants a Charlie in a box. Cause he dead.
  • I’m taking the drink chute out of this plane…weee…see ya Charlie!
  • was there ever a callback to the Ladies like the shoes?
  • They took his suit!!
  • Excuse me…shoes…
  • Does Mas have a man? or is that his son? His son…and he is very disappointed.
  • You can not fix everything. I am not like you. Stop pulling me into your delusions.
  • Let me drop some sweet American knowledge on you…like… Sometimes…you got to go for it…ok…not my best stuff.
  • Fine I will find the only other American in Japan…I NEED A PARTNER!
  • More monkeys…this time on TV.
  • Is that your hussle guy? He got the hussle.
  • Now is it time for the Black Rain?
  • Like everything we make…perfect.
  • He was 10…family lived underground for 3 days…then the heat brought rain…BLACK RAIN…you made the rain BLACK…then you shoved your shit down our throats. It is about the payback.
  • I am nothing but a worthless GuyJean?
  • Sato will also have a lieutenant
  • gun…and here are some shells…toss. Good luck.
  • Give an American a gun…he will take care of your problems…give him bullets…and he is the problem?
  • Even the farms have fans…just faster fans.
  • Sometimes you have to go for it. This is not a farmer.
  • By making amends in the traditional matter…now suck my toes. no no..just cut your finger off…yeah…that’s good…yakoosa yeeeeah…now come sit beside me…you pinkyless wonder…and don’t forget the lesson you have learnt.
  • Hand stab…that is a lot of hand gore Enjoy.
  • Foot chase!! to motorcycle chase!
  • Choose your weapon…motorcycles…oh you chose poorly.
  • Knee to the nuts…my one weakness!!
  • he pulls out the martial arts…
  • haha..he went crossed eyed.
  • The music went to rock and roll when he started winning.
  • Just kidding…I didn’t kill him…Mas needs his job more than I need my revenge.
  • Suck it suit!
  • I want to thank you for choosing a side.
  • They must shop at the same store.
  • No…good friends clasp hands.
  • You made me the happiest man in the world…thumbs up cowboy.
  • Wait…what was in his box?


Black Rain 1989

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