Wing Commander (1999) Show Notes


Wing Commander (1999)

PG-13  |   |  Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi  | 12 March 1999 (USA)


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Intro: Oh hi, Wait, why didn’t you guys tell me we were fighting cat people. I could have solved this problem with a smart ass Matthew Lillard and a laser pointer. Instead, we wasted 100 minutes with  some story about a space muggle with force nav powers. Spoilers…it wasn’t great.






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Twitter: Wing Commander (1999) –  This movie never existed. Don’t you do that to me Scott! Don’t you do that. 


Historical news reel intro.


hehe…Diplomatic Probes.


Noo…we are at war with the Kilrathi !


This sounds like the script to a bad video game. ohhhh


Stainless steal future space mugs.


Why that operator got his coffee mug filled to the brim?


Those sound like really slow Tie Fighters.


This was still using the defacto 90s space explosions


Self Destruct malfunction is no good.


You can’t shoot the Navcom AI. It’s behind bullet proof glass like when I try to pay for gas at 2am at the Little Cricket


Earth’s location…greatest secret in the universe in just about any scifi


Why you hiding the chunkiest locket in the galaxy in a book.


Hey it’s Shaggy…uh…Matthew Lillard.


Always liked Freddie Prince/Matthew Lillard dynamic.


I fought along side your father. Trope


This space coffee is delicious…and it’s scotch.


Freddie Prince has the best eyebrows in the galaxy…I got a lot of galaxy jokes.


You holding your anchor pendant upside down.


Hey…it’s a tiny sword. Like I put in my drink…yarrr.


Matthew Lillard was like is the quintessential know it all young man.


Space Mermaid.


Space travelers are ship guys.


Miss my some gravity well


hey!! You are better than a computer at flying…wonder if that will come into play later since they stole the flying AI Computer


My dad used to have a Vega. He would tell me to head out to the Vega Sector and plant my ass in the seat every morning before school.


Space military.


Hey…that is a disc that is not a zip disc or floppy disc…what is it?


Look here wing commander dungeon master…stop hypothetically killing me..bang I’m dead…well I rolled a dddddddsaving roll…


Pilgrim Muggle (Halfbreed)


Space chess


Galley fight!!


Mr. Linux…I mean Obutu


Women in the military. Hot topic for 1999


Pilgrims are space gods


It’s eating suns for breakfast. It’s the most important mean of the day.


Accents in space are weird…it makes me think about language in space. Don’t make me think about language in space.


Matrix shot! Space jumps.


Shit…we jumped right into an astroid field where that colony was suppose to be.


So is this movie all about his wing commander?


I don’t care if you are the space military…I’m a contractor and we are doing it my way.


I don’t fly with Pilgrims…just like John Wayne said.


Sike! I’m super secret military….cause that is what we do in the military…need to know shit


People on military com channels are being shocked by events unfolding in front of them.


Without sheilds…space battles would be pretty quick.


Ships get hot when they battle…all power diverted from environmental controls to torpedos.


This was when space battles were still loud.


Those ships look stupid


Space Helmet monocles are the best.


A lot of ball talk in this movie


Got to admit…I was pretty tense during the Rosie crash scene


Flight deck crashes suck


Lillard…the classic fuck up


Space quiet….is it realistic to expect someone to hear you in space if you talk in a ship. I know it was a thing in submarines.


Our space shit is like a car…no…like a sail boat…no…it’s a submarine.


She never existed…that is a stupid game.


I wonder if Lillard will have to watch the final battle from his hospital bed.


Fighters can’t fight without confidence!


Aliens like to keep their space ships enviroments all muggy and in green fog.


The Aliens are cats! Cat people! Damn curious cats are wanting to come to earth and sniff our butts.


You have the gift.


Wait? Is that his dad? Wait…or is he just a space muggle?


Angel is a stupid space name.


Goodbye Angel…you will most likely die…but probably not.


My space ship sounds like a single engine prop plane from WWI


Lower the shields…screw the guys down on deck.








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