Bad Boys II (2003) Show Notes


Bad Boys II (2003)

R  |   |  Action, Comedy, Crime  |  18 July 2003 (USA)


[usr 5.0]




Intro: Oh hi guys, Give me just a second.. I’m finishing up Bad Boys II. Man. I can’t believe this movie is 2 hours long…dude what a ride…wait…Cuba…why are they in Cuba…is this a post roll scene? where are the f’ing credits? I’ve already given you 2 hours of my life Michael Bay! Roll the stinking credits already ya attention whore.






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Where Are They Now


Twitter: Bad Boys II (2003) – More Mexican Standoffs Than A Taco Bell Toilet



Making Mud Flap X


Amsterdam Arbor to Miami Florida


Hello..I am on the phone like a bad guy on Miami Vice.


Coffins make great X transport


Bitches be playing with my guns and shooting the faces off my busts


Scramble the Helo…we will show them drug smugglers.


Suckers…we got a boat tarp. You can’t catch us


Where is Crocket and Tubs when you need them?


Satellite phones…got to miss them.


This intro would be a lot slower before cell phones.


The Angriest Chief…Henry Rollins.


The camera never stops tracking in Michael bay movies.


Rats be eating my monies.


My lens is flaring…like a JJ Abrams movie


Sorry I busted up your white power drug party.


Bad Boys song…this whole movie is based off Cops Bad Boys song…


Mexican Standoff at a white power drug deal


Cops are on a spiritual journey…trying to de-escalate.


This was Will Smith at his buffest.


He goes to bed early for this shit.


Things must blow up…bad guys must fly in slow mo.


Will Smith…Do a barrel roll.


The worst therapist ever..WooSaaa


Bunch of men hugging and kissuing is some cult. WooSaaa


Fast cars, drugs, techno/gangsta music and loose women. It’s Michael Bay all the way baby.


That porsche has a stupid horn.


Trope: Getting with your Partner’s sister, mother or daughter who is over protective of their family. We need to keep it on the down low to create some tension.
(family man with swinging single partner)

Above ground pools are awesome. $3900 dollars


Yo it’s Larry…it’s hot.


Miller Geniune Draft


Who are these Jamaciaan looking gang members who got war horns and miami sports cars?


More proof that humans look stupid driving cars. When your door is missing you realize just how stupid you look…especially if you are wearing a white pantsuit.


Going to try not to be racist here…but white people look like gangsters in white suits…black people look suave.


The chief is trying to find his Zen and is Joey Pants.


Cops busting up the occassional informant small business front.


The Devil is not welcome heeeeere!


Back to wall carosel shots are cool also, nausianting.




haha…does Martin Lawerence know how cameras work? You don’t eyeball a lcd screen.


Gay jokes. Cause these guys are guys.


Zook….pest control


Worker rats are marsupials.


How many times can you say the P word in a movie? Used to be counting Fs


Rat humping…missionary style.


Well that went south


No wonder Will Smith is always talking about me-ami…all the thong…feet are gross.


So the cops aren’t smart enough to send a waterproof wire to a beach party.


Russian mob bosses getting chopped up.


revisiting the con you took down earlier in the movie.


Car Jacking Dan Marino in Miami…why not.


Racist are easier to hate…bad guys +2


Bay at his best…best choregraphed car dancing scenes


Dead man on board! hehe


There must not be any airbags in these cars. So many of these scenes should have had air bags popping out.


Car Chase…turns to foot chase…turns to mass transit chase…


Captain Angry.


hehe…poor ole Reggie…but actually liked his harrassment by angry dad and uncle


Dead titties.


I smell dead people.


High Lawrence is my favorite Lawrence.


Coast Guard is basically useless in this movie.


Dangit…why you kill my favorite Russian!!


Gee I wonder if they will kidnap Martin’s sister?


This is what we do! This is my catch phrase…


At 2 hours this movie should have been over…Looks like there is another 30 minute movie to recover the sister.


This movie has remote control cars that would be drones today in a movie


Pretty sure you can’t go Miami PD to being the lead in a military operation..


How many Mexican standoffs can a movie have? This many.


Bay always gets style points.



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