No Holds Barred (1989) Show Notes


No Holds Barred (1989)

PG-13  |   |  Action  |  2 June 1989 (USA)


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Intro: Oh hi, Come on in. Thanks for stopping by. Alright, So we still have a few positions left to fill for our big Hollywood Movie …let’s see…How about…Little Person in a cage…hmmm…you are kind of “biggish” for that…sooo…how about shirt ripper starter…can you handle a pair of scissors? Oh…wait…I’m sorry…it looks like Tommy Lister requested that job already…which reminds me…I better call our insurance guy. Alright alright…I think I have it here. Sweaty Oil Spritzer Assistant….we got the best in the business but we have a feeling they are going to need some hugs after each take.






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Where Are They Now


Twitter: No Holds Barred (1989) – Like  things that bad guys claim they eat for  breakfast. Dookie.    




You don’t usually get this many Studio Placards


Mean Gene!!


I love listening to Monday Morning Wrestling Motivation


Nothing better than a bunch of Muscular Men in costumes yelling


Rip ‘Em…I don’t think that means what you think that means


Why couldn’t it just been Hulk Hogan…Everybody else is themselves.


Tighty Whiteys.


The Rip ‘Em Sign


Can you buy rip shirts? Dunno…but you can make ’em….0…1.1.64.serp..1.19.2038.eg4p0Q0954o


The fact that Hulk Hogan has a hair halo mullet is awesome.


Wrestling is all “wait for it…” I’m down…nope…I’m up.


That is not how remotes work…if you throw a remote at the wall the TV’s do not go staticy


I want this Jock Ass.


Do we consider Wrestlers Jocks?


Is Rip ‘Em aware he is throwing the crips gang sign?


Sweet nothings…waller around with sweat hogs


Corporate Network bad assery


It’s good to see Rip wore his power Leotard to the corporate meeting. It’s my best Leotard!


This corporate meeting is going on like a wrestling match.


Drum beat…bum bum bum…shake-a shake-a shake-a…bass drum…snare…bring in the saxophone!!


That is not how doors work if you kick them out.


The sweat boy in this movie was pretty good…the sweatscalation was always on point…Continuity of sweat


Hulk Hogan thinks he is the Hulk.


Cool…time for some Hair Metal during this fight scene.


Did the Limo driver piss out of his ass…hahahaha…what is that smell…Dookie…made me laugh.


Bring in the hottie…that’s how you handle a macho man. or Hulk Hogan


Beautiful and smart.


Hot Dawwg


Antoine is new.


Of course Rip is smarter and more worldly than others estimate him to be.


Meanwhile down at the tatoo and wrestling bar.


You must be looking for the gay bar.


I know this place doesn’t exist..


laid, relaid and parlaid


Guys in leather vests, cutoff shirts…you sure this ain’t the gay bar.


Chaw man is grody.


Why do they have a small person in a hanging cage? How do you pitch that?


Bleed the lizard? No


V.D. Room….that is disturbing.


The horrors of Wresling bar restroom… Pee Troughs are the worst.


Hippies Stink


A tiny wang.


No Count Bar.


The Tiny Wangers…TINY…


Enter Player 2


Anybody who shows up in ripped prison uniform has a back story.


Kicked someone in the brain




Do people still write TV networks?


Trope. You can’t control the beast. The fighter that kills.


Corporate Jew Hip Hop Stars – Wee Wang Twins, Little Wang…basically any name that is easily interchangeable with wang.


Bringing fists to a gun fight..


More Bar Brawls than a wrestling match.


Macho Man is macho…


Where does Rip ‘Em shop for clothes? Sweating To The Oldies Mart? 


If Lady was not planning on a booty call then why is she wearing sexy lingerie? Silk and Lace with French Cut Panties.


Aww…he’s a gentleman…he put up a partition.


Implied masturbation…nope…bed side pushups…check out them buns…huns..

Why is he wearing man panties?


Bad guys are always eating things for breakfast that they shouldn’t be…or at least that is their claim. 


Zeus does the Wonder Woman Bracelet Slap.


Aww…loves charity work.


All bad guys own helicopters.


Why does Zeus walk like that…


Zeus could use some unibrow maintenance


Everybody is watching! 


Attempted Rape…Motorcycle face plant into a tree…payment in kind.


Meanwhile down at the steel/wrestling plant….where we make steel and wrestlers..


Can’t get no time off to enjoy your hobby…no problem…we will bring fake fight club to you.


Rip’s little brother is going to end up in the hospital…You gotta have something to fight for.


Zeus loves VIPs and those little Danish Wedding Cookies…but mostly VIPs


Little Rip




That moment when the bad guy thinks…damn…maybe I went too far…too late now…onward!!


Release the beast…Rip is civilized until you hurt his love…then he is a monster!!


I hate this gym equipment!!


Easily fooled by projection Zeus.


Bad guys laugh a lot…and annoyingly.


Fighting for your hospitalized loved ones. REVENGE TIME!


I didn’t expect to have so many feels.


How bad did he get beat up…got to do physical therapy…


Aqua Net product placement.


Rolling Randy in.


What a wrestling farce. People dressed up and fancy stage settings…they wanted brutality…but the 1%ers can’t handle it.


Knee to the balls…that is how you start a fight…not a fist bump. Scroat Bump. I didn’t know we were fighting with no bars. Wait…


Wrestlers are always hurting their backs when they fall on it.


That’s Not How That Works: If someone holds an elevator door and you push a bunch of buttons…it doesn’t close harder.


The helpless surrogate…we are powerless.



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