Rambo: First Blood (1982) Show Notes


Rambo First Blood (1982)

R  |   |  Action, Thriller  |  22 October 1982 (USA)


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Intro: Oh hi, You know guys…Troma Entertainment has done it to me again… I watched 30 minutes of Hambo: Fist Blood before I realized I had been duped. 


Gulf War veteran and drifter John . Hambo wanders into a small Utah town in search of an old friend and Hambone Team partner. To his chagrin his buddy died from too much tang during the 80s. HAMBONING!






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Twitter: First Blood (1982) – Like keeping a knife in your smelly vagrant butt crack. No one wants to touch your crack knife Rambo. Why is he touching your knife.



White Outlined Red Font. FIRST FONT!


Alf Humprhies…Alf.


Hey…who is this vagrant.


Wonder how long it took stallone to grow that beautiful hair.


Never think of a stranger walking with a backpack as a welcome guest


is that guys name Herb Nanas? yeah..he wins the name game


Delmar ain’t here. Delmar is gone. Look boy…Delmar is dead.


Served on the same team in Nam.


Delmar was a big dude.


Delmar died from drinking Tang in Nam? ooooh…agent orange…cancer…caught up…damnit Delmar…why you do and die on me.


Gateway to Holidayland


It ain’t safe to walk on the side of the road like that.


The sherrif is gassy.


Have a coke and a smile…ahhh…the 70s


Rambo has a ‘eat shit and die’ look on his face.


Wearing a flag and looking like you do…that pissed people off in the 70s…bunch of jerks.


Drifters bad!


Sherrif gets paid to keep the town boring.


Portland…get out.


Get a haircut and take a bath gets rid of the hassles.


The sherrif has a good noses for smelly people and no filter on his mouth when it comes to telling people.


Hey…do you need a lift back over the bridge.


Well that escalating quickly.


Found your knife! How could you miss it. Bet it smells like ass crack.


What do you hunt with a knife? stuff.


You could not kill an elephant with that knife.


Deputy Ginger says “come on in and get your anus examined.”


Leroy likes to sling paint….


Mustache Nam…that’s what they used to call me in the hole back in Nam.


Cops don’t like nocompliance.


Stallone is hairless…cept on his head.


That waterpressure looks hard enough to hurt for real.


Mitch don’t like watersports.


was this the 70s or the 1800s. Who shaves with a straight razor.


Post Tramatic Stress was hardly understood at the time.


Rambo beat up the police department.


Galt don’t give a fook. He’ll shoot whoever gets in the way.


Is it really neccessary to hit the rail road hump at max speed and jump a mile. Who cares…looks cool.


The motorcycle stunt man is like..close enough.


This movie is intense. This is what an action movie is suppose to be.


What great shots.


How often do police cars not flip in movies.


Man I wanted a Rambo Knife when I was a kid. and i got one too!


Get Orville’s damn dogs out here.


Rambo may be awesome at fighting his way out of a prison…but he needs some fashion skills. Tarp Shirt.


Did we mention that this cliff is high….cause if not. VERTICAL PAN…


What do you do when you come to a cliff in a movie when running away…you jump…nope…climb down.


Man…Galt wants to shoot someone.


A true bad guy…even threatens to kill the pilot.


Stallone actually broke a rib on that fall.


You killed Galt!


I see dead people…mostly because I am holding him in my arms.


Art Galt…what a horrible name.


Rambo knife has everything…including sewing kit. For the flesh!


Down in the gorge.


I need me a Teletype.


Green Beret….it was all the rage.


Look at him Deputy Ginger…Art Galt is dead!!


Do not be pinning medals to my liver.


Dead dog. How would we feel if we had seen him kill the dog.


The hunters become the hunted.


I need me a rain hat for my hat.


Deputy Ginger took it right to the ass


Also, scared the crap out of me. Good hiding.


On a scale of 1 to 110…would not care to get stabbed in the ass by a green beret who was hiding in the brush.


It’s funny how we think. We can pull for someone as long as he doesn’t kill the guys just doing their job. He can maim them and we are still ok.


now I want a Rambo/Frozen mashup of let it go.




Characters who can’t let it go…self destruction…you are headed for self destruction.


God didn’t make Rambo…I did.


The ole reveral…I’m rescuing you…not rescuing him.


Things that will make a billy goat puke… 1. ipicath syrup. 2. antifreeze. 3. licking stallones bald butt crack


You can’t come back from the war.


Rambo is convinced the cops drew first blood…I wonder if the book involves a knife slicing or is he refering to the gun shot on the arm?


There is no way that kid will be able to find that gun.


not enough guns have suitcase handles on them.


Nobody listens to the sherrif about not shooting.


National guard has to love this movie.


Does the national guard carry around rocket launchers?


Jerkwater, USA


If it don’t light…I break it. I’M RAMBO!!


I am a little bit claustophobic. and that cave scene gave me the heebies.


Rats! Why did it have to be Rodents Of Unusual Size.


“When in doubt kill.’


Rotten ladders.


Carjacked by Rambo.


That Rambo Guy is on the loose again.


Always love moving driving that requires large steering motions. I about wrecked when I first started to drive trying to drive like I had always seen in the movies.


Man…that military truck took that police car like a champ. boooya!


Uh oh…he’s got the heavy guns


Alright, I’m no longer on Rambo’s side. He just blew up a gas station and destroyed military property.


Wait…did one of the guys say earlier that that was his shop? Cause then it would feel justified.


I need me a loudspeaker on our sherrif’s office for telling the citizens to evacuate.


Rambo’s body stole a truck.


Rambo done come to town.


Why I do believe RAmbo is a pyro


Why do angry?


Only one man is gonna live.


Using bullets to start a fire…highly inefficient.


It’s hard to look cool when firing a fully automatic weapon with lots of recoil. It looks like the gun is owning you.


Yes…the obligatory…I got shot while holding a gun…I must shoot into the air..


Have a coke and a smile (drugs) it’s a statement.


Nothing is over!!


Shine, Please, Shine.


That closing speech is amazing. Got to cry

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