Angel Heart (1987) Show Notes


Angel Heart (1987)

X  |   |  Horror, Mystery, Thriller  |  6 March 1987 (USA)


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Intro: Oh hi, ok…I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the movie we just watched. So am suppose to understand that Robert Deniro is the devil… and it’s not Ben Franklin like proposed by Mama Boucher…because…if that is the case…I may have to go rethink some things…

Say..can you guys hold on a sec…getting a call…hey…yeah…no…thank you Mr. devil…yes that WAS the best intro ever…yeah yeah…it’s all yours…see you after the show.






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Twitter: Angel Heart (1987) – Like eating hard boiled eggs with the devil. Nom nom nom…I’m eating your soul right now….it’s good…it’s good.



Nothing creepy here


A classic tale…a cat…a dog…a dead body.


Saxomophone! More Sax! Wailing Sax!


The mean streets of NY circa 1955


Our hero enters…bubble gum and cigarettes.


Harold R Angel just like in the phonebook


Drawer full of junk


Winesap and Macintosh


Louis Cyphre


He knows where Harlem is.


Say I am riding around in a Cadillac. but I should be riding around in a Rolls Royce.


Look at them nails. grody.


I’m a Hairy Angel. is spinning the other is not….must be important.


2nd reference to the phonebook…must be important


Johnny Favorite


Nothing worse than getting Deniro  stuck in your head. you can’t whistle that  shit out.


A wallet full of identities.


They didn’t have ballpoints back in 43


3rd reference to phonebooks and 2nd to ballpoint pens.


everything was a lot more cluttered and dirty back in 55


mmmm…reusable needles!


a pistol in every nightstand.


who puts morphine next to the milk!


He got in through the mail slot!


Harry Angel is a close talker.


Hey Harry…you gonna kiss me or question me?


Another fan reference


The fans shows the flow of air that exists or doesn’t exist in the presence of the devil


3rd reference to skeleton keys


Why is Harry removing the evidence that the doc killed himself?


Deniro is scary


I have never seen someone crack an egg that way…man that is annoying.


Slugs leave slime.


Eggs are the symbol of the soul. Nom nom nomm…eating your soul


Superstitious much. Salt over the shoulder and has a thing about chickens


Monkey stuffed, eyeballs, some voodoo shit


Soul Parade..hey…let’s carry the preacher on a chair.


black robe lady. Who is she


Man…I see why church’s switched to pews…chairs are dangerous…but that sure was a cool scene


The preacher man has one long nail.


Sorry I broke up your church parade!


Spider Simpson Band


Toot Sweet! 


The Witch Of Wesley


When did matches become hard to light? used to cold do it with your hand.




Not Algeres in Africa


Nose shields are awesome


Scrote scratching info is the best info


Don’t be a gazoonie fella


awww…Louisiana …bring on the sweat buckets




Excuse me Mr. Angel…could you stop pilfering around with my shit.


Oolong tea?


Days to read your future.


Harry has personal space issues…as in…he doesn’t believe in giving any to other people


Mammy has some scary looking shit in her shop.


Evangeline poem.


Leaving food at the grave of a loved one…that is a good way to get bugs or zombies.


That baby is pure evil


Dang chickens!


mmm…2 sisters cocktails


I’m too big to go hiding under beds


Dancing with chickens…my favorite


Razor knife


Is she humping the dead chicken? blood and dirt mouth….don’t want none of that.




Toots is pretty good with a razor knife


Somebody is murdering that saxophone.


Mickey Mouse Club…Wednesday…anything can happen day.


Is he remembering all of this on his way down to hell?



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