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The A-Team 2010


Oh hi,

New phone, who dis? Ok… and how may I pity you today? You say you got a problem? uh huh, and no one else could help, fool? Right. aaaand you found us how? You know a guy who knows a guy who has a sister that slept with one of the guys on our team and you want to hire us maybe? Well that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Hold Please.

Hey team! We got another one. So I guess we better come up with a plan. What? How long we got. I don’t know, how long we need? You prefer 6 months. Yeah well I ain’t telling them that. How about I tell them if they give us an hour we can come up with a plan that involves damsels in distress, cheap disguises, a cool van, a montage of clips of the team welding shit together over some cool tunes and the whole thing ends with us giving the bad guys their comeuppance without killing them or dying in the process.

Or if they give us 2 hours and a 100 million dollar budget we can destroy the van in the first 15 minutes, fly a tank, broach the subject of non-violence, hide shit in our mouths to escape impossible situations twice and kill anyone who stands in our way. Yeah I hear it. I’ll tell them to give us an hour. Dumb Da Dumb Dumb. Dumb Dumb Dumb. Randy


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The A-Team (2010) – Give me a minute, I’m good. If I’ve got an hour, I’m great. if you give me 2 hours…I’m not watching this freaking Movie Movie…chant…Movie… oh…this movie…no. Click.


  • 75 years of this shit!
  • Meanwhile in Mexico
  • Meanwhile, somewhere else in Mexico
  • Bad cops and a poor plan. and alone..that don’t sound like Hannibal.
  • Don’t shoot the dogs!
  • Dun Dun Dun Dun
  • Policia…take the general’s money
  • Bad Ass Boscoe.
  • Same old shit…you choose how to flush the toilet.
  • The opening has given us plenty of fan service
  • Damn Hannibal is fast.
  • Army Rangers!
  • No matter how random things appear…there is a plan.
  • Alpha Mike Foxtrot…AMF
  • …Annibal!! choking.
  • Face is rolling away…rolling.
  • Tried to jump start an ambulance.
  • Asylum in Mexico
  • NOOOO! They destroyed the GMC! How will the movie continue.
  • I love that they got the fan service out of the way in the first 15 minutes.
  • Terrible idea to stop helicopter rotors in air…..
  • Now BA has a reason to fear flying
  • Knowing an enemy’s move before he makes it is a plan.
  • alright…first 20 minutes…I love it when a plan comes together.
  • 8 years later…and a whole TV series..80 missions.
  • Napalm or Nuke? Secret sauce…antifreeze.
  • CIA…everybody is a Lynch.
  • Saddam loyalist…money plates.
  • Face…the one that got away.
  • Doesn’t Diablo Mean Devil…yeah
  • Stay out of Baghdad.
  • He is wearing body army in the HQ…that should tell you everything.
  • They blew up the General…or did they?
  • How did they lose the plates?
  • Damn you Black Forrest.
  • Find Pike and the plates.
  • Alpha Unit!! A-Team. Separate facilities…10 years!
  • Six Months later…
  • Hannibal…Time. 6 months and I am unbeatable.
  • Clean records and full re-instatement.
  • Recipe for his cigar? laced with
  • You are not permitted in my Dojo.
  • Gross…lick your elbow. Florida (Face)
  • Hannibal – Colorado
  • Hollar What…Hollar Who…
  • Ha! They Stuck BA in the worst prison.
  • They shipped Murdoch off to Germany.
  • Oh yeah. BA can’t kill anybody…brilliant.
  • Retired the mohawk and the killing.
  • Annabelle Smith.
  • Movie Movie…chant…Movie
  • The Greater Escape.
  • Flying a tank.
  • Free falling in a tank. Free falling.
  • I don’t care if she is god.
  • The shoe is green…See…don’t be seen.
  • Here comes the Arab.
  • That guy is pretty bad ass if he can take down the A-Team. He must be the A-Solo. Oh yeah…it is that guy
  • This movie suffers from too much going on.
  • This is one good looking movie. The visual fidelity is tight.
  • Policia. Polizei
  • Morrison is the Arab! Betrayed!
  • I didn’t see it coming
  • Give me an hour…Give me a day….give me 20 minutes. says face.
  • Jessica Beils shirt is made out of a wrinkled balloon.
  • Final request…don’t let this guy shoot me.
  • Phone or gun….Pick phone or gun
  • You need to catch him after you inject him.
  • BA Needs those toast points.
  • Face is the Hannibal replacement.
  • 3 things. Distraction, Diversion and Division…then you put him on display for the whole world to see.
  • Ghandi is a man of action…when needed. Return of the Mohawk!!
  • That cake don’t bake
  • Unless you have a piece of paper that looks exactly like this.
  • Murdoch has Kevlar on his head.
  • The answer was in Face’s face the whole time.
  • Maybe you can hire the A-Team. If you can find them. Because the federal gov’t can’t
  • Give me a minute, I’m good. If I’ve got an hour, I’m great. You give me six months, I’m unbeatable.

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