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Scanners 1981 third eye


Oh hi,

Wow, I can’t believe they are paying us to just file into this room and not talk for an indeterminate amount of time.. I wonder if we have assigned seats..probably not…this doesn’t seem like that kind of place. ugh, I don’t like the looks of this lady in front of me…she looks like a talker..

Oh…what’s going on over there…a guy tied up to a hospital bed. Hey, is that Henry Winkler, no…uhhh.. Howard Hesseman…I don’t know…all these white guys look the same to me. No wait…it’s that guy from the food court at the saddest mall in Canada with those escalators that go nowhere. Yeeeeah, I’m pretty sure that is the guy. Also, like 90% positive I saw him steal some of my fries when I went to get a napkins. That bastard….goood…they got him strapped to a bed… serves him right! Steal my fries…I wonder if I can get a punch in as we walk by.

Ok…well I guess we’re sitting here then. I’ll punch ya later fry guy. Oh man…he’s really squirming around up there. Probably has the poops from all that stolen food. Speaking of poops…I really should have taken care of some butt business before agreeing to sit with total strangers for an indeterminate amount of time. Oh man. I got to do something to take my mind off of this explosive pain in my posterior.

Wow, it’s really quiet in here. You can hear all the bodily processes. Geez lady…that gum you are chewing is going to heaven, because you are sure enough chewing the hell out of it. Ok, I don’t know if handle this. Oh! I know…maybe if I concentrate really hard If I can blow this ladies head up with my thoughts…. and then we can all leave and I’ll still get paid and go take that poop!

Grunt..oooh…eeewww…eeee…urrp…phtttlll… Uh oh…Do you think they heard that? Oh yeah…they totally heard that…even poor man’s Henry Winkler stopped writhing about. aaaaand now I’m being escorted out. But we are going by the fry thief…shit missed. Avenge me Randy!


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Scanners (1981) – For an eye popping good time…call Cronenberg? #Headblown Corndogs? Your read my mind.


  • Cronenburger!
  • Who hired the poor man’s Henry Winkler. Little Winky
  • Meanwhile down at the Mall Food Court…Hey, you gonna eat those fries? Smoke that Smoke? Hot Pogo Corndog? Hey Ladies.
  • 2 Columbos…
  • They must have gotten a deal on London Fog Jackets.
  • That guy just happens to have a dart gun? Escalator Escapades
  • Man…he got darted in the hand…that would suck and hurt.
  • My hair!!..phew…still there.
  • 35 and a piece of junk…ya scanner…mind if I fondle your pant’s crease?
  • This is a talky bunch…They aren’t talking…he is reading their minds!!!
  • If you read minds why would you go to the mall.
  • How much did that guy pay those people to come sit in and watch a guy tied to a bed.
  • Who screwed that camera to the wall…they suck
  • They went through a lot of trouble to make these people all name tags.
  • “sooo…how much to sit and watch a guy tied to a bed without talking for a couple of hours?” That is too much! …”Oh wait…he is going to be sweating and tossing about and you are going to shoot him up with drugs…in that case. It is not enough.”
  • ConSec!
  • “I would like to scan all of you in this room, one at a time. I must remind you that the scanning experience is usually a painful one… sometimes resulting in nosebleeds, earaches, stomach cramps, nausea. Sometimes other symptoms of a similar nature.” “There is a doctor present” “Volunteers? Anyone…doesn’t matter.” “Think of something personal” “Woah…you just blew my mind…literally.” “My bad” – Glasses
  • Send them down to the old facility…not downtown!
  • What is up with the thing on his forehead?
  • Windshield Wiper goes Sqweep. Sqweep.
  • Leave Dolphins and Freaks, curiosity to others for espionage
  • Scanner Assassin!
  • 236 known scanners. How many work with us…none now.
  • Are you comfy in that chair? Come on doc Ruth.
  • You can’t have 2 scanners in the same room without some shit going down.
  • Eliminate the Competition
  • Dr. Ruth has a scanner in his back pocket
  • Psychopharmasists
  • 50 people in that room. It was the other lips that were talking.
  • He drilled hole in his head at 22…too much pressure… I needed to get the 3rd eyed out and the people. No room for Daryl. Arm legs hands. The Door has an eye so they won’t get back in.
  • That is pretty convincing work to make you seem young
  • Now he is 35
  • Ironsides is like Magneto of the Scanners Universe
  • He’s Weak…but they are at the psychic gym…with a Yogi
  • Rehabilitation by art.
  • This music sounds like a Trumpeter sitting on an organ. No…the musical instrument.
  • “I have friends…I don’t want them…but I have them.” Scanner Friends?
  • Get out of my head! Literally.
  • They filled him full of lead.
  • Who hired Cory Feldman’s dad to kill the Art Scanner?
  • We need you to act like someone is in your head.
  • Not Revok…His army’s robots, killers. They will turn you into Zombies.
  • Become one mind. Beautiful and Frightening. Lose yourself to the group self.
  • That one guy in the group scanner mind looks like he is orgasming
  • Kim can catch people on fire…good to know. She’s a firestarter
  • Taking the School Bus for freaks!
  • Tony! They shot Tony! Noooo. Now I know what it’s like to die.
  • Dis-co-Mert
  • Guess how many records in this bin.
  • How not to stealth…Velcro
  • We were the dream…he is the nightmare.
  • Corporate Mind Games!
  • The Answer is in your own computer.
  • We got a mole!
  • The Ripe Program.
  • A computer has a nervous system!
  • Dr. Ruth loves his cigars and his creatures.
  • Access The Past.
  • Sucking out my joy…rotting my successes.
  • Ripe…Ripe indeed.
  • The Ripe Program Must Be Stopped! Did I yell that?
  • Fortunate for Some…unfortunate for others. The Ripe program is cold and cruel. Very Cold. Very Cruel.
  • Staring down the barrel of a gun…nope.
  • I’m sorry mom…I didn’t mean to mom.
  • He’s freaking the phone!
  • I hate this hacker shit
  • Hacker Override…Gun to the face
  • See…I told ya…no fireworks….eeeeek
  • Scanner Babies!
  • Dr. Frane…about this drug.
  • That patient is stripped down.
  • I was scanned by a baby…
  • Ephemerol is creating new scanners!
  • Who’s your mother? Martha? Who’s your father? Childhood memories?
  • You were on ice.
  • Your Father…Dr. Paul Ruth! Our Father! WTF!
  • 1947 tranquilizer for pregnant women…side effect…scanners!
  • They were crack babies. Ephemerol Babies.
  • Keller could see the future…you murdered the future!
  • Hit him in the head with a head…playing head games.
  • The scanner way…going to suck you dry…little brother!
  • Gawd that Vein popping is too f’ing gross for me…
  • Oh shit…he called upon the fire! Eye Popping.
  • For an eye popping good time…call Cronenberg
  • I smell Hamburger.
  • So…uh…did he win by transferring himself into his brother?
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