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Oh hi,

Listen up my young parachuting Comrades. We will be dropping you off in Colorado onto a mostly unoccupied field. Worst case scenario…the wind blows you to the parking lot of the local school where we are told that we could encounter some very light resistance. If that does happen….please do not shoot kids in the face who are simply looking out the windows of the school house. Remember, we are the good guys here.

Any questions? Yes, Ivan? “What do we do if some of the Jocks escape in a truck and head to the hills and create a troop of guerrilla fighters that force our hand to kill locals as retributions and as a result create a vicious cycle of revenge that never ends.” Ok Ivan, that is some serious foreshadowing. Just remember, we are the good guys here.

Yes Ernesto you have a followup? Will we meet any Young American Ladies that we can rape and pillage? Would someone please push Ernesto out of the plane. Thank you. But to answer his question. Just remember, we are the good guys here…so if you do rape and pillage be sure to wear a condom.

Ok…you know what….I think we may be the bad guys…so just forget all that stuff I said earlier….Let’s just go be bad guys!

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Red Dawn (1984) – Hey! Don’t cry. Let it turn to something else!….just like a Saturday Night at Ibbott’s House.


  • Soviet Union Suffers Worst Wheat Harvest In 55 Years
  • Labor and Food Riots in Poland. Soviet Troops Invade.
  • Cuba and Nicaragua Reach Troop Strength Goals of 500,000. El Salvador and Honduras Fall.
  • Green Party Gains Control of West German Parliament. Demands Withdrawal of Nuclear Weapons From European Soil.
  • Mexico Plunged Into Revolution
  • Nato Dissolves. United States Stands Alone
  • Cloud City Flyover.
  • September…
  • The Rough Rider Statue
  • Charlie Sheen saying good bye to Bud when he has already driven off.
  • History Teacher. Mongrols Young Son of the Khan.
  • “Well now my friend…” “Very unusual” Do something Mr. Teasdale.
  • Rocket Launcher right into the school
  • This movie wastes no time. Right to the invasion.
  • The nerds did not survive …just the jobs…..
  • Piss in the radiator
  • October
  • Never shoot twice
  • drink the blood of your first kill
  • Remember the swings when you were kids…well I ain’t gonna be around to pick you up no more.
  • Mr. Eckert is a stone cold truth telling machine.
  • “Boys…Avenge me.”
  • FA – Free America
  • Robbie’s dead dad
  • I want you to take my heirlooms…they is lady folk…
  • The Chair is against the wall…John has a long mustache
  • “Yeah I can read this sign…no I can’t”
  • Arrow to the Ass…I’m dying Comrades!
  • Don’t cry. Let it turn to something else!
  • Wolverine tags everywhere
  • Soviet American Friendship Center.
  • These insurgents find Jennifer Grey irresistible.
  • China and England stuck by us. Canadians are a non-factor?
  • “Hey, get out of that plane! No…then God and this grenade are your co-pilots.”
  • Nobody let’s baby die under a tree with a gernade
  • They died where their daddy told him he wouldn’t pick them up no more…Daddy is never coming.
  • Guerrillas, mostly children

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