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Oh hi,
Hey Shovel….while we are stuck here levitating in the upstairs bathroom of the house waiting for someone to open the door…I’ve been doing some serious thinking about how we got ourselves into this situation. I mean, I know I’m just a pair of Shrub Cutters…but to the best of my reasoning…the house has enchanted us with the gift of life. But to what end? I’m a still a little fuzzy on why are we trying to murder Roger? I mean up until this point I have just been following Axe’s lead ….but now I am starting to question things….like why Grass hook is hovering up into my personal space! Back up Grass hook!

Shh…listen…I think someone’s coming! Oh I hope it is one of the nosy neighbors! I would love to bury myself deep into that Harold guy and watch all the booze shoot out like a freshly tapped keg. Oh no! I’ve been gifted with life but all I desire is murder and mayhem! Axe…end my suffering with a swift swing! ….and so help me Grass Hook… by the name of the maker of tools….if you don’t back up…. I’ll will take you with me!

*Gasp* The door is open! Go Go Go…Kill anything that moves! GRASS HOOK GET OUT OF THE WAY! MAN YOU REALLY PUT THE ASS IN GRASS!

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House (1986) – Like trying to flee from a suicide scene on a moped. You just can’t get away fast enough. I AM GROCERY BOY!


  • Mrs Hooper…It’s me…The Grocery Boy…I have no name.
  • Sick Picture
  • It’s hard to run from death on a moped
  • Thanks Mr. Jones…”he loved my aunt?”
  • Get out of my face ya freaky book fans
  • Married to Sandy Sinclair…a Marvelous Actress.
  • Blood Dance…the best book 3 years ago.
  • You gonna owe Double day…you already lost your wife over this.
  • Frozen Food….The Horror!
  • 30 minutes for a frozen entree in the box…didn’t even take it out.
  • FBI and the CIA are on the case Mr. Cobb
  • There was no caller id in 1986….how did he know to pretend he was having a rocking Poker game?
  • His ex-wife lost at the awards show
  • Does he not know how phones work? Hello Sandy…Sandy. “I’m such a jerk.”
  • Is his son in the pet cemetery? Sometime dead is better.
  • Mr. Parker…Mr. Cobb…Mr. Jones…Mrs. Hooper
  • US Record for 2 years for fishing. Uncle Hooper Died Diving for Abalone
  • Cobb grew up at the house…his mom died and his aunt raised him.
  • So not only did he grow up there at his aunt’s house he lived there as an adult? or was he just helping his Aunt with some yard work?
  • Jimmy done got took by that car…no! he’s in the pool!
  • Got a nephew named Monty who could do something with this place.
  • How did Uncle die? He was diving…HARPOON!
  • “The House did it Roger…” Aunt Elizabeth
  • Aunt was working on paintings.
  • Dumbass…don’t put your hand in a shark’s mouth.
  • They should call that foray the “hello” room…Hello? anyone there?
  • The house tricked me…this house knows everything about you.
  • is that his Valium?
  • Ha! He is still sleeping in his kid’s bed
  • Love that sweater …beat it dog…That is Harold’s dog
  • Mr. Gordon Horrible old woman…lovely woman…want dinner?
  • Harold keeps a book in his pocket that is essentially a stack of papers?
  • That is one tiny monitor.
  • Solitude…solitude
  • Vietnam on set.
  • These guys are in their 30s…the average age was 19…ni ni ninteen
  • I don’t usually think about grenades being a quiet attack…but I guess they can be used in that capacity.
  • If only…you could turn your kids off with a remote
  • Going crazy…brush my teeth….nope…going back to check that closet.
  • The hour strikes 12….the witching hour! Do…Not…Open…That…Closet….after…midnight.
  • Did this guy just order a bunch of equipment from Amazon of the 80s?
  • Hey Rog…what’cha doing? Solitude? Looks like Larping for military types.
  • It’s only after midnight Roger…lots of cameras and lights and military garb
  • Harold just invites himself in with food.
  • Look at this scratch…does this look like a ghost
  • Harold just gonna call a celebrity?
  • flashbacks
  • Richard Moll has got to keep moving and clucking like a chicken.
  • That fish is alive!
  • Got to go get a gun? now there is flying yard tools…yet he is still worried about shooting the fish?
  • The yard tools are back! They are the chick in the bucket?
  • Sandy…what happened to you! Accidental discharge.
  • Roger has a pink phone?
  • Me? Just sitting on my porch whistling and rubbing my gun.
  • Roger Cobb has a face that is hard to recognize at first…but then…bam.
  • Blood Garden or Blood Dance?
  • Beat it Harold
  • So the tools were just hanging out in the upstairs bathroom. Should have sent the cop up there.
  • Now Roger believes his son is in the house?
  • What are you digging? A hole.
  • Tanya just pops in…man theses neighbors.
  • Man what all did he bury in that backyard?
  • The neighbors dog is a menace.
  • Roger spends a lot of time violently rifling through drawers
  • They should call this movie “Neighborhood” cause the real nightmare are the neighbors.
  • I say just let them ghost demon clowns take Robert.
  • So the house knows your fears and uses them? Why was Aunt Elizabeth afraid of yard tools?
  • shoot it Harold!! it’s a harpoon gun.
  • Big Ben needs to be finished off
  • Harold drunk himself to drunk
  • Jimmy lives in the bathroom vanity mirror
  • haha…boney bat boy is kind of nifty with a shotgun
  • Undead Ben is actually pretty durn cool. Kind of reminds me of Swamp Thing.
  • I have never climbed onto a roof on a 2 story house. Happens on TV and Movies all the time. Maybe I live in the wrong places.
  • You can’t hurt me anymore…and just like that…done.
  • Cheesy Stud?

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