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Oh hi,
Question One: What secret in the Wachowski’s 2012 movie adapted from a book would be worth killing 3 hour for?
Question Two: Is it reasonable to believe that this movie would not require me to turn on Closed Caption on Netflix to unlock that secret…a secret that is perhaps hidden in the True True language? maybe so…maybe no…and if so…
Question Three: What in the F…. name of Old Georgie hisself am I doing here?

Uh oh. Hold on a second guys…Who comes a rapping at my high rise apartment chamber door?….oh hi… Hey, listen guys…it’s the Wachowskis! They are banging trays and I do believe they intend to throw me off the balcony for what I done said about their movies over the year. I Gotta go….Speed Racer suuuuucked!

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Cloud Atlas (2012) – Like being slowly poisoned by a toothy Tom Hanks. Will the suffering never end!! Yay it’s over. Let’s watch it again!!


  • Don’t start your movie with jibberish.
  • Closed Caption it is.
  • Question One: What Secret? Question Two: and if so…question 3…what the F am I doing here?
  • Civilized folk are hot because they are wearing 3 layers of wool and cotton.
  • It’s too hot for a whipping.
  • He passed out from worms?
  • “A tiger cannot change his stripes.”
  • The night of the Lemon Prizes
  • Let me get your attention by banging these trays together.
  • Woah…Finch is flying.
  • Found it . The thread to follow is not the actors but the stories that inspire (The Atlas?). Starting with Adam Ewing’s journal (only half) that is passed onto Robert Frobisher and then the letters he wrote to his lover are passed onto Luisa Rey (only parts and she hears the Cloud Atlas in the record store) her life is chronicled by her child neighbor (Jonas) in a story titled Half-Lives (A Lousisa Rey Mystery) which is read on the train by Cavendish (partially?) Cavendish life is portrayed by an actor (Hanks) in a film after Cavendish’s death and viewed in part by Sonmi-451. Sonmi goes on to inspire revolution and her words are echoed in the Teachings that Zachary learns but only in part.
  • Zachary mentions in the beginning his first meeting with Old Georgie eye to eye (the temptation Adam Ewing)
  • The Actor/Characters as they play to each period’s roles and how they respond and are influenced. Love and inspiration can travel through each period. Characters can have love affairs that last beyond a period of life.
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