Snowpiercer (2013) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Ok Brian…don’t overthink that polar bear ending…it’s just a to let the audience know that life on the surface is possible after the big freeze and that our train survivors will be able to carry on like some kind of humanity engine. ok good…done….now I can stop thinking about it…

But….what if the bear represents something more…no…don’t think about it!….. But what if it…what if it is Minsoo’s spirit leading his daughter and her eventual lover to safety like some kind of spirit engine for humanity. Choo Choo Minsoo 

Shutup brain! Wear your shoe and shutup! but what about that catfish and axe gang…what was up with them and that catfish?  All adding up to THERE WILL BE NO SLEEP TONIGHT!



Snowpiercer (2013) – This movie is size 10 Chaos and after 30 minutes in I wish I had upgraded my ticket to first class instead of protein block and baby tastes best caboose. Choo Choo


We precious few

Train is world. The World is tubular.

I will trade you ball for an hour for food bar.

How far back can you remember?

I am the shadow of my former shadow.

Shutup Edgar

Wellness check. Time for measurements. from the yellow coat.

This ladies feet has a fro!

They just gave him the Flav vor flave. 

The 7 minute speech…7 minutes of arm out of the train hole.

This is not a shoe…it is size 10 chaos

Your station on the train was determined by your original ticket

Would you wear a shoe on your head? A hat belongs on your head. 

It looks like Mr. Gilliam has seen his fair share of the train hole.


Scary tiny monkey man killed the giant troll mna

Chrono man…so they put prisoner a drug induced coma?

1 lump of chrono for 1 door.

Things that no longer exist are extinct…like cigarettes


Protein Blocks. Paul has been alone…and in the zone. Paul is a burnout.

I would totally eat bug protein …better than I thought…I thought it was going to be kids or people.


17 on earth…17 on the tail section. 17 years

The hood gang…axes up front. pikemen in teht back.

The Catfish gang? Axefish?

Axes are not extinct

Oh no…almost done in by a wet fish on the floor.

18 years old today…sucking at Willard’s titties.

74% of you are going to die.

Tunnel!’s dark

What happened to his arm?

Cut out Willards tongue? He is the devil.

Where did Curtis keep that protein block he served Swinton at the Sushi Bar?


1000 people in an iron box. They were cannibals after a month.

I know what people taste like…I know babies taste best.

I sure hope that translator caught all of that story.

measure lady…she measures shit

There is only enough space for a very small person.

He finally sacrificed his arm.

That Polar bear is totally going to eat them.


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