Negative Cutters: Superhero Movies

John Beck was kind enough to invite me to join him and AdamNPooz on episode 32 of Negative Cutters to discuss upcoming superhero movies and their trailers. We primarily discussed The Losers, Iron Man 2 and Kick Ass.

A quick rundown of my own opinion was that The Losers trailer really sold me on the idea of this comic adaptation of the DC/Vertigo comic to the big screen. It just works. Even if it does look like the A-Team.

Iron Man 2 was visually beautiful to look at but made me think this movie was going to be the same formula used in the original Iron Man movie. I was a little disappointed by this as I was hoping for a darker take on the Stark character involving his slip into alcoholism like in the comic books.

To hear my take on the Kick Ass trailer and for more in depth discussion of all the above movies and more, head on over to negative cutters and give it a listen.

Negative Cutters #32


To www or not to www

I was going over some google analytic stats today and noticed about 20% of my visitors to a particular website were getting there via and 80% were getting there by

So this has me curious. Who are those 20% that still are using www before the url? Turns out that some of those people could be coming from the short cut ctrl+enter after typing in just the domain itself. Ctrl+Enter adds the www. and .com to your url entry if they are missing.

Take the poll below:


Weekly Schedule April 12-18

Uber busy podcast week. I’ll be lucky to sketch any at all.

Post Comics Coast To Coast
Watch movie for Film Sack

Record Negative Cutters: Hero Edition

Record Film Sack

Recording and editing Comics Coast To Coast

Record The Final Score

Whoop Scott Johnson at some Starcraft II after I put carpet down in one of my rooms.

Finally get to draw some stuff.


Comics Coast To Coast : Brian Fies

Recently, I had the chance to talk to Brian Fies of the webcomic/graphic novel Mom's Cancer on the weekly podcast Comics Coast To Coast.

Brian Fies is not only a great artists he also has the writing skills to back it up. We talked in depth about Mom's Cancer as a webcomic as well as an experience in Brian's life and how he handled writing such a personal story and still being able to bring out the humor even in such a serious situation.

During the second half of the podcast we talked about his other graphic novel "Whatever Happened To The World of Tomorrow." Overall, I had a great time. So worth a listen. 

Comics Coast To Coast: Episode 89


The Final Score Podcast Returns

Scott Johnson and I have rebooted the gaming podcast “The Final Score.” Gamers rejoice!  The hour long podcast about gaming news, reviews and nostalgia will be brought to you once a week by Frog Pants Studio. We have already recorded and posted Episode 1 for your enjoyment. Grab it here or subscribe to the show via itunes or rss.

No gaming platform will be left behind. We’ll discuss games on the big 3 consoles (PS3, Xbox 360 & Wii) , PCs, Handhelds (Nintendo, Sony & Apple) and anything else we can get our grubby hands on to bring you the latest in gaming. If that isn’t enough for you then we’ll be discussing all those old games and consoles that we hold so near and dear to our hearts.

Play ya later!


Brian Bottle: Ignoring The Elderly

This past week I had the honor of co-hosting on the Brain Bottle Podcast with John Beck and Sarah B. We discussed the grievous topic of the elderly….or was it the gravely topic. Anyway, words were made up and a lot of good times were had. In the end I think we found our solution to the problem that is becoming elderly. Tune in here.

Unless you are really old and don’t know what I’m talking about. In that case, go back to watching Wheel Of Fortune…..HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!! I WATCH WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!