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oh hi,

yes, this is Doctor Face Laser. Why, yes…they are here…the one called Logan 5 is on the table as we speak. In fact he is in the process of sexually harassing Nurse Farah 3. Yeah…these sandmen are all about getting naked. He’s all like….”Hey, is that soup? I better get naked so I don’t get any on my clothes…hey…you should get naked too and then we can eat soup with careless abandon. OH NO HOT SOUP ON MY GENITALS”

Anywho, Yeah I can zap his face. t’would be my pleasure. But, listen I got to go. I need to wrap this whole thing up before Carrousel tonight. What…you’ve never been to Carrousel…duuuude. It’s like a human bug zapper….BZZZT. Hey Human, you renewed!” haha…there’s no such thing…I’m a doctor damnit.

Question…what’s my name….noooo… my fancy doctor name. That’s right… Doctor Snooty Pattoty Kitty Dootty. Meow. Yeah, I’m naked right now.

Gotta run! Bye!





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Logan’s Run (1976) – Question…do I get my 2 hours back? Hmmm….So, that’s a  “no” then… ya giant Simon Sez!? and Protein from the Sea


Sandmen always renew.

Logan 7…says Logan 5

I have never even visited Nursery.

Seed mother!

Bong…Carrousel begins.

I go floaty in the carousel. No renew…Just dead.

We got a runner….

This movie’s sound design is all about making you feel as disconnected as possible.

Logan is not a great shot…RUN RUNNER!!

Crazy Eyes Laugh.

Parkour Runner!


the gem goes from clear to green to red to black

Why did you put yourself on the circuit? Sandmen are not killers!

She is 6? What quadrant do you live in? K….can you be more specific?

Logan 5..you just said I am Logan 5 why would I need to identify.

Say my name one more time! LOGAN 5….

Question…do I get my 2 hours back? (do i get my 4 years back.) Does Ankh mean no computer box!?

That computer is a giant SImon Says. Logan says…run.

Color choices are limited in the future.

In the future we all live in a mall…and we ride the carousel to renew and then we hit the arcade and we are all under 30.

Some kind of mall/airport terminal.

Connect 4 door. You sank my battleship!

I’m Mary 2. Mary is the second of her kind.

How many of you want this to be last day…Billy?

haha…Logan wants to take his clothes off.But not for your face.

Farrah Fawcett

“Hello yes…yes they are…” – Doctor Watch Now.

Oh man…I have never seen Logan’s run on anything other than Network TV. I for sure have never seen the slow mo orgy room.

Logan Number 5. No Disassemble. RUN LOGAN.

These guns have questionable intent.

Run the maze runner.

This is like the 3rd time Logan has tried to get naked in front of the girl. He is Logan Weinstein.

He is like the Burl Ives of the Future. Box. Box. Box. Click Click. So his name is Box?

Protein from the sea.

That bot takes way too much joy in his work.

Back off Francis 7…I’m trying to run here.

“I hate outside…I hate it..” – Fragile Jessica. TAKE ME BACK TO CAROUSEL!

You keep talking about Sanctuary…Sanctuary…shut up already.

So Washington DC is Sanctuary. HA! not if Trump has anything to say about it. BUILD A WALL…FILL IT WITH BOX and Protein from the Sea.

Haha…throwing shade on Lincoln about his age. Also, they never seen a beard.

oh c’mon…you never seen an old man with a bunch of cats?

Who am i? I’m old man Cat Man

Jessica 6

We came for the ice. We stayed for the Santuary.

These youths are curious.

Each Cat has 3 different names. Ordinary name…fancy name…and the name the cats won’t tell me…isn’t that right Henry.

Cat people are always trying to give you a cat.

Cavity McCavity. The mystery cat.

“This isn’t the truth! It’s a lie!” – Francis

The old man is staying out of this. Hes like…nope…

Bringing the justice to the side of Francis’ head.

Logan…you renewed!


Deep Sleep Sandman.

Nothing sadder than dead fish

This …This is not a good plan…swimming in some underwater maze you have no idea where it goes.

The computer couldn’t handle the truth.

Simon says…Santuary

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