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oh hi,

This week on FilmHook we fly away to a magical land of thud butts, friend zoned fairies and whatever the hell that is on Dustin Hoffman’s face. second star to the right, and straight on till I’m snoring.

Oh no…I’m losing my happy thought! Randy’s Beard, Scott’s Anti Glare Glasses, Ibbott’s Naked Head…ahh…there it is…yes! I’m flying!

Higher…we need to go higher! It’s the early 90s and it’s the time of flip phones and jaded dreams! But we need to go higher! Quick, set up another line of “pixie dust” on Ibbott’s smooth noggin! *Snort…..Cock a doodle…. don’t do drugs…

Woah…hold on…I just had an apostophe….Saving Tink is the one thing that Hook could never do. Noooo falling! woe is Smeeee


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Hook (1991) – Like a Peter Pan face massage by a lost boy name pockets. Is that a peter in your pocket hand or are you just glad to see me. Wait? That wasn’t pockets…it was a Lost Boy called too small? That’s what Tink said.


  • This is how you look in the audience
  • I wasn’t crying!
  • Oh really…Cell phone during your daughters play in the gym!
  • Bad dad…Too busy to be good dad
  • These cell phones are like pistols. Draw!
  • Remember…Don’t let your arms get tired.
  • Please not a curveball
  • Why is santa playing umpire.
  • Happy piano play music to open.
  • Missed his son’s game
  • Look what Jack drew….you got no parachute.
  • He don’t like to fly.
  • Grow up Jack! Stop tossing that ball and chewing that gum!
  • We are in England…land of good manners
  • It’s been 10 years between visits Peter!
  • Congrats on your orphan hospital..
  • No growing up in this house…stop this instance
  • Gremlins music.
  • Peter has become a pirate!
  • Owls fornicating….
  • Cell phone to the snow! Noooo
  • We keep the windows closed at home. Barred even
  • Lawyer jokes…
  • The lost boys are found. Orphans are in common.
  • Dog is saying Hook! Hook…Hook.
  • Phil Collins!
  • Peter was 12 or 13
  • Tinker Bell has got that smell for Peter
  • Time to sprinkle some dust and carry Peter far away
  • Follow that hook. “Hook hook…give us the hook”
  • He’s only got one hand. So let’s give him a hand.
  • Clapping is the only way to revive a fairy
  • Every time you deny a fairy one falls to the ground and dies
  • Hook seeks revenge.
  • Peter cut off Hooks hand and fed it to the crocodile who swallowed a clock and chased down
  • Who bet against me? This guy…put him in the boo box.
  • Peter Panning…You are Peter…
  • My worthy opponent
  • Peter…pick up your weapon…not your checkbook!
  • Fly…just think your happy thoughts.
  • I want my war!
  • Mortal Combat…Glory
  • Give me a week! to train him. 2 days! 4 days min for a decent pan…3 days
  • Smee has to translate for hook to the crew.
  • Gross…mermaid recycled air!
  • No amount of clapping will bring back this fairy
  • These lost boys are lost…they need a Pan
  • “Who’s the shrub?”
  • He’s old and fat…old fat grandpa man.
  • Rufio…no..Mr. Skunkhead with moose
  • All grownups are pirates
  • Shot in the nuts…
  • He married the grandaughter.
  • these giant flowers are smelling me!
  • oh my…a wall!
  • “Peter Pans got kids!”
  • Can’t crow
  • Peter Pan gets a face massage by the youngest lost boy…there you are!
  • Peter you promised to never grow up!
  • Suicidal Hook…
  • Death is the only great adventure
  • Hook wants the ultimate war
  • “I think I just had an apostrophy”
  • OMG ear wax to curl the mustache
  • The plan is to make the kids love hook.
  • He’ll Crow, He’s Fight and then he’ll fly.
  • One happy thought to make you fly
  • You’re doing it! Using your imagination! Also, all of this food is gross!
  • ThudButt Cheese Butter
  • Coconut Cutter
  • Bang-a-rang
  • That little girl sings real good
  • Raspberry candle blowout
  • There are 3 moons…but they are all the same moon
  • We got to kill these tick tocks.
  • Time is the real enemy
  • Let’s kill time.
  • The two worlds cannot remember each other
  • Bad form. Good form. Master Jack
  • Run Home Jack…Run Home Jack
  • That’s my Jack.
  • That ball traveled a long way…fate it is !
  • I miss Robin Williams so much
  • My shadow does what it wants
  • Me and my shadow
  • Don’t be a Tooley
  • Time to travel further down the rabbit hole
  • Hook burnt your hole when you didn’t come back.
  • A kiss and a thimble…it’s Wendy’s house.
  • Darn’d socks
  • The wind just blew the baby away…
  • Window hopping….
  • Came back for Wendy..always in the Spring.
  • I’ve forgotten how to fly…forgetting
  • Poor tink…don’t kiss the Beetles fan!
  • It’s hard to find happy thoughts in all of the sad thoughts.
  • Happy thought…being a daddy. He wanted to be a daddy.
  • Peter Pan is much better than Rufio Pan
  • You can fly…you can fight…you can crow!
  • Tink lives in a clock.
  • Tink was friend zoned
  • Always be forgetting
  • Tink’s only wish is to be big.
  • I love the hook boat. With the skeleton
  • Hook earring! getting an earring is a coming of age ritual.
  • Everything is a game in NeverLand
  • Give me my daughter then.
  • Swashbuckling
  • Know what my happy thought was…it was you…not my daughter who never betrayed me.
  • Form Ranks!
  • Smee do something intelligent.
  • Smee is me…what about me
  • This movie forgets about girls
  • I like to think this is all going on in one man’s head…the struggle
  • Rufio is Ego
  • I wish I had a dad like you
  • Dad I want to go home!
  • “You need a mother…very very badly.”
  • Death is the only adventure
  • This is only a dream says the hook
  • Gasp! He’s mostly bald.
  • He’s just a mean old man without a mommy.
  • Hook is Neverland
  • Gross…what was in that crocodile…gas
  • Hook is gone…just gone
  • Smee in the end is all about the me.
  • That place between sleep and awake…that is where Tink will be
  • found my phone
  • Jim Hook
  • “What did I tell you about this Window…”
  • Brad is calling
  • Thud Butt 

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