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Flynn Son of Crimson
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Brian – PS NOW what? for my PC? When? Now? For a month you say? Ok. Take my $9.99.
Discussion: Wholesome/Cozy Games
___OUT NOW___
Tails of Iron (Sep 17, 2021)
DEVELOPER: Odd Bug Studio
PUBLISHER: United Label, CI Games
Steam -10% $24.99 $22.49, PlayStation , Xbox, Nintendo Switch
Set in a grim land plagued by war, Tails of Iron is a hand-drawn RPG Adventure with punishingly brutal combat. As Redgi, heir to the Rat Throne, you must restore your broken Kingdom by banishing the merciless Frog Clan and their ferocious leader, Greenwart.

As you explore the deceivingly charming world, you’ll encounter a cast of unique companions, ready to aid you in your adventure. And you’ll need all the help you can get, whether that’s new meal recipes, blueprints to forge deadly weapons and armour, or even a land-chugging, armour-plated mole mobile!

Overcome your fears. Rescue your brothers. Restore Your Kingdom.

Your tail has begun…
Explore a Treacherous Kingdom
Fully accompanied by the deep, raspy narrations of the legendary Doug Cockle (celebrated within the world of RPGs), prepare to embark on an epic adventure across the mediaeval-fantasy Rat Kingdom. Complete side quests and faction hunts for some additional gold-on-the-side, or join forces with a sharp-eyed companion to help even the playing field.
Aragami 2 (Sep 17, 2021)
DEVELOPER: Lince Works
PUBLISHER: Lince Works, Yooreka Studio
Steam (-10% $34.99 $31.49)
You are one of the last elite warriors of your kin, the Aragami. Victims of a supernatural affliction which corrodes the body and devours the mind, the Aragami control Shadow Essence – a mystical power which grants the ability to control the shadows. With this power the Aragami carry out their tasks and quests – assignments made all along the valley to ensure the subsistence of the village and to free the Aragami enslaved by the invader armies.

Discover a full campaign and join the assassin squad up to 3 players in co-op.

Manage covers and powers with agility. Take down your enemies with stealth kills and non-lethal takedowns.

Become the master of a skill based combat with high risk and high reward.

Craft your weapons and armors and upgrade your elite warrior with a wide variety of abilities and shadow powers.

Save your people and defeat the curse before it ends with you and discover how the Aragami became a legend.
Sable (September 23, 2021)
DEVELOPER: Shedworks
PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Embark on a unique and unforgettable journey and guide Sable through her Gliding; a rite of passage that will take her across vast deserts and mesmerizing landscapes, capped by the remains of spaceships and ancient wonders.

Explore the dunes on your hoverbike, scale monumental ruins and encounter other nomads as you unearth mysteries long forgotten and discover who she really is behind her mask.

With its unique art style and original soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast, envelop yourself in Sable’s world and explore everything at your own pace. There is a lot in this world just waiting to be discovered. Do not be afraid. Take the leap.

• Explore a rich world, full of remnants of past civilisations.
• Climb, leap, hover, glide – use everything at your disposal to discover every inch of the world in front of you
• Customise your hover bike as you find, or earn, new parts
• Help other clans and nomads that you meet along the way
• Lose yourself in an adventure and find yourself through masks, outfits and other collectables, to represent who you are to those around you…
• Complete puzzles to earn rewards and forge your path in an unforgiving terrain
Chef’s Tail ()
DEVELOPER: Art Games Studio S.A.
PUBLISHER: Art Games Studio S.A.
Switch (~$10), PC (Demo)
On the distant shores of a certain river, a cute but macabre procession is climbing the stairs.
Weary travelers of this underworld domain, exhausted by their long journey, are going to take the next step on their journey…
But before that, why not take the bite out of that tasty steaming hot apple pie, just like your nana used to make!

You are a ferocious beast, a guardian of the underworld, the untamed and wild cooking cat!
As the master chef of the underworld, let the traveling souls a taste of mortal food, to rejuvenate them on their long journey.

Plants do grow in the underworld. But they are fragile in nature, requiring constant care for them to grow in this foreign environment.

Some stray fish also snucks into the underworld from time to time.
Which is extremely good news for you, because which real “Cat Chef” does not enjoy a bit of fishing (and subsequently sashimi) on the side?

The solemn and silent spookies of the underworld wish only to feast on mortal food – the best relief from their grueling travel.
Arm yourself with the cooking utensils and prepare the best dishes you can think of. Your ghastly customers are a bit reluctant to part with their coin, though.
Make sure, to “woo” them properly into buying stuff. And be careful, as some of them are daring enough to steal the products of your hard labor!

Good recipes don’t grow on trees. By expanding your catalog of ingredients, you will inevitably learn more recipes to cook.
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Flynn: Son of Crimson
Help Flynn and his mythical companion Dex save Rosantica before the evil from The Scourge claims his home. In Flynn: Son of Crimson, you’ll go on a journey of discovery and conflict as you learn to master the power of Crimson Energy.
GamePass Ultimate Xbox/PC
PS4, Steam, Xbox, Switch, PC ($20 bucks)
DEVELOPER: Studio Thunderhorse
PUBLISHER: Humble Games
Me Playing – Do you think you could play the audio (at low volume) to the game when we play the video for the stream? It is muted enough that I think the podcast listeners would enjoy it as background music and may help set the mood.
^ Launch Trailer Audios
^ Game Play Audio
6-8 Hours
$17.99 ($19.99) / Part of Gamepass
Starts slow. I am Flynn the orphan. Abandoned as a child and apparently I have a backstory. It is slowly revealed to me that I can wield the Crimson power of the land…and that makes some love me and others hate me…oh…I have a Direwolf / Spirit Dog/Wolf…Dex and she is my princess! Not entirely…she may be back later. In this Pixel Art 2d Action Platformer love letter to the likes of Mega Man X4, Cave Story and will. Dodge, Roll, Slash and shoot Energy Blasts from your fists!! The game is played Stage By Stage accessible through a somewhat linear overworld selection map. You have to unlock each Stage but then you can travel back to stages as needed. No in stage gameplay maps though and some backtracking to locate all those secret/hidden items you can sell in town can feel a bit tedious. In addition to beating up the scourge…oh yeah…this is a “Save the Villiage/Town from the scourge/blight of the land type of story! You bastards! You have turned the very land into my enemy! Slash slash…that’s better. Vines and Trolls and whatnot be gone! You will need to solve some enviromental puzzles to unlock areas. You will find yourself smacking world gems of various types to power up health, or elemental powers and gems to spend on upgrades back in town. The music is nice. Usually fits the visuals and intensity of the fights. Get the soundtrack. Zelda…yes…I feel Zelda… Side Scrolling Platforming Pixel Graphics. You are always looking for somebody. One of the first villagers you locate will allow you to spend your gems on skills. Power up that Crimson Blast! Later on some snarky or fresh villager will give you some tips on what to do next. How to unlock that next ability or upgrade that next skill or how to solve something.BTW…the game gets harder. Much harder later in the game…and who knows…maybe Dex will help you out with those parts. Thanks Princess Doggie Breath.
Boop’s Patented 10 Point Rating System
Art/Animation: Pixel Art Colorful Goodness! The animations are fun. I like the bad guy bounce…
Music/Effects: Pretty deep library of music that really fits
V/O: Was there VO? Now I can’t hear it if there was.
World Building: Pretty thin story telling. Classic tropes of 2d Action Platformer.
Currency/Loot: Gems. Red ones, Blue Ones, Green Ones…Gem is outrageous
AI/NPCs: Most of the monsters are pretty easy to watch, learn, beat. But some will leave their stations blowing your watch/learn time…eeeek…he’s coming after me.
Controls: I was a little frustrated with this…but it could be controller lag…not sure…but I know sometimes I felt like I was in a souls like mashing a button before an animation ends and nothing happens and I die.
Interface/HUD: It works. I can see the things and navigate to the things.
Replay/Endgame: Probably going to be a one and done for me. But that is fine at this price.
– Great music. Put on those headphones and blast this music. It elevates the material.
– Visual goodness. Absord that color palette! Crank up the color on your HDR. It elevates the material
– Slow start! I don’t 2D Action Platformer 101 for 3 stages.
– I could have used some more unique aspects. Variation accelerates in later gameplay. That is kind of the same con…but I think it is worth mentioning again.
7.5 Happy Villagers out of 10 Potential Happy Villagers
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Tags: Action, Platformer, 2d, Pixel Art
hint: 2002 Console
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