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Better Watch Out


Oh hi,

ok… Hold on a second guys. What mom? Of course I am wearing my headphones…I always wear my corded headphones when I am podcasting and or driving my car carelessly in the snow. You know this! yeah I love you too.

OK, Scott… Truth or Dare….

Wrong/Right …. We are going with Truth … Have you ever staged a home invasion to get to second base with the babysitter? OK These are yes or no answers Scott…I have an intro to do. somebody get me the ducktape and some lipstick!

Ibbott… Lies or Lust…Lie to my question or Do something lusty?

Wrong/Right … We are going with lies – Ibbott Did you hang the doors upside down in your house because you are evil and wanted me to spend this entire movie questioning the vertical placement of door knobs in homes or are you just insane?

Randy… Boobs or Penises…oh…this game has taken a turn…

Wrong … there is no right answer and how does that make me feel? like a little boy with facial hair just felt me up. Ok, that is the most Inappropriate thing ever…. so Randy…Just let me put on my white money hat before I issue this apology…and turn it around and lock into into douche mode..and…. Dear Randy…I’m sooooorry.

one more… Dunaway…oh…that’s me… Holiday or Horror … hmmmm… Why not both?

Randy…. If you can see me, how many fingers am I holding up. Ahh… The answer is… the middle one. well Hello there little birdy…caw caw. No, not again with the duct tape! Why did mommy stop hugging me.


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Better Watch Out (2016) – Those knobs are too high!! Hey, did you have some work done? tag @paddywarbucks


  • Puddy!
  • So the baby sitter
  • haha…smashing snowmen…you butt humpers.
  • Chris Pecker Director.
  • snow should be used as love…not as hate.
  • Of course I am wearing headphones…wired…what year is this?
  • That choir is not pleased about her attempted cat-a-cide
  • Give me a challenge…you can’t…cause I’m the best.
  • Fear makes girls wet. Dopamine!!
  • The Paint Can Debate.
  • This kid wants to know what women want.
  • Ashley is a 10…you are a 5
  • Brother game me weed…and my socks are weed…and
  • I hope you get some ass…sistance. You smell great Misses Learner…
  • Robert “Puddy” is really looking at the tree.
  • His own special ornaments…she wouldn’t put them on the tree. Meterosexual…
  • The Fetus machine…It is my blanket.
  • I have a shot with the babysitter.
  • She is moving to Pittsburg.
  • Lucas has been sleep walking again. While Garret has the itches…
  • Sleeping pills for a sleep walker…here…put this pencil here on the knob…the knob!
  • How many Holiday ties!
  • Movie? He is the same height as her. But he is 5 years younger?
  • She is giving Ricky the “we need space.”
  • A few dozen perv laws.
  • That ain’t no spider…that is a scary shit! Squish it…no!! it didn’t do anything wrong.
  • Ricky has some insecurity issues.
  • Don’t call me Kiddo! Where is that spider…I’m putting it in your hair.
  • TV… Holiday…Horror…
  • Lucas with the lid off. Trying to show the babysitter he is cool. I’m Lucas…and I have champagne problems.
  • Open door in a horror movie always ends badly…doofus.
  • Going in for the kiss! Nope! How about pizza?
  • A hangup call…that is bad news.
  • Why Ricky!!
  • First Jeremy…now Ricky….how about Luke!
  • 12…13 in a few weeks. If I were your age I would date you!!! No girl! that ain’t right.
  • I forgot to order the pizza…and now pizza dude is delivering.
  • Never trust the unexpected delivery man…and SANTA!
  • A baby sitter, a horror movie, champagne, candles and Pizza with MUSHROOOMS! DAMNIT! Those are like vegetables.
  • Hand on the leg…GET IT OFF!
  • Parents plans for the holidays is drinking and arguing.
  • Leave me alone Ricky! Oh you crack me up…that is what she told kiddo as well…
  • You will always be my little buddy alright.
  • Why would they go into the attic!! There is somebody at the window fool!!
  • I’m going in! I know you have have been drinking.
  • The most inappropriate thing ever is the babysitter kissing the kids.
  • If you can see me…how many fingers am I holding up (bird)
  • Light up Santa is stalking me!
  • Luke get my phone….not throw it into the fish tank.
  • I know TaeKwonDo
  • This movie already has me saying… “don’t go up there!”
  • What is our secret word? eeeek! Oh yeah… eeeeekl
  • The babysitter has a knife.
  • Who throws a brick through a window.
  • Where is the computer…they only have 1
  • Finn and Jake is my Wifi
  • Use your techno magic to log onto the neighbor’s wifi.
  • Garrett…get away from the window.
  • You Leave…you die.
  • Garrett got shot? f’ em
  • Cool take down shot. What is this.. Tik Tok?
  • Is he hurt…yes he is hurt.
  • The parents only have 1 computer and 1 gun and no security system and a LAND LINE!!
  • Sure does take a long time to dry a snow wet jacket.
  • ha! They are going into the attic…you said to not go into the attic.
  • Is there a spider on my face!!!?
  • Why are these doorknobs so high?
  • Santa Says Shhhh….
  • The horror movie on TV foreshadows .
  • Santa is lit up and moved.
  • The doors are hung upside down.
  • Don’t shoot me with that gun dummy.
  • Garret…is that you?
  • Stage a break-in to get to second base.
  • Slap her down the stairs
  • Give your friend an Oxy
  • Duck tape lipstick
  • … like a little boy just felt me up.
  • Truth or Dare?
  • Dude…bat to the head…pencil to the face.
  • Sociopaths are socios
  • You call the cops and they arrest me in my jammies
  • piss my pants to get out of here.
  • Smoke out my face hole.
  • Paint can to the face ain’t going to end well.
  • Who faked Sleep walking.
  • I am the Harry Houdini of “Getting out of it.”
  • Dumb ass boyfriends.
  • This family has the most dangerous backyard ever
  • He built a Trebuchet in his back yard.
  • Don’t touch my babysitter.
  • “Dear Ashley, I am sorry.”
  • My Money Hat Apology
  • you were starting to annoy me anyway
  • Mommy knows
  • Why did mommy stop hugging me?
  • I know…wake up!
  • So this is all about kids trying to get away with it.
  • She put duck tape on it!!
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