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Oh hi,

Sorry guys. I’m a bit under the weather. It seems I left my window open all night and I have caught a cold.

Now if you could hold on a second. I can’t seem to locate my show notes for today and I know I filed them somewhere between Con Air and National Treasure but I can’t seem to locate then. Hmmm..if only I had a 30 something secretary with sexy ankles and shoulder pads who still lives at home with her mom and middle aged brute of a bother I’m sure I could find it.

Uh oh…it seems a bat has flow in the window..shoo shoo.

I’ll just take care of that later….great…now I’m frustrated, drunk and horny. What? You guys aren’t still drunk from Saturday night at Ibbott’s house? (Shutup, I know you are Randy)… but c’mon how did you get through this week’s movie without having someone drive a pallet stake trough your heart? Fine, How about Horny then? Just me? alright..whatever you got to tell yourself to crawl under your leather couch at night.

Ahh there it is…it was under Movies that became Memes. You don’t say! Now if you will excuse me…I have a bat to fondle.

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Vampire’s Kiss (1988) – Like storming out of the greasy spoon and your vampire bite suddenly starts hurting…but it’s ok..cause there are dancing mimes outside your high rise apartment complex spitting and slapping each other. Were you not entertained!


  • Is this a movie or a meme?
  • The meme that made a movie
  • I like this music!
  • I just wanted her to get the hell of of there….says the yuppie to his therapist.
  • He has commitment issues. Wants them badly and then rejects them
  • Now he is at the funk-soul-jazz bar?
  • What is this Fantastic 4 talk? the rubber man, fireball and the one made of big brown stones?
  • He can’t go home with the girl from the telephone company.
  • Eric D geist solv-smykker
  • He is into Literature
  • The things that poor stairs kid has seen.
  • Randomly placed art and culture around his apartment
  • Did I mention I love this music….love this music.
  • Trying to make the sex attracts the bats.
  • Shoo! Shoo!
  • Well…I guess the bat lives there now.
  • Alva…she does not like the no socks look.
  • He’s into feet and ankles
  • Street vendor is like…take your pepsi! Stop kissing and take your Pepsi!
  • You were the bat?
  • Is he doing his Keanu…
  • I will see you on Tuesday ya nut.
  • Jennifer Beals gonna bite you…
  • How can you see yourself to shave! You been bit by a vampire
  • Diggy diggy diggy…bum bum bum…diggy diggy diggy…bum bum bum
  • Do you like it? I got to take a piss.
  • I am so out of here…See ya Museum of modern crap
  • Hello, you have reached Peter…
  • I was a little I was horny…yeah that is it
  • Leaving the grease hole and your vampire bite starts hurting…but it’s ok..cause there were dancing mimes outside your high rise apartment complex spitting and slapping each other
  • Alva…Simon…Theodore!
  • Alva’s got a gun
  • Do not leave notes for Peter.
  • Does Peter cry wolf?
  • Stop singing and shaking your change cup at me Subway singer
  • Misfiled! Don’t even say that…who…who did this misfile? I can’t not accept that!
  • A,B,C,D,E,F,G…Alphabetic order
  • I’ve never misfiled anything…not once!
  • …and you call yourself a psychiatrist
  • The problem with crazy people is…they don’t act crazy most of the time.
  • Mescaline…what is that?
  • Lowest on the totem Pole Alva
  • Don’t you want to use your gun Alva?
  • So he is basically pleasing himself everyday
  • The Friday morning rant of an office worker. Talking to no-one
  • oh no..he got Alva’s address
  • Alva has a lot of those dresses.
  • …it never just goes away.
  • Poor Alva …no one believes her.
  • I hate when I am having a freak out in the bathroom and someone is trying to take a dump
  • Sooner…Sooner….Sooner
  • Can’t afford the $20 dollar teeth…but paid $50 for a taxi
  • That is a lot of pigeons
  • Makeshift Leather Couch Coffin
  • Meanwhile down at the warehouse rave…dancing bra straps
  • Cage doing his best dime store Nosferatu
  • why are you acting so Cagey
  • I am like you. you are with me.
  • Spitting…so the mime’s reflect the violence in his head
  • Who the hell is Donald? the therapists husband?
  • You breaking up with me….after I sucked that broad bone dry
  • We all feel like a vampire when we see the sun after a night of partying
  • More Loews than a New York phone book
  • My girlfriend broke up with me. I’m a Vampire. Kill me
  • Disco Death? no…Ravage Rave
  • So is the Therapist real?
  • Holy shit I will be happy
  • Sharon in the waiting room
  • Dr. Love
  • rape…no… id release
  • this is my plank
  • Plank me, oh plank you

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