Creepshow 2 (1987) – Filmsack Show Notes


oh hi,

and now the final thoughts of a fat guy in a trailer park as he reflects on his life:

“Well Fat Stuff…this is it. It’s Miller time for the last time. But no need to get broke up about it…I mean just look around you Fatso Gribbens…what a beautiful life you have lived… albeit too short and perhaps a little too fat.

So, Goodbye topless Mermaid statuette I won at the county fair popping balloons in 84. See ya, Iron Madden mini poster I won at the county fair tossing rings in 86. I’ll catch you on the flippy floppy prize winning miniature fatso cow I kissed at the county fair in 87. I’ll miss your face the most but I will carry our love into the afterlife like a burning torch to light my way”

Locooooo….Loocoooo… Hey, Bury me in the backyard with my Bullshit hat or don’t bury me at all.

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Creepshow 2 (1987) – Like a War Chief without paint on a dry day. That’s a scalping. or I fought the lake but the blob won. Thanks for the ride lady.


  • I mean…what is it
  • One more step and BLAM
  • oh nowhere…just a sleepy town in Maine
  • Comet news agency driven by The Creep.
  • This feels like King so far
  • Oh Billy…you are such a junkie
  • Hot off the presses
  • It turned into a toon!
  • I loved horror comics when I was a kid.
  • What is up with Horror Hosts and puns
  • Drinking Jimmy’s Cracked Corn
  • A warchief without war paint is like…
  • more than 30 years of standing
  • what do you want me to do Martha
  • This store has….
  • Meanwhile, down at the town of Dead River…Ray…everything has moved away
  • This is the saddest TV music you will ever hear
  • Do you need to wear an apron over your overhauls?
  • haha…could you pull us around to the next store…sputter sputter clutch sputter
  • Chief say Ya-Ta-Hey
  • Do you guys always check the time when there is a wall clock in a scene? 3:13PM
  • “I am ashamed to stand inside this place when my people are so much in your debt, Ray Spruce owner of the General Store in Dead River and keeper of the Wooden War Chief.”
  • The Jachimba…
  • Dude…this is a general store…not a pawn shop
  • Eilene is your forever after 2 autumns
  • It is a bad thing to borrow…it is a worse thing to beg
  • Good Afternoon Martha Spruce
  • Chief Woodenhead has been waiting for this moment
  • and now it is dark inside and 4:30…that was a long talk
  • …no shove this in his mouth…he big…
  • Native American Sam in a photo booth dreaming about being a hollywood star and the millions of women who want to run his hair through their legs.
  • Took him 9 years to grow this hair…what you think I’m not serious…9 years…I’m not just goofing around here.
  • Do you know that movie…where the guy…
  • one more step and Blam
  • Oh shit…you done shot Martha in the side
  • cool…throwing up
  • “Let’s go fat stuff…we got some money that needs spending.”
  • “we’re going to Hollywood, Fats.”
  • I am Native American Groot
  • Abs of wood
  •’s Miller time…it’s always Miller time down at the Trailer Park
  • fat stuff and his prize winning cow.
  • Loco…Loco
  • Oh no…my life is flashing before my eyes and all I see is a my shitty trailer memorabilia
    • Iron Maiden Artwork…check
    • Leather Chic on a bike…check
    • Mermaid boobies…check
    • Black and white Hustler Pin Up…check
    • Miller cans…check and check
    • Prize winning cow pic…check
    • and this bullshit cap..check a roo and guitar riff
  • Geez how long is he going to call Loco
  • Everybody is wanting Poncho
  • haha…yes Poncho…Loco has more sense than you have
  • Cisco is everywhere!
  • Ironical…got him by his hair-sticals
  • Oh..that’s a scalping
  • So did uncle set up the old folks…cleared the debt….killed his slacker nephew and recovered the tribes treasure…How indeed.
  • Creepshow is not a Funny Paper!
  • I feel the need…the need for weed…now…pass the joint..pass the joint
  • The Raft…it will be there
  • a lot of Poncho references that I don’t get in this movie
  • Z28…yellow…he like yellow
  • Horlicks University
  • Deke has a speedo and a coin purse?
  • The water was actually cold enough to almost give the actor who played Randy, hypothermia
  • “Too damn cold to get laid..”
  • Zeke is a singer of things
  • Laverne is not a strong swimmer
  • I don’t believe in Oil Slicks
  • have you ever seen an oil slick…well..have you.
  • Damnit Rachel…you don’t make no sense…first you are annoyed with everyone and won’t smoke…then you go looking for a smoke…and then you rub the “oil slick” and now you are dead
  • a puke per segment.
  • Come on your read all the science books…brainball
  • pretty sure Deke don’t bend that way….
  • That must be a DieHard Battery in Dead Deke’s car…radio is still playing
  • haha…oh Randy…you are such a Creep
  • You really put the Randy in Randy
  • You are such a dumbass Randy
  • Well Swimmers…that’s a lawsuit
  • Hitchiker…bed frame IT copy
  • You charge by the orgasm? $160
  • selling your body for a Mercedes
  • Annie is a bit of a hot mess
  • I was headed to Dover…now I’m dead
  • Run Annie…Run
  • Was this before or after Stephen King got hit? Happens all the time
  • Think rationally Annie…can you live with this?
  • “You’re seeing things bitch…you can’t live with it”
  • This Mercedes has too many points of entry!
  • Thanks for the ride lady!
  • She’s trying to swipe him off like some kind of thicket car wash
  • low bridge
  • Why does she keep stopping..
  • He’s like some kind of immortal hitchhiker
  • Annie used the ole shoot and kick
  • I beat you…I got you…
  • Jesus…take the wheel…I am not doing my best driving
  • She’s willing to give the hitchhiker $50…is that $25 per orgasm?
  • They eat meat! Billy and his FlyTraps

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