Crotch covering walk – When you are the leader of an evil corporation you walk around covering your crotchy crotch.

Robocop 2….it’s the name of the movie and the next generation of failure. Why would you watch your fail videos with fanfare. All robocop 2’s commit suicide upon introduction. Maybe it’s the fanfare music.

Wasn’t there already a Robocop 2 machine? Isn’t that the thing he fought in robocop 1? So are they pretending that one doesn’t exist.

Hey! It’s the guy who I always think is Samwise Gamgee!!

Mmmm…sweet sweet Nuke.

Hey…did you get your Nuke shirt? One free Nuke shirt when you buy a cassettes case worth.

Man…Robocop really knows how to bring a room full of kids down…”isn’t this a school day..” Robo-Truant Officer.

The littlest gangster

Officer Duffy…you just been face grabbed.

Where is Cane? Nobody knows.

Dueling fight scenes. One for the primary character and one for the  sidekick.

Why does Robocop need a police car? Oh yeah…cause he ain’t go go gadget. Maybe he needs a propeller helmet.

Robocop is all about the Pop and Lock.

Sike! I wasn’t in the car…fool. I am a robot!

Purple pimp suit bad guy might as well be the joker. Too bad they killed the joker in an earlier scene.

Who is the Elvis fan. I’m seeing a lot of Elvis Memorabilia

What is the Crystal statue art near Elvis?

“Hand shot off by kid…does not compute…beep…does not compute..”

Ah yes…the old Crane to the face bit and then carried off with a magnetic thingy.

Do all kids fight like McCallie Culkin in movies?

If you want to see Robocop’s brain…just dig through his face.

Robocop hydraulic fluid apparently taste screaming bad.

Disassemble! No disassemble.

Murphy mask is creepy.

“Did you see their faces!”

Maybe the kid should have left.

“I am going to take this directly to Johnson!”

Robocop Reboot focus group sucks.

“I’m Robocop and I’m back…let me show you my cock walk.”

One major flaw in your android rules. Kids are exempt.


Damn Muskrats.

Pecker Neck!

“Looking for parents who don’t mind their kids being little shits on film as well as using adult language. All the mountain dew your kids can drink.”

Here…let me help you off that electric circuit with this 2×4.

uh oh…No directives…

“What’s bugging you Murph? Cane…Cane is bugging me.”

Blue Velvet drug…made from Elvis.

Ahh…hot dog vendors tell it like it is…”They going to go kick somebody’s ass”

Something to fight for! Cap is shot?

Check out this move…I’m gonna shoot ya…but I ain’t gonna look at ya…cause it’s more efficient that way. Plus it looks badass.

Trope: Using your vehicle to smash someone on your vehicle.

Gimmie that motorcycle…Yoink

Trope: Chicken fight.

Sun Block 5000…we ain’t got no ozone.

Hope you ain’t squeamish. Cause Robocop got some human surgery scenes.

“Oh..hello…I’m playing violin down here.” – Detroit in some big trouble.

Can you pay for a city in cash?

Put nuke here please…right in my chest hole.