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Robocop (1990) (Show Notes)

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Robocop 2 (1990)

– FilmSack Edition

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Opener:   Oh hello Mr. Johnson. Let’s take a walk. Listen, I would like to share some of what I have learned as the CEO of OCP over the years.

Firstly, never let them see you sweat.  Secondly, never agree to party like it is 1999.. and thirdly and probably most importantly. Always cover your balls while walking! I call it…Chastity hands. Just take one hand and cup your balls and then slowly, with the other hand, slip it over the ball hand like you are looking to date it. This provides maximum protection from ball kickers and money whores. Would you like some money Mr. Johnson? Ooohh…can’t reach my wallet….hands are occupied. 

Twitter:    Robocop 2 (1990) Like Hey…did you get your Nuke shirt? One free Nuke shirt when you buy a cassettes case worth.

Like buying designer drugs in a cassette case and getting a free designer drug t-shirt. Seems like a good idea…until…Robocop. I’m… having… trouble.

It may be overkill but it’s kinda comfy.

RoboCop 2 (1990)


Stuff I Loved:

Lethal Force is the only kind of force I know when it comes to protecting my shitty car.

It looks like Detroit is back up to it’s old crime ridden/drug riddled self.

Mmmm…neck drugs.

That bag lady has a lot of cans. LOOKOUT!

That white dude just robbed a bag lady…it’s bad in Detroit.

Those hookers just robbed that petty thief…it’s bad in Detroit.

Those guys just blew up something those hooker ladies walked by.

Left to right crime…how easy to digest… I call it the World Of Tomorrow Crime Carousel Trope.

Always feel bad for the guy who helps his killer kill himself by being helpful hoping that if he co-operates that he will live.


Uh oh…the sit down in the lair.

Can’t I just juice up without these guys investigating me.

Mayor Hoo Haa is major angry…exciteable.

OCP back in the house y’all

Crotch covering walk – When you are the leader of an evil corporation you walk around covering your crotchy crotch.

Robocop 2….it’s the name of the movie and the next generation of failure. Why would you watch your fail videos with fanfare. All robocop 2’s commit suicide upon introduction. Maybe it’s the fanfare music.

Wasn’t there already a Robocop 2 machine? Isn’t that the thing he fought in robocop 1? So are they pretending that one doesn’t exist.

Hey! It’s the guy who I always think is Samwise Gamgee!!

Mmmm…sweet sweet Nuke.

Hey…did you get your Nuke shirt? One free Nuke shirt when you buy a cassettes case worth.

Man…Robocop really knows how to bring a room full of kids down…”isn’t this a school day..” Robo-Truant Officer.

The littlest gangster

Officer Duffy…you just been face grabbed.

Where is Cane? Nobody knows.

Dueling fight scenes. One for the primary character and one for the  sidekick.

Why does Robocop need a police car? Oh yeah…cause he ain’t go go gadget. Maybe he needs a propeller helmet.

Robocop is all about the Pop and Lock.

Sike! I wasn’t in the car…fool. I am a robot!

Purple pimp suit bad guy might as well be the joker. Too bad they killed the joker in an earlier scene.

Who is the Elvis fan. I’m seeing a lot of Elvis Memorabilia

What is the Crystal statue art near Elvis?

“Hand shot off by kid…does not compute…beep…does not compute..”

Ah yes…the old Crane to the face bit and then carried off with a magnetic thingy.

Do all kids fight like McCallie Culkin in movies?

If you want to see Robocop’s brain…just dig through his face.

Robocop hydraulic fluid apparently taste screaming bad.

Disassemble! No disassemble.

Murphy mask is creepy.

“Did you see their faces!”

Maybe the kid should have left.

“I am going to take this directly to Johnson!”

Robocop Reboot focus group sucks.

“I’m Robocop and I’m back…let me show you my cock walk.”

One major flaw in your android rules. Kids are exempt.


Damn Muskrats.

Pecker Neck!

“Looking for parents who don’t mind their kids being little shits on film as well as using adult language. All the mountain dew your kids can drink.”

Here…let me help you off that electric circuit with this 2×4.

uh oh…No directives…

“What’s bugging you Murph? Cane…Cane is bugging me.”

Blue Velvet drug…made from Elvis.

Ahh…hot dog vendors tell it like it is…”They going to go kick somebody’s ass”

Something to fight for! Cap is shot?

Check out this move…I’m gonna shoot ya…but I ain’t gonna look at ya…cause it’s more efficient that way. Plus it looks badass.

Trope: Using your vehicle to smash someone on your vehicle.

Gimmie that motorcycle…Yoink

Trope: Chicken fight.

Sun Block 5000…we ain’t got no ozone.

Hope you ain’t squeamish. Cause Robocop got some human surgery scenes.

“Oh..hello…I’m playing violin down here.” – Detroit in some big trouble.

Can you pay for a city in cash?

Put nuke here please…right in my chest hole.



Filmsack Notes

The Accidental Spy (2001) (Show Notes)

[usr 5.0] *WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes. Listen Now

The Accidental Spy (2001)

– FilmSack Edition

The Accidental Spy

Opener:   Hey guys, You know I waited patiently for 87 minutes to see some accidental spying… sure I got lots of Kung Fu fights. Lots of high speed chases in cars…and on foot…some more naked than I am comfortable with. Even got 2 big fights that involved cranes…but no spying. Maybe they should have called this movie Accidental Crane Operator. That I could have gotten behind.. HOW DO YOU OPERATE THIS THING?! ..I’m pulling all these levers and accidentally operating the hell out of this crane!

Twitter:    The Accidental Spy (2001) Like asking your orphaned son to spread your ashes on your wife’s grave. Sounds kinky. But it’s not. spread my ashes already!

Like watching a James Bond film on a  SogoVision TV. 

“Don’t worry…The Rescue Team is on their way!” The Rescue Team…that is the movie I want to see.

The Accidental Spy (2001)


Stuff I Loved:

Intro Music Is Intro

Turkey! my favorite lunch meet. No the country

We got us a town cryer!

People coming out of their cave holes


Harvesting whatever they harvest in the dirt in Turkey

Now the second musical intro….007 Knockoff.

What is he doing in that clearance store that requires knee pads and apparently was followed up by all the sex that him and the secretary were having because all the signs need straightening.

Beech Hoooouse.

All these weights suck…but this exercise ball from America! it is nice….

How many times did Jackie bust his ass on that mini trampoline.

Hey look..he’s got a tramp on a tramp.

Please Call Me!

The stores in this mall all look like Apple stores. Sparse

Man-Chung Wong – Mall Cop

Trope: Clueless guy / Janitor with headphones

Trope: Fight to get to the gun

What was the first rooftop foot chase in modern movie making? Who did it best?

That gunfire looks weird.

Get off now! Get off the crane.


Is it true you know Kung Fu?

Where you going Many? I’m not happy.

“I guess we will never know if you are The One..” is that more of an Martial arts movie kind of a thing?

He was an orphan.

He is Korean. WHAAAAAAA!

Dying pops in the hospital.

Your dad was a spy.

Hey…no more dubbing…so I guess they got the English

Those paddles pack a punch.

Trope: Killers try to kill you when you are in the hospital

What….10 thousand bucks! He was giving millions to an orphanage

Spread ashes on his wife’s grave…kinky!

About got that guys hands in hood…wonder if that was rehearsed?

AOL Internet!

Golden Tulip!

Wait For Me.

Hidden code.

You called me…what do you mean you don’t understand me!

Trope: The Key

Trope: The nervous bank trip…I sure hope this works!

Little black book!

Jackie Chan Pop and Lock Kung Fu.

They didn’t even take my money!

Accidental Movies?

If they found you with that much money in the U.S. they would take it and search you for drugs.

This should be called the Elevator and Escalator movie.

The love at first site girl.

The 10 gallon Turkish Fez. Dancing and twirling go the Turkish Dancing men in their 10 gallon Turkish Fez’s.

How is he going to fall asleep if he is washing his face off in the toilet?

Well yeah…Turkish bath house.

Fully clothed men in a Turkish bathhouse…that not good.

You are too tall to fit in the turkish bathhouse door ways.

Trope: or Tripe: The fat tough guy…immovability is his strength.

Shirtless Jackie Chan is the best.

Always be sure to flavor your soundtrack with regional instruments relative to your location.

Naked guys are funny.

Jackie has paint paste in his crack

Every Kung Fu Masters Nightmare or Dream…Fighting nek’d

So far there hasn’t been much spying. Do the bad guys think he is a spy? Does he think he is spying? Cause so far…no spying. Lots of Kung Fu. Yeah. At least 2 cranes….Accidental Crane Operator. Also, the Chinese title is roughly Special Agent Cheng…sooo…unless they are talking about the dad who was a spy?

Opiate Maxima

Turkey vs Korean drug lord war…is that a thing in the real world?

Ok. Sho the American CIA is forcing him to work with them. Does that make him a spy? Did they give him the spy kit?

Honey Pot

Wait…wasn’t there another post pole crane thing in the last Jackie Chan movie we watched?

MacGyver boat!

too bad the Turkish do not make piers like they do bathhouses.

What are you talking about crazy subdued hysterical lady.

Yay! drugs! Must swim for it.

Things that can happen to a pretty girl out there? : Punch to the face? Crabs? Stubbed toe?

Game over man! Game over! Did they have to shoot an entirely different scene for that? his signature was in Chinese.

The Chinese love their fireworks!

Opiate tubes! Don’t give that to the bad guy!

What a boring ass letter…

Od’d girl. Guess I feel bad that I called her letter boring.

Don’t you judge me American man. Also, don’t guilt me.

Rotting in a Turkish jail.

Planes ain’t too deft on the ground.

Bad guys can afford planes. 1%’ers

Tripe: (a trope gripe) When someone jerks the steering wheel in a movie…you can’t do that without flipping.

Apparently…if your truck is on fire…you can’t go below 50 Wildcat.

“Don’t worry…The Rescue Team is on their way!” The Rescue Team…that is the movie I want to see.

“Please save my family!”

Mother of…dropped that kid…holy hell…scared the crap out of me.

What is this? Speed? The 15 minute mini Speed movie.

Don’t look at me…look at the road!

Double clutch! I don’t know what you are talking about!

Ohhh…no…I saw how you dropped my 50 pound son. I don’t trust you.

ohhh…do they still sell those “Club”

We had like a mini Speed in the middle of this movie

Jackie Chan was really in a wheelchair at the end of this movie.