True Grit (1969) (Show Notes)

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True Grit (1969)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:   Well, Howdy Partners, I’m Rooster Cock-Burn the one eye’d cowboy marshal and I always get my man. Even though I couldn’t get the leading lady that I wanted for this movie. Damnit Henry, I said Karen Carpenter..not this boy slash girl thing you cast me against. I’m Rooster Cock-Burn! The one eye’d cowboy marshal! Giddy-up

Twitter:    True Grit (1969) Like making it to your destination safely…only to have your capture kick you to the ground. Bastard. Don’t shade me LeBeef.

Like drinking out of a hoof print. You may not be thirsty afterwards. But the diarrhea is on the way.

Stuff I Loved:

What the crap. Are they telling the whole story in the opening song?

This is some weird music…what genre is this? Reminds me of Japanese Cowboy music.

Tom has all he needs.

Who’s baby is that? I don’t think it is Old Lady

Mattie is inside papa.

“Where with all”

I’m allowing you 150 bucks ole man.

Small and chicken brained…

Old fashioned gun.

Bye papa! Bye bye!

Tom Channey is trash.

You can throw a cat throw the south wall…you shouldn’t…but you could.

Trope: The front porch see ya later pa, scene.

I’ll give you my gun…the one end of it.

Fort Smith Saloon.

starting to think Channey is not the nicest feller.

The undertaker.

What kind of accent is that that gummy Joe (arnell? darnell?) has?

We done got ourselves a hanging!

R. Ryan. Undertaker.

Closed: Gone to hanging.

How about not seeing a round of hymns at my hanging…just get on with it.

Could you be classy at your own hanging…I’m a bit of a spaz…pretty sure I would freak the fuck out.

Judge Parker loves to watch all the hangings from his balcony.

The Hangman’s A Yankee…Damn Yankees..

No..I didn’t kiss him when he was alive…not about to kiss him dead.

Nope…put the lid on it.

well Pa is dead…we took care of that bidness…let’s get on to adventuring. Cue adventuring a new day music.

I should introduce myself with my name and then follow it up with the county name that I live in.

The Coward Channey

Hey Sherriff…how about not waving my dead pa’s gun around.


Ole, One Eyed Rooster.

Don’t make me kick start you.

My scarf is not pink…it’s faded red.

Everything sounds like nasty eating in the Cowboy age…don’t people know how to not suck their food and smack.

Mr. LeBeef…LeBuef….hehe…I ain’t French…I am western!

The chicken and dumplin’ will hurt your eyes…looking for the chicken.

LeBeef knows a thing or two…he hails from Texas…needs a shave and a bath.

Grandma Turner is your bunk mate due to the popularity of the hangings. Don’t worry…she don’t bite. She may gum you though.

Westernism “He loves to pull a cork…” – Drinking.

Hey Bull…I’ll have a peppermint to settle my stomach.

Judge Parker “The Hanging Judge.”

Cogburn ain’t got time to not be funny

Stupid lawyers.

She said the name of the movie!

Your makings are too dry…happens all the time.

A corn nubbin kiddie girl.

Come on home with me whilst I think about your horse trading money.

You met my China man?

Ned Pepper…

Let’s play cards and drink my whiskey .

“Let’s make medicine.”

Outside is place for shooting!

He just served the rat some papers.

He got the whiskey arm.

This whole rat allegory is going off the ranch.

I ain’t scared of no boogerman…now…boogie man…yes.

You have the hair comb for getting married.

I was gonna kiss ya…but you is too young and ugly.

Don’t talk about Texas. Mainly cause I don’t understand your insults about my boot spurs.

They are geldings…you can’t breeeed geeeldiiinngs.

This movie is anti-lawyer.

$300 dollars! That’s texas money!

Well we all prefer cash…dur.

At the same time…nice doing business with you.

That was one unhappy horse trader.

Man…this was the old west. She done never seen anyone sleep in until 10 who wasn’t sick.

Ned Peppers gang!


Nobody wants the little girl on the man hunt.

Don’t shade me LeBeef

All this reward money talk…lot of money talk.

Lawyer Daget! always with the lawyer Daget.

What? What am I doing…nothing…just riding my horse across the water. Fuck your Ferry

“She reminds me of me….a young tom boy girl of no distinguishable age or sexuality.”

Man…that is some quick drying cloths.

“c’mere…I got a plan….RUN! I MEAN…SADDLE UP AND GIDDUP!”

Little blackey…can keep up with fat men and iron.

I got my switch young lady.

LeBeef is enjoying his switching.

Texas Brush Popper.

Presbyterian eh…figured you for some kind of kneeler.

In westerns you don’t eat…but when you do…eat like you ain’t eaten stew for 3 days.

Oh…he was on a round belly pony.

Corn Dodgers? What the hell?

Drank out of a hoof print…and it was goood

Tighter than Dick’s Headband

Your boss done killed you…yeah…I’ll bury ya.

Dang you Texas

Why do you keep one chamber empty

Light a match before I eat my corn dodger

Grass Widow?

Chimlee and lazy cat…sounds like the kind of roomates I would like.

Nicknames : Baby Sister

Hey, is that Robert Duval? Sweet. He is peppers.

hehe…the original Mexican Bob.


Of course they dead.

Hey…it’s that guy…Guspargo?

This guy is doing his best dead face.

Story about guy with a tapeworm

Girls are a bother.

Little busy body. I didn’t think you would shoot me…but I sure enough told you how to cock your gun.

We can’t get gone in 5 can’t be done. You negotiation skills suck

Turkey caller…every gang needs one…WOULD YOU SHUTUP

Why do people always shove you when you are almost there.

You think that snake pit will come into play.

Howdy, I’m Rooster Cockburn…I’m a chubby one eyed cowboy.

That cracks it…call me fat will ya!

Rattlers…the cowboys mortal enemy.

Obviously not the first person to die in the ratter pit…whoever left that other persons body down there.

Damnit…wheres the texan when you need him? Dead.0

The long ride back with the wounded trope. Race against time! Oh yeah…and how about some bad guys chasing you.

Stop it…you are killing Little blackie! NOOOOO….not the dead horse!

Finally, Dagget.

Well lookie there…the fat one eyed old man was able to jump a 4 post fence…WITH A HORSE!



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