National Treasure (2004) (Show Notes)

National Treasure (2004)  –

Like sitting through the entire movie credits roll….just in case there is a Sean Bean death scene.

No? how about

Like 2 hours of Adam West Batman trying to help Robin get there…I could condescend for hours.

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes. Listen Now

– FilmSack Edition

Opener: Oh hi, Listen, if Nicholas Cage asks you to get into his “smuggler’s hole” and blow on his “National Treasure” to reveal an secret message…well…the message is… you’ve made some pretty bad life choices buddy. Also, avoid Jon Voight’s Anaconda… this movie is not for the dirty minded.

as Nicholas Cage says… I could condescend for hours…



Stuff I Loved:


Washington 1974

Movie dust.

Grampa scary face!

You should know the story.

“On a night much like this….”

Damn you masons!

I want to see Andrew Jackson.

My Grandfather’s Grandfather…that’s like Grandfather to the 4th power

The Knights’ Templar…

Everybody was a mason.

That kid is really focused on Grandfather’s story.

The secret lies with Charlotte….that slut

Nicholas Cage is knighted

Sean Bean….wonder if he will die

I broke a whole Nike store’s worth of Shoe laces to end up watching this turd.

You are right…you are no expert.

Hey! I found something with my metal detector.

Good guys wear black….bad guys wear white.

Hey Sean Bean…what do you reckon is in these gun powder barrels? gun powder you say?

One eyed Willie…

That is one serious smoking pipe.

Man you would look like a fool smoking that pipe. How pretentious.

Blood letting in movies. Have you ever had to cut yourself…fuck that shit…well now that you bled all over the priceless pipe…I guess it is yours.

Let me walk around and ask myself questions about this riddle…

This is about as bad as Batman in the 60s where Burt Ward was always talking out riddles and trying to make Robin think…think Robin!

A resolution….A resolution…

Sean Bean is always wanting to “borrow” shit.

Sean can catch…he can catch ON FIRE!

get out of my smugglers hole

Stop riddling me Batman…why are you always talking down to me.

Blue Jeans and a sports coat.

Gawd he is such a button know it all.

The uncomfortable conversation. We are not crazy!

and the music plays softly…I stand up…

Oh…I bet that scene will be in the trailer!

Let me show you how it can’t be done…cause you are crazy…

I found 2000 ways to not make a lightbulb.

The Heist montage. Let me explain this while you watch these oddly shot interstitials that contain a lot of wipes and things opening and closing over some funky intense yet playful music

Does the music ever stop in heist movies…it’s exhausting

The black tie affair in the heist movies.

….entrails cut out and BURNED!

Throwing a chain into

a fan…that is not how that would turn out.

Sean Bean has lasted longer than I would have thought.

Valley Forge you bunch of dumbasses.

“The get out of there now moment..” during heist movies.

If I saw a bunch of bullet holes in the Declarations case I would assume they were shooting at it to get it out…not someone using it as a shield.

Quiet please…I need to pace and talk out loud.

Shutup please.

One doesn’t simply solve a riddle. He must condescend while doing it.

Why would there be a rule of thumb of secret maps…upper right hand corner.

Grody…why would you hot breath it in someone’s face.

Lucky bad guy.

Solving riddles all day

The movie search engine.

Heist movies always have at least “shifted” time moment. Uh oh…they are almost at the same location! they are going to catch them…nope…they already left.

Spectacles…are those the same ones that was in the Transformers?

Hey, I found Waldo! Outside the liberty bell place.

The Trade and the double cross.

Things just got real. Dead guy falling

No treasure…Treasure…no treasure.

Hey, that is a ship shaped hole.

Dad is finally on board…all the feels and the heals.

Spiders have been busy down here. Goes to show you…if you leave a place alone long enough…a spider will come build a web.

Maybe this room leads to the treasure. nope…this room?


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