Stand By Me (1986) (Show Notes)

Stand By Me (1986)  –

Like Patrick Beja knocking up my cat & knocking over my trash. At first I would be pissed…but then I would have Beja Kitties to cuddle so it’s all good.

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– FilmSack Edition

Opener: Oh hi, Normally each week I try to make you think with a humorous anecdote followed by a random thing. Not this week. Instead I am going to depress those of you who saw this movie as a kid with a thought that occurred to me. More time has passed since this movie was released than the time that passed between 1959, the time period which this movie took place, and 1986 when the film was released.  Also, Skroat Leech…makes me pass out every time.

Stand by Me (1986)

R  |   |  Adventure, Drama  |  22 August 1986 (USA)



Stuff I Loved:

So Netflix and Chill

Safari Jeep!

Soft and slow Stand by me.

Attorney Christopher Chambers! Noooo.

Mormons! Nah…just some kids on a  bike.

12 Going on 13…dead human being.

It was the summer of fifty nine

Castle Rock! That is Stephen King area

All the 50s music

Lousy Frenchmen knocking up my dog.

Eddie has a smoking problem and has a father with fits of rage…Look at that ear!

River Phoenix I miss you.

Roll me up some pants.

The fat square kid who gets excited.

Did you guys have a tree house

Smoking in a tree house! that’s a good plan.

You didn’t deal yourself no pat hand!

You want to get some 12 year old’s attentions…ask them if they want to see a dead body.

Worst map maker ever if you can’t remember a map to under your front porch

Ray Browder went to pick blueberries…no return.

Train tracks. I had train tracks in the woods behind my house when I was 12. Used to throw rocks at the cars and leave pennies on the track.

Tenting out in the back field.

It’s worth a hiding.

Always have to jiggle the fat guy.

Richard Dreyfus is depressing me.

4 months is an eternity to a 12 year old. Just a blink of the eye for grieving parents.

3 stooges reference.

Why can’t you be more like your dead brother…

Pants patches.

Pants with no belts…who are these people!

Kids and guns…12 year…Jeeebus!

You wet head?

Also, the gun is always loaded. Unless it ain’t

Were the actors already amazing at this time? or did Rob Reiner just have a knack? or did he help guide these kids?

You don’t take a dudes hat.

The walking ass kick.

Hey Beave? who brought the Beave?

Yeah yeah…yeah yeah….yeah yeah

Jerry Connel.

I don’t know any walking songs. TV theme songs are not available to today’s youth.

You guys gonna starve? you been walking through half a tv theme song.

2.37. That’ll buy 12 Moons Pies and 20 Pepsi Colas.

Teddy wants to die. How is facing a train like the beeches of Normandy?

Trains make any conversation more intense.

Skin it…Skin it bitch. I imagine they have some pretty sweaty hands by now.

Mailbox baseball…that is a good way to get shot.

Poor Verne’s mom.

Chopper…sick balls. Still remember that from my childhood.

Wil can’t run.

12 years olds watching The Mouse Club?

I haven’t had a canteen since I was a kid. is Canteen shape really the most efficient way to carry water?

4 tails is a goocher.


Mother jokes.

QUidolicious? Quidage?

Milk for dinner…growing boys.

I need to shop at more stores that keep pickled things in jars.

Why would you sic your down on a kid.

Crazier than a shit house rat…that is pretty crazy…and smelly.

I learned a lot of insults from this movie. Rob Reiner is a sicko.

These kids are filthy.

Jerry always tries to bring the fun.

Razortoos. Cobrassss

Boy you don’t know nothing.

Superman Vs Mighty Mouse

Being a creative sucks in the 60s

No…not the comb!

Verne lays down…I would kill him.

That was the most intense thing ever in a movie.

Hershey Squizzes? what did he say?

If this was a modern movie one of these kids would be trying to get a phone signal.

It’s not his fault…it’s his glands.

The Radio man was king during this period of history.

Everybody loves a fatass

Too many people in that audience are in unison.

That is less about eating a pie and more about smooshing your face into a pie.

Castor Oil…in a very non descript bottle that says Castor oil…where are the ingredients?

and one large egg?


Grody to the max….Poor Boss Man.

Benevolent Order Of Antelopes

We are starting think maybe you should just take shop instead of making up puke stories Gordo.

Filmsack roundtable discussions – What is Goofy?  Name one food for the rest of your life?

That is a lot of coyotes!

Watch Cop Car !!

I’ve seen too many shows about parasites to enjoy Gordo walking in the woods barefoot.

What milk money did he take? Old lady Simon was a bitch. That must have been one awesome skirt.

3 out of the 4 kids have cried in this movie. But not Gordo…not even at his brother’s funeral.

Gordo ain’t human.

Gang Busters Comic!

What was the deer? a sign? why didn’t he ever speak of it? Was it his brother?

It was hot and those guys are filthy…..why didn’t they take advantage of the leaky water tower?

That was a pretty worn path leading away from the tracks to the woods.


Fishing, Drinking, Smoking, Insulting Moms and listening to the radio

Can you get famous by finding a dead body.

Oh gawrd…I hate muddy mud mud.

Jerry is wearing a belt.

Not great outdoorsmen. Probe the water with a stick 2 feet from the bank…it may get deeper.

Leeches…oh deer jeebus

Skroat Leech…makes me pass out everytime.

I find it hard to believe that Wil Wheaton grows up to look like Richard Dreyfus

You cock knocker…ehehahah

Wow…that was easy to find Ray….There he is!

And the 4th one falls…

We got dibs.

What kind of nickname is eyeballs?

Son of a whore.

Ace brought a knife to a gun fight.

All them gangster comics have prepared him just for this.

Suck my fat one.

What were there plans on taking the body back anyways?

Walking for 2 days. I can barely walk for 2 hours

School is going to be hell.

Have Gun Will Travel…

Chris finally got stabbed. Knew fast food would be the end of him

Getting a Doogie Howser Vibe from the terminal screen.

You guys are my friends at 12 years old.



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