The War of the Worlds (1953) (Show Notes)

The War of the Worlds 1953 Film

The War of the Worlds (1953)  –

Like a pair of hiked pants that are so high you are in danger of catching your nipples in your zipper. bring it down a level doc.

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Opener: Oh hi, Pardon me human. We are from mars and exhausted from unscrewing the  escape hatch on our spaceship, which looks nothing like a  bomb. Ahh, I see you humans are engaging in the age old practice of body gyration directed by a caller. With this commonality I think we could be friends. Wow I am thirsty. Can I bother you for a bottle of refreshing soda pop. Yes that is what we call it on mars. Oh you prefer the term cola. Well…hold up…what is that? Would I like a straw for my soda pop?  wait here…I have to get something from my bomb…er…spaceship.


The War of the Worlds (1953)


Stuff I Loved:

Men turn to science.

Super Science is menacing.

This music says…eeeek!

Sir Cedrick says

Thank you…I’ll have all my credits up front please…with colored flashing title cards

Unsympathec maritans.

Do not look at us mars

Can’t go to Uranus.

Let’s take a journey through the galaxy

Is that a fireball or something…dunno let me eat some popcorn.

I got a smoker….

Our put out fire tech is a lot better today…I think

Ok eeyore.

It’s a whale of a size…ha!

I got a message for ya….this matte painting sucks.

Please don’t eat your food all over me.

Have you people never heard of radioactivity1

That mexican is offensive.

You been mud riding fisherman. Dr. Forester

Buck ain’t too smart. I’ll shovel this meteor right out of this hole.

This guy don’t smoke? but it’s good for your health.

Long distance looking…when I want to look at something close I take them off…like my pants…Smooth Dr. Forester

Hey Pastor

Why you digging in my car….get out!

Her boobs are radioactive!

You don’t know how to use that Sheriff…also, stop taking my shit.

Pastor is a little too excited about having the doctor over

Meteor crashed on our city…let us do our square dancing. Uh…what was the point behind the square dance scene.

Meanwhile…back at the meteor.

Mexcians don’t trust no meteor

Those 3 walking backwards.

Why do they think everything is a bomb. Bombs don’t unscrew.

Nothing says square dance like a straw in a soda bottle.

The 3 amigos….they know how to hide behind shit.

Wow…those guys called it pretty quick. Martians.

I got an old sugar sack..let’s wave it at them. we’re friends….hey…friends don’t zap friends.

Hey…the phones gone dead…let me announce it really loud.

Jeepers mine ain’t working.

I am going to do a quick science experiment.

Get those 30s over here.

Not in Canada yet…no one wants to invade canada


Some sort gyroscopic mechanism

why is the reporter all cocked up on the front of that jeep.

Martian weapons are loud and annoying…and their lasers are all spit like.

We got Coffee and donuts…delivered by a pretty lady who also does first aid…if you choke on the donut.

Why is everybody airing out their crotches in this movie. Total leg proping.

Hey doc…what’s the status on those hiked pants….you trying to cover your nipples? If you are in danger of zipping your nipples up in your pants…you may want to consider bringing those pants down a little.

Nothing remains…what does that mean…it’s means…nothing remains moron

Lights out!

Is that some kind of flying machine…invisible legs! Lt. Dan…your ship ain’t got no legs.

Uncle Matthew.

Ahhh…the classic Hystarical lady.

Disitegration rays have always scared me…Nothing remains

Don’t run away…. we’re still shooting you!

Never! Army would never say..the airforce got it.

I hope he is better at sciencing than he is at flying.

Extra Extra…Men from mars.

When men wore hats

Some sort of electronic umbrella

She was so hysterical the poor thing wore herself out.

Eggs! Those eggs ain’t done

Doctor is wearing fake glasses…let me take these off so I can look at you close.

“I liked him”

When I get up from a table I like to kick my chair half way across the room and plaster myself against the window like a fly.

Are we being targeted/

This space ship wants to have sex! Don’t probe me with your penis!

Those just want to play a game of electronic simon

These aliens are slow moving.

I hear you…

You circumcised the alien probe

Awww…the alien was kind of E.T. cute.

This movie is very pro British

a big game of risk.

The martians see shit all fisheyed

Let’s just go camping. Nuclear Woodstock.

Sake of Future History! or today as we call it.

Talking creationism in a crowd of scientist might get you looks…just like that.

You better get a lot further back than that if they are going to blow up an A-bomb

Well that didn’t work.

Rocky Mountains 

Everybody…yes this means you…

Free ice cream for all…or at least this kid. It’s the end of the world!

Did those jerks leave without me?

Get off buster

Who steals fabric? Dang looters

All hope is lost.

Kimball’s product placement.

When all else fails. Sing a hymn

Got to find Sylvia

Love killed the Martians




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