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Cliffhanger (1993)


Oh hi,

and welcome to “Rocky Mountain High: the highest gift store in Colorado.” Elevation wise that is. Marijuana laws have taken a turn since we took on that slogan during 90s. Now, how may I help you?

Do we have any discount harnesses of questionable quality? Why yes, yes we do…it’s one of our top sellers. We like to call this particular model the “so you think your girlfriend is sleeping with your co-worker and you want to get rid of her and blame said co-worker but you need it to look like an accident” oopsie loopsie… noooo …harness. You’ll take it? Would you like that gift wrapped? no? And might I also recommend a knee brace to really sell the whole story? Ok, I’ll just throw that in at a 5% discount.

Anything else? A stuffed toy puppy? Who’s this for? The girlfriend. You aren’t going to let this stuffed toy puppy fall to its death as well are you? You promise? You are going to keep it safe? Ok, this is a freebie but I better not find it at at the bottom of a gorge someplace covered in dead girlfriend.

Alright, will that do it for today? Can I interest you in a human sled that looks like Sylvester Stallone? It’s reversible. Also, we have 60 year old ropes on sale. How about some Bat repellent? No? Ok then. That will be $5 dollars and 69 cents.

What’s this? oh sorry sir, we don’t accept unexchangeable denominations of 1000 dollar bills…that is all you have? Ok, So, I’ll just be taking back my toy puppy now ya piece of shit. Randy, show this gentle out the door and down the cliff.


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Cliffhanger (1993) – Ain’t gravity a bitch. #gabe #nooooo


  • I could have sworn this movie had Robin in it. Vertical Limit
  • This music is old school big
  • Do most movies start with a helicopter in.
  • Saaaave me!!
  • I don’t recognize the face…but I do recognize the buuuuttt.
  • Rock Jock
  • Probably not a good idea to hover under your climber
  • Hurt his knee getting out of the hot tub…no…it was NAM!
  • “Baby, he lies.”
  • Excuse me Captain Hot Tub.
  • Climbing to the tower is better than sex.
  • Best ride in the park.
  • Sarah look at me…don’t look down.
  • Gawd I hate this
  • Bad omen….stuffed puppy is so dead
  • “You’re not going to die.” You are totally going to die.
  • 8 Months later in Denver Colorado at the Treasury Dept. Denver to Frisco..
  • 1000 bills old for International Banking. 12 Years no loss. and Superstitious
  • Hey Gabe! Gabe!!!
  • Bett and Evan. Hates work.
  • Flying off the tower.
  • Bad Weather is coming in. We like it extreme!!
  • Gabe…Gabe…Gabe…Gabe
  • He left after the funeral…but they stayed!
  • Need to blame whoever was responsible for checking the gear. That lady was like 5 pounds.
  • So dramatic…he was gone 8 months tops. She is all like “almost a year!”
  • What usually eats a banana? Banana eating a monkey. Franky is an artist. Would be better if he were a climber.
  • Well that was a twist…good job. I didn’t know who was the bad guy!
  • Release Tail Cone…Tail Cone Gone.
  • Tango Tango…Tango Tango.
  • 5 Minute timer.
  • That is one bad ass agent. I see why he got promoted.
  • Get him to a hospital fast
  • Why is the fuselage making engine sounds when it has no engines?
  • Tracking has 50k code variations.
  • Billy is going into shock. We need insulin. HURRY!
  • You thought of everything. Would you have thought about that?
  • I haven’t climbed in months…you just lose the feel…OR YOUR NERVE!
  • mmm…Denver Mint
  • Matheson was in on the investigation!
  • Unexchangeable Denominations.
  • Theft and disposals.
  • “did it your way…and she died.”
  • “Where is the helicopter?” Can’t fly.
  • “Suits, Socks, 100 million dollars…the usual stuff.”
  • Don’t use my name!
  • Keep it Taut…Keep it Taut – Lithgow
  • Man. You can’t trust nobody in this movie
  • Have these guys never heard of avalanches?
  • The Comb, The Tower, The Shaft.
  • Only 12 guys in the world can climb it.
  • Man. Where did they set her down at. It is clear skies and sunny.
  • What Museum of horror did they visit to get get that moth ball sweater and supplies?
  • hehe…that is the best snowman ever. With blinky lights and all…really the most horrible one.
  • Where did they put all the money that would fit in a case with no case!
  • This is not how weather works at all.
  • Man I love this music.
  • Riding Frosty The Stallone Snow Sled….no…now he is riding you! Snow Rash!
  • These are the best worst bad guys ever.
  • Exactly Cheesehead…Cheesehead.
  • Burning Money in the Eagles Cave with Gabe
  • Who rescues the rescuers ?
  • Half a day to the tower.
  • Meanwhile over at tent city….
  • duuuude…you killed the kid.
  • Sue me.
  • We are going to have to go through that crack.
  • Like Stallone going right up your slippery crack. It’s full of bats! Now he is going to turned into batman.
  • No bullets! What was he going to do?
  • I am going to ask you 3 times.. 2nd Burned it. Wrong Answer.
  • Using them Gym muscles to bench press a guy right into a stalagmite…tite?
  • 5 minutes is the c4 timer outside limit?
  • 60 year old rope. Will it hold? Nope!
  • I hope he has been training his grabbing arm in the past 8 months.
  • You sorry son’s of bitches…you killed Frank
  • He is a lot better at climbing than being a bad ass.
  • Crockett River!
  • National Guard has a mechanical.
  • Time to play some Rooker Ball . Seasons over asshole.
  • man…walker will put anybody in danger to do it his way. That bunny is dead.
  • Frank! You’re not Frank!
  • Stallone has had more wardrobe changes than ….well…he had a lot.
  • Wait…who shot the bad cop? They both had guns trained on him.
  • Not sure if Walker is a bad shot or cleaver. DAMN YOU WALKER! I WILL CHOP YOU UP WITH MY HELICOPTER!
  • Piece of shit…is a favorite in this movie…maybe it doesn’t mean what they think it means?
  • Careful. He is a biter.
  • Keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times.
  • I am out of here.
  • 4000 feet from the tower top to the down below…
  • Ain’t gravity a bitch.

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