Return Of The Killer Tomatoes (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Retrun Of The Killer Tomatoes – FilmSack Edition


Opener: ahhh….The 80s. A time when a young man could find himself delivering pizza on a Honda Spree one day and the next …visiting a sex shop with a tomato. A very hot tomato. Wait, I just got that….tomato is a euphemism for hot woman. Crap..I may have to reevaluate this movie.


Twitter:  Return of The Killer Tomatoes – Like Winning a date with Rob Lowe in a contest ran by George Clooney…you are totally getting screwed…pal. buddy.



Stuff I Loved:

Bob Down

Channel 73 $1 dollar movie

Jackpot $9.22


“the” is the secret word

Poor ole Sid.

Get my rocks off. Haven’t heard that in a long time.

Big Breasted Girls Go To The Beach and Take Their Tops Off.

High waist-ed bikinis from the 80s man.

The Mad Scientists lab. Reminds me of Beakman’s World.

It’s Gomez from the Addams Family

Drop the seemingly normal tomato into some antifreeze.

Earplugs and then quarter…nope…should have done that the opposite.

Rambo Ragu.

Let’s infuse a jukebox into our machine.

Ha-Ha- cough. Mad scientist sinister laugh into cough…when was this origin.

We start with Wilbur’s story that we left off in the last tomatoes movie.

Wilbur now runs a pizza place that uses no tomato sauce.

Opening song covers the opening montage that let’s us know what has happened and what is to be expected…and foreshadows a third part. Which eventually came.

Pizza boy scooter Honda Spree.

She’s quiet the tomato…Tara…

Pepperoni Extra Cheese and Boysenberry.

What is the Pizza Boy character in movies? He played a larger part in the 80s…relegated to just a joke in more modern movies.

They are gardeners and carpenters. They are not Tomatoes.


are those bike turn signals still legal? are those even right?

Young people don’t get the danger.

Horror movies and news reporting go hand in hand.

The Red Scare or Japanese after the war or both

That old Looney Toon? we don’t do that anymore.

Clooney has the cool hat.

War stories…the youth don’t care.

We are getting some flashback via the last generation.

“Tomato” just the word can cause havoc.

Sam Smith was insane.

Let’s reveal the tomato weakness. “Puberty Love”

This movie is very self aware. Breaking the 3rd wall. Mostly via budget jokes and film making.

You hurt Larry!

Igor is a rapscallion and Olympic gold medalist.

So long sponge face. A mutant tomato. We’ve got to have something to lose.

Win a date with Rob Lowe.

Womanizers were charming during the 80s

Thanks a lot pal. Don’t use that term enough.

You could do worse getting help from George Clooney in getting a girl

Ha ha…Gentlemen…Did I mention the playboy center fold  opportunity.

What is the tone of this movie?

How is the acting?

is the music thing consistent?

Fuzzy Tomato (FT)

Awkward Teenage hormones.

Blowjob. That is harsh language for a PG movie

FT is Gizmo from Gremlins

Did your mamma drop you on your head when you were in a baby?

How about a blowjob…iron your pants.. NOOO

Generic food products.

Is Tara convincing as a walking tomato?

Clooney doesn’t know the words to O’Suzannah

Sex sells. Chad…you are the loser…how did you get the hot tail?

Never put bananas and Raisinets on pizza

High Noon poster with Gary Cooper with gun pointing character…foreshadowing

Tara understands about humans : Sex , food and cleaning and business.

Did you enjoy the sex?

Toast Eggs Bacon Toast Waffles and Toast (did I catch toast in there?

Pal, Buddy, Swell.

A real cloud jockey.

She bathes in fertilizer.

best Sinatra impersionator

igor has the smile down

When did public opinion officially sway against mimes?

Love from different worlds. The Sinatra knock off love song Rick Patterson and Neal Fox is spot on. You might even miss it because of all the human on mime hate crime.

Obsessed with toasters and kitchen appliances

Black market maters. Cause people want them

This movie spawned a Saturday morning cartoon.

The music is inspired. Godfather music during the smuggler dealings.

Valerian Root Powder!

Reject the older generation ideas.

Upscale restaurant is pompous.

How about a chili dog.

The Smiley Jock turns even eviler after high school

On the street reporter is a horrible person. Charles White

Valet Problems

Has there been a chase scene?

Room mate problems.

Poor FT…he is kind of a tribble’esk character

It’s like Fuzzy Tomato deserves his own Saturday Morning cartoon.

The scrum rescue. It happens in movies.

Can you pull off a Keystone cop chase in today’s movies?

So let it be written. So let it be done. – 10 commandments from the 60s

Save the film, Strike the broad…. kill the babies.

Break the 4th wall so we can discuss product placement. When did that become a thing.

In April 2006, Broadcasting & Cable reported, “Two thirds of advertisers employ ‘branded entertainment’—product placement—with the vast majority of that (80%) in commercial TV programming.” The story, based on a survey by the Association of National Advertisers, said “Reasons for using in-show plugs varied from ‘stronger emotional connection’ to better dovetailing with relevant content, to targeting a specific group.”[7]

“How about a Crest”

Does Crest still make those tubes?

Fight Montage..

I mean the movie was zany enough….but after the director calls cuts due to budget…it gets odd.

Federal Vegetable Investigation

Attention to detail and subtle visual gags abound in this movie. Set pieces like “future home of clearwater estates” banner  at the toxic waste dump suggests a comment on corporate corruption

Amalgamated…We’re number 1.

you got to scream.

The weird world cup of sailing

Honda Quad Runner. An in and out of the 4th wall. The movie needs money…but the story needs progression.

Muscle men are oily…Glistening in the moonlight

Hey pope

Different tracks create different tomatic results.

Guest room is a euphemism for dungeon you chowder head

Nice digs? who says that?

Something always bad supposedly happens to someone when they are transformed. Then it is revealed it wasn’t them at all.

Problem in movie solved by real world solution. I have paper…from my script.

FT someone to love and pull for?

The Lone Brother.

Puns and literal takes a plenty.

The inception of satire.

Man this movie really makes me want to get a Honda Quad Runner.

Oliver North joke…that will go over the head.

Angry acting for humor at the end.

Scuba, Lone Ranger and Paratrooper and some kids.

A punch to the gut is not the same as a punch to the nuts. But it seems like movies during this time would take that leap of faith.

Saved by the 4th wall.



Ravenous (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Ravenous – FilmSack Edition

Opener:  I owe you gentlemen a story. It’s going to end with a woman that may or may not be being eaten as we speak. Oh well, let’s sleep on it.

Bourbon break.

Would you stop squirming. I know I mispronounced it.

Martha’s account: aaaaaand Backwards Walk. Backwards Walk. slowly Close door. Peer through door holes. Yep. Confirmed. Dudes snuggling in bear trap. Native American Lady out! Crackers be eating each other up in here! oh, stop squirming. I know I cannibalized that whole opening. Cause…get it. cannibals.. WINDEGO! WINDEGO!

Twitter:  Ravenous  – Like 6 men rubbing down a half dead man  in a 19th century hot tub.  It should make you feel uncomfortable. and it does! Bourbon Break!

I owe you gentlemen a story. But instead…Bourbon break.


Cast & Where are they now:

Google Says

Guy Pearce

David Arquette Had to Propose Twice to Fiancee Christina McLarty

Neal McDonough talks n4 ‘Suits’ stint (and ‘Justified’ return?)


Stuff I Loved:

Windengo –

He was licking me!

Guy Pearce is my favorite

Quirky Music

1847 – The mexican – ‘merican war.

Guy Pearce is having some mental problems.

The character description montage. Say their name…show ’em doing something. preferably that fits or juxtaposes description

Fort Spencer is kind of the F-Troop of this movie.

Manifest Destiny? Where are we going with this? Swept along…Manifest this!

Reminds me of The Wall in Game Of Thrones.  A little under manned. No place else to go. Might as well  go to the Fort Spence.

Mexican’s don’t know dead apparently.

Drink blood. Get the strength to climb out from underneath a dozen dead bodies. Dead weight. Sure.

David Arquette can read!!

No Peyote…that is Mexican Indian stuff.

The spirit of peyote is very old, he is Don Juan, a wise old man that takes the consumer of peyote into the higher dimension of the world, where he acquires great wisdom and sees the creation of the cosmos through vivid visions. 

David Arquette on peyote…that is going to be a thing.

The Crazy 8’s

Like 6 men rubbing a half dead man in a 19th century hot tub.

You have been reborn!

The spiritual man kind of has a Kramer thing going on.

Do not wake up the doctor….he does not handle that well.

Good lord? Naked man!

I owe you gentlemen a story.

More than one character description montage

Never trust a man when it comes to shortcuts

First we ate the oxen. then then horses…then the dogs.Mmm…eating belts and boots and roots.

Eating a malnourished man…is there any nourishment in that?

Come on…say it! Not “hunger is more severe” say it…Not insatiable appetite! say it THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE…SAY IT!!

Maybe you could have started your long ass story with “There may be a lady being eaten as we speak.”

Come on take a look at my ancient spiritual Indian scroll on cannibalism!…

Come on say it Ravenous…not insatiable appetite!

Too much Bourbon in his Bourbon

Wonder if Jeffery Jones will spot Bueller on his journey.

Didn’t that dude play the crazy dude on lost too? He is the quintessential crazy guy.

Bourbon break.

I found a bone!

Bourbon now!

Eat a man…gain his power. The Quickening: Highlander.

19th century goggles are 19th century

Music is funky and effective.

You got your Elvin Indian bow man.

Native American Legolas

Bats. I hate bats. cave bats

I am not descending into the hole inside a cave. Cave Hole

What do you know…a cave that looks like a cave… and not a vagina.

Pretty sure that is the lady…she got some nappy hair.

It’s a trap.

Run! O’Brother Where Art Thou music or Raising Arizona

Let’s keep this light hearted  fun romp going.

Guy Pearce in not much for confrontation.

One shot gun. Takes too long to reload.

Would rather jump off a cliff than fight a man?

Mother…I hate seeing bone sticking out of flesh in movies.

Would you stop squirming. I know I mispronounced it.

Just gonna cower here in the corner.

I haven’t been this excited to watch a man strip slowly…since…like…never.

No bullet wounds on the shoulders! Does eating flesh make you wolverine!

Don’t fantasize about eating David Arquette please.

Suicidal Ambition


Can you resist.

Did you check around outside. No. WELL CHECK AROUND OUTSIDE WOMAN!

One of us has to travel by foot…Volunteers…since you are the only person in the room…guess what. Volunteerism…that’s not how it works.

Stew Ala Major Knox.

The power of eating people!

Eat to Live. Don’t Live To Eat. -Ben Franklin

I bet I would still hate the liver.

I sure hope those are potatoes in that Knox stew!!

Pretty sure cannibalism does not cure massive blood loss.

They sure are quoting Ben Franklin a lot.

You have to kill to live vs civility

People in this movie are really hard to kill.

The final fight scene is rather lengthy. Bordering on They Live status

Over the shoulder punch with a knife in your back.

Bear trap finale. That was pretty freaking sweat.

Do not eat the mystery stew! Do not eat!! nom nom nom

Indian lady is out. Crackers be cray.


Maximum Overdrive (Show Notes)

*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Released: 1986 Runtime:  97 min Rated R

Maximum Overdrive is a 1986 American horror film directed by Stephen King.[3] The film stars Emilio EstevezPat HingleLaura Harrington and Yeardley Smith. The screenplay was inspired by and loosely based on King’s short story Trucks, which was included in King’s first collection of short stories, Night Shift.

Maximum Overdrive is Stephen King’s only directorial effort, though dozens of films have been based on King’s novels. The film contained black humor elements and a generally campy tone, which contrasts with King’s sombre subject matter in books. The film has a mid-1980s hard rock soundtrack composed entirely by the group AC/DC, Stephen King’s favorite band. AC/DC’s album Who Made Who, was released as the Maximum Overdrive soundtrack. It includes the best-selling singles “Who Made Who“, “You Shook Me All Night Long“, and “Hells Bells“.


Hey Scott, I was looking at the Filmsack timecards when I clocked in this morning…and I noticed that some of the cards had stars on them. So I was assuming it was because of my good performance. Then I noticed Ibbott had 2 stars. whats up?

Wait, holdup. You want me to work for 9 hours and only get paid for 8? What am I; Salary!

You remember that scene on the bridge with the Watermelons falling down on the cars? it was all like…aaaaahhh…watermelons. Well Yeah…that was a  metaphor.  A metaphor For Stephen King being coked out of his head while making this movie.

I got this whole truck load of watermelons!

Twitter:  Maximum Overdrive  – more Reeks than an episode of Game Of Thrones.  Can’t you see we got a situation here?

Like watching a movie directed by someone who was coked out of his mind. No wait…that was exactly what we watch. Twitter retraction.


Stuff I Loved: Where dey at now? – Emilio Estevez (chubby) Yeardly Smith (sp) – Lisa

On June 19th, 1987, at 9:47 A.M. EST, the Earth passed into the extraordinarily diffuse tail of Rhea-M, a rogue comet. According to astronomical calculation, the planet would remain in the tail of the comet for the next eight days, five hours, twenty-nine minutes, and twenty-three seconds. 1987 was in the future at the release of this movie in ’86

Rhea-M = ream

Join us for FilmMath :

start time – June (6th month) 19, 1987 9:47 am duration – 8 days 5 hours 29 mins 23 secconds (stephen king’s high school locker combination?) end time – June 27, 1987 3:16 23 seconds pm (15:16) enough math!

Wilmington North Carolina…Fuck You Money

the Money Man II

You are an asshole…this machine just called me an asshole AC/DC!!

Excuse me. I got to pick my nose. Hardcore. To AC/DC

Ghost! at the Bridge Control Center…

AC/DC get’s their own logo font.

Crocket and Tubs boat…passing through! Did we do that? Erkel boat?

Like a watermelon truck on a bridge

Uh oh…there went your axle…is that even how axels work? You lost your Axel…just like Slash.

Oh man…your AC/DC van got bent.

Screw you woman…I got on my white yuppie tennis outfit on…oh hell…watermelon crawl.

You GD Stupid Asshole. Can’t you see we got a situation here?

Oh! Green Goblin truck!

Happy Toys…that in’t no kid’s toy truck…if you know what I mean and you do…because I hear you laughing.

Andy’s mom is a dog? Oh Son of a Bitch

Well let me just take a look down the pipe hole of this gas hose.

Is that all? Flush his eyes.

Wait…I ain’t too smart…you want me to work for 9 hours and only clock in for 8. C’mon…is that really the worst thing…

Barbara June should not be allowed near the griddle.  No Barbara June that is not how you make flapjacks.

Look at all them stars. Everbody here is a convict!

Most grating noise ever…reek reek reek reek

Let me just tap this quarter on the floor before I make my great escape from the arcade of death.

This weeks Old School Pick is Star Castle

  • Star Castle was featured in the 1982 movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
  • Star Castle can be seen in the 1982 movie Rocky III. In an opening scene where Paulie is walking in an arcade, a girl can be seen playing Star Castle.
  • Star Castle was featured in the 1984 movie Ghostbusters. It was one of the two arcade games, along with a pinball machine, that the Ghostbusters team kept in their headquarters.
  • Star Castle was featured in the 1986 movie Maximum Overdrive, where it electrocuted a person to death in the arcade.
  • Star Castle was featured in the 1989 TV series Columbo: in the episode “Murder, Smoke and Shadows” along with the video game Joust.

C’mon everybody…I’m buying the soda…no I mean it…1 soda. we got to share apparently cause all I got is 50 cent.

Death by coin operated machines.

Bystander levels of understanding what they are seeing: The first can to the crotch is funny. Can to the head..Getting less funny…oh shit. RUN!

Trucks, industrial equipment, coin operated machines, yard and kitchen appliances. Fuck cars…we don’t possess those.

Are you on something? Worst North Carolina Accents ever.

EAT MY SHORTS!? Did Yeardly bring that from this movie to the Simpsons…Nope…Judd Nelson said it in the Breakfast Club…maybe Emilio heard it.

Curtis…is he dead?

I don’t think that Truck wants to talk to you.

Curtis…are you dead?

Why does the truck attacking Curtis sound like a Impact drill when it starts up? Sound like a Nascar pit crew ?

Nobody wants a green goblin in a box.

Jerk in the box is more like it.

Load of Joy? told you that wasn’t no kids toys truck

Just gonna kneel right here behind this truck.

You’re cute….Emilio laugh..

Who has the best hollywood laugh?

Nothing at 10:15 in the morning.

That poor dog. How did it get the toy cop car in his mouth.

Great long shot of the Ice Cream truck coming  down the street.

My-T Tas-T –

Is it playing. King of the Road? Trailer for sale or rent?

Let me sell you a bible. Now wait…let me tell you what’s in it.

How many fingers do you see….8…12…

Bubba is really trying to keep salary under control so he can keep grits prices down

Bubba is not really a real bad guy c’mon.

Didn’t even make it out of the parking lot.


Smash and trash.

I’m gonna tear them off boy!! Stephen King is obsessed with skroat abuse in his stories. Chopper, Sick Balls. Alright…maybe I only have 2 examples. But I need a reason to say Skroat

Death by bumping. Bible salesmen…am I right!

Horse Puckey

I got Dead salesmen on me. Boo hoo

Hey…we are trucks….we can’t even pump our own fuel…let’s drive around in a circle for no apparent reason…oh wait…I see why. PRODUCT PLACEMENT!!

Man I wish my name wasn’t Curtis

This was during a period of filmmaking when the character had to say the thing that was happening on case it wasn’t obvious.

Curtis’ car…top speed…70MPH?

When a truck leaves the highway it bursts into flames. Everyone knows that the only reason trucks do not burst into flames is because they are attached to the road.

More Reeks than an episode of Game Of Thrones


Always time for love making in horror movies. Cause nothing makes you hornier than a bunch of trucks trying to kill you.

What the hell was Emilio eating off that girls head?

Juke Box of Christ. Last supper.

The whole damn world has gone tits up.

We made them. You can’t! WE MADE YOU! Alright…calm down.

Horn of disapproval.

I like spoons.

I am not comfortable with Lisa Simpson making out at a greasy spoon

I  hate those fucking trucks. I never did like trucks anyway.

You got a bible salesman in your ditch.

I didn’t sign on to be no hero. – in your best southern accent.

Crazy as a couple of rats in a plugged up shit house.

C’mon…For those about to rock…we salute you…

Something else The Trek Nerd and Emilio have in common…they both have tasted urine. What was the first thing?

Trope: Dead people will lie perfectly still while you check them out and then pop up at you when you try to leave.

The road twitch?

Uh oh. The Trucks just got organised.

Wanda is a loose cannon…and she really can not come to grips with the who made who thing.

He got a Merrit badge in Morse Code

Like a junkie trying to run down his connection

Great use of AC/DC

Did we really need to watch Billy wrestle with a gas truck fueling hose? for a full minute!

Gun truck is watching you

Red rag dab to wipe the Emilio sweat away

Interstellar house cleaners. Broom.

Ass in the air!

Truck-a-side. The humans have betrayed us!

In truck we trust

Humans here. Down at the Burger Lean

Coked out King

If this movie taught me anything…it’s that trucks are highly explosive.

I feel like I just got hit by a 15 pound sausage hand of stephen king backed by AC/DC

Two days after, a large UFO was destroyed in space by a Russian “weather satellite,” which happened to be equipped with a laser cannon and class IV nuclear missles.
Approximately six days later, the earth passed beyond the tail of Rhea-M, exactly as predicted.
The survivors of The Dixie Boy are still survivors.


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Popeye (1980)  114 min Rated PG

Popeye is a 1980 musical comedy live-action film adaptation directed by Robert Altman and adapted from E. C. Segar‘s Thimble Theatre aka Popeye comic strip. It stars Robin Williams (his film debut as an actor) as Popeye the Sailor Man and Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl.

It premiered on December 6, 1980 in Los Angeles, California, to mixed reviews and disappointing box office. The film has since been released on DVD as well as digital download. Harry Nilsson‘s soundtrack received mostly positive reviews.

Opener:  Hi and welcome to Sweethaven Gym


Where our motto is:


Every day is forearm day.


Also, I hope you enjoy the smell of sweat and fish. sweaty fish.


Twitter: Popeye – All the charm of a Fleischer cartoon combined with the zaniness of an episode of Mork & Mindy. Ibbott and Randy. you owe me an apology




Stuff I Loved:


It ain’t no sea craft it’s MY dingy.

Baby Gamblin, Sailor, Violence

Popeye (2016) Animated by Sony Pictures and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky

Blow me down

Up to no good tax

Room for Rink

You owe me an apology

Over the top poverty ridden musicals. Like Annie. Comics from the depression.

Dude was reading The Comic in a movie based on comics

There’s going to be a fight…the bar patrons know it. They are locking stuff up!

What a great Father’s day pick

I said phooey and I mean phooey

This was Robin Williams first film.

No room for a racetrack on your bay city…no problem…we has fakey horses. House of Repukes.

Get a Venereal Disease.

I ought to bust you right in the mush.

I ain’t no physicists..but I know what matters….I ain’t a doctor but I’m losing my patience.

Ripped straight from the comic page. You can’t be married and you can’t have kids. So you find a baby and pseudo date your border’s daughter.

You can’t get a PG rated  movie while saying stuff like…eat it raw!

Haul Ass….Haul Ass….Haul Ass

Like punching an octypussy under water…it looks stupid and awesome all at the same time. Now excuse me while I sing a song.

How hard is it to sing in a popeye voice

Best most upbeat ending ever. This should have been the whole movie


Between film sack and living life

I just got through recording another great episode of film sack with Scott Johnson Brian Ibbott and Randy Jordan.

we sacked the film “bad ass” it was an interesting the sack to say the least.

Viva law old manpower and also bus chase scenes how could you go wrong especially with Danny Trejo in the lead role.

Going to pick up kids once again and then back home to go asleep alright.