The Saint (1997) Show Notes


The Saint (1997)

PG-13 | | Action, Adventure, Romance | 4 April 1997 (USA)


[usr 4.0]




[These are the show notes I use while recording the Filmsack podcast with Scott Johnson, Randy Jordan and Brian Ibbott.]

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This week I thought I would try to predict 3 miracles that could elevate this episode of Filmsack to sainthood. “Saint Sack.” Miracle One, Randy, I’m going to need you to stay within 140 characters or less on that twitter post this week brother. Miracle Two, Scott, no talking about Elisabeth Shue’s hygiene or feet. I know her last name is Shue…so this will be tough. Miracle Three, Ibbott, No clever Batman observations. Like how Bruce Wayne and Simon Templar were both orphans and were both played by Val Kilmer and got married in Vegas or some something. Now Saint me!





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Twitter: The Saint (1997) Like sketching a statue in the cold cold dank…..wait is that marble experiencing shrinkage? Miracle number 4!


Show Notes:


Paramount! A Viacom dealy


Angelic Music…James Bond almost


Elisabeth Shoes!


Ignatius Ophanage.


The Knights Templar…


is he is a priest…why is his napkin so large?


I hate this book!


Children of Sin! Bastards! Named after Saints. Catholic Priest who gave away all oh his belongings.


Fruit cage! Cage the fruit.


The old punish everybody if you don’t do what I say.


Lock picking level 12


Lady Lockdown…


What is up with the skew a view shots


Is this an orphanage or a prison…they brought out the dogs.


Perhaps I will take you to my Ha-ome in africa.


Oh you bad boy…you got the girl killed.


Sony tech. Learn by tape


Statue arm camera…thought it was going to go on a nipple.


Friends, Countrymen, Russians.


I am batman….


Watch full of Cocaine.


So much Sony Tech. Saint Sony


It’s a tiny tiny chip.


Suck me sideways…hehe.


Gee…you have a gun on me at the edge of a ledge…wonder if I will jump.


Midair Mustache Removal is my favorite.


Catch me if you can.


Computer Cab. The precursor to Uber?


Why 50 million? Will we find out later!!


boris the spider and the human fly


Public Place meeting.


Room full of doctors




Favorite disquise. Middle Aged/Big Teeth Skeptic


Lady doctor has post it notes all over her apartment.


I need me a swiss army tool of


Floppy Disk on a Macintosh? Apple IIE…what is that…Screen shows one thing but he is in front of a PC


Penis statue. I has a penis statue


Who wears leather pants and sketches naked statues.


I carry around the formula for energy in my underwear


Character has flaw heart problems.


Elisabeth Shue is very breathy and gentle


Filming must have taken place at some very overcast areas. They did some practical effects to brighten the sky in several scenes.


The Close up scream.


Let’s get nek’d scene


I liked this movie the second time I saw it…when it was called Master Of Disquise. Thank you Dana Carvey!!


Oh man…that satellite/cell phone with texting capabilities back in 96


Elisabeth Shue has the ability to be sexy without being trashy.


“Fly…don’t buzz off…” Clever texts


Trivia :
HELSINKI- Nokia has paid Paramount Pictures a $1.2m fee to feature its Nokia 9000 Communicator in the Hollywood blockbuster `The Saint’ which is currently being released globally, according to a report in the Finnish newspaper, Turun Sanomat, which quoted unnamed Nokia officials.”It makes a real statement about Nokia’s …Apr 25, 1997


The Nokia 9000 is used by Val Kilmer when he played Simon Templar in the 1997 remake of The Saint,[4] and by Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock in the action comedy Bad Company.
Geo location by cell phone.


Victim become investigator


The rat race


Platters of cash…the only way to deliver your winnings.


Master of disquise will eventually disquise as his nemesis.


Name that saint game


Blow job implied. While you are down there.


These Russian Guards look like Castle Guards for the Wicked Witch Of The West.


The most memorable scene of the movie. The Cold Water Scene. Everything in Russia is so cold.


Just trying to warm up with Elisabeth Shue…totes worth it.


Bad guy with a cane…but doesn’t need one…very pimpster


Russian Power Struggle


Got to escape in the water tubes.


This lock pick/survival knife has everything…including a welding torch.


What you wanna bet this is going to be minus.


You ever lifted a man hole cover?


What a conviently located gas main inside of a sewage/water main…this tube has it all.


American Embassy! The real hero of any movie in a foreign country.


Except in that movie with Owen Wilson.


The Saints real superpower is his magic flash bang distractions he always sets up so he can disappear


The bad guy son


Thomas Moore…my personal saint.


We set up the rules. Be a really good person and perform 3 miracles. So let’s wrap this thing up.


Digital Fax!


The weird Russian Scientist…no doubt they have his daughter locked up somewhere.


I wish I understood formulas better. Most scientist can see when their is a solution to the problem…


The Russian President is a fool to trust an American.


Friends…Countrymen…Russians!…this is my thing


Cold Fusion gonna blow you up


Kind of gave me chills. Is that even how Cold Fusion works…is all that light radioactive…I wish I understood science better.


Miracle 1. Cold Fusion Lights.


How many endings does this movie have.


The Criminal [Name]


Russians like titling their criminals.


Miracle 2 is arresting the bad guy?


A proper rogue.


Love this music.


So is she the girl who fell at the start of the movie or not? That’s what I remember


Cold Fusion Mumbo Jumbo.


Such an upbeat movie


I love you Simon is a miracle? These miracles are lame.


Oh snap…she did it to you…she left you.


Orphans…Bastards at best…comment…yep…that’s her…Does the saint know that?


ahh…the finally pink panther style escape. Damn!


In other philanthropic news.


Hey! It’s a halo!


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