The Punisher (2004) (Show Notes)

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The Punisher (2004)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:   Oh, hi officer…what’s that? What do I have in this bag…mmmm…nothing really….I’s just a few essentials. A couple of  highly modified guns, some grenades, landmines, my one  and only shirt …oh it has a skull on it…my kid gave it to me… he’s dead now…and since it’s in the bag…well…I am shirtless right now aren’t I…cause either I am the delivering Punishment or I am shirtless man…my wardrobe is pretty limited…I don’t got batman money or nothing you know…oh…and this dummy fire hydrant…you know…just in case I need to change a parking situation. it’s a little heavy.


Punisher, Shirt, Gun Nut, Poor Man’s Batman, One Shirt, Anger, Crappy Headstone, Justice vs Punishment,


Twitter:  The Punisher (2004) like never buying another shirt again , because the last person to buy you a shirt got ran over. Now where is my reboot.


Stuff I Loved:

Punisher Skull logo is so iconic

Meanwhile in Tampa Florida…a yellow corvette

To trust the man…Runs a hash bar in Amsterdam…speaks german…russian.

This is bobby…he’s not a cop.

Nice…Miami footwear.

Looking creepy in his blonde hair.

All the deals down at the docks. Just post cops at the docks.

What does the blacklight do to the money? what they looking for? Marked bills?

We got the guns… Also, we resused that shot 4 times and flip the screen.

That is quiet the police force show up…where were they hidding all those guys?

General rule of thumb…don’t point at people with a gun…guns are made for shooting…not pointing.

Bobby…you so dead bobby.

Bag and chip him? like a bag of chips? how about pringles?

Just kidding…I ain’t dead.

This music.

Give me my pants…I’m buff.

Frank Castle going to retire at 30?

What a weird hand over hand slap hand shake.

Trope: You done killed the son of the biggest mobster in town.

When someone tells you that your child has died you have to drop to your knees and drop whatever you have in your hand.

Don’t hit me…don’t hit me.

Mr. Universe of Gun Running

Kicked me right in the touchas.

I don’t want the Karma of your death on my soul.

Otto Kreeg

Done killed that other dude.

The lady senses…she sensed .he was there

What a weird eye shuffle between them too…looks like they are trying to watch a tennis game

London is a safe place.

Now get out of the doghouse ya weirdo kid.

Somebody lied to him. Promised him one thing…gave him another.

Had to dress the mobsters kid until he was 13…His son deserved to get shot for that weak facial hair.

Puerto Rico!

Let’s go diving!

Frank castle likes to shave his belly hair…not his chest hair.

Aww…what a happily family moment

These guys have some moneys

He keeps staring her down…damn punisher eyes

Anything more dramatic than a tinted power window reveal. Before powered windows you looked pretty stupid with tinted windows. Not as dramatic when you are cranking down.

The mobs’ wife wants the whole family dead…this ain’t burger king.

Soooo…The punisher’s iconic costume comes from a Caribbean shirt shop. Aight.

Don’t think you see mobsters head out to the islands too often.

That is convenient….dad had a collection of sweet ass guns

Wow…they shot mom first.

You done attacked the wrong guys house.

Did he shoot that guy with an elephant gun?

Oh no…don’t shoot up the bbq pitt.

They are just randomly shooting up people…We aren’t even family!

mom is dead…uncle frank…cousin bill…DAD!

Dad still got enough left in him to stab big boy in the back.

How you going to knife fight mop top.

Always take off the boat trailer.

and they just gonna run over them. just like in Mad Maxx

Shot to the chest. Only pure revenge is keeping him  alive…that and getting blown off the pier.

These are not nice people.

Dressed all in black…it’s their uniform.

Ahh the healing waters of Puerto Rico.

I will choke you out…oh…it is friend.

Come up’ens for the guy who was with the mob bosses son.

Never a good idea to have your 2nd take care of your wife.

mmm…A Harry Winston. ….without you…it’s just diamonds.

Nothing says loving like avenging your son’s death. Does that make travolta an avenger.

I am grieving…no time for shaving.

and months go by…and the hair doth grow…like the rage in your belly.

Punisher shirt was in the dirt…getting worn…ready for the war.

God’s going to sit this one out.

A little brown courage…time to A-Team up the apartment. Mini Montage.

Time to build the tank car.

Apartment building of freaks…bad news bears

john pinette is looking young.

Wow…our neighbor is an artist.

I need a big industrial sized fan in one of my windows.

Little yellow corvette…

Isn’t science fun mickey.

Castle has that batman gravely thing going on.

It always involves 2 cubans.

Mobsters flaw is always they work on a schedule and predictable.

He is a gay!!

Those were some pretty boring headstones.

I used to get upset when I had a flat tire.

People in movies are easy to knock out…grab them by the shoulders…slam their head against something…bam…15 minutes of free time.

The Punisher ain’t got BatMan money.

He has a tshirt and a couple of guns and a lot of anger

Showdown shootout in the lobby. Smoke that skin wagon.

mmmm…diet pepsi old can.

2006…wee got the internet involved with the research of our neighbor.

Pinchette on nerd neighbor action.

Must self medicate…drink drank drunk.

Moron…brought a knife to a knuckle sandwich party.

I don’t have a TV….all I  have is a giant fan. It’s just as entertaining.

2004? were bag phones still a thing back then?

Ooooh…the fire extinguisher was to keep other people from parking there.

Never trust a man with a guitar case and face tattoos.

Death Threat O Gram. How about a tip?

Harry Heck. is a dark man.

Not the GTO!

Why the hell if there some kid running out into the street.

Punisher acquired a new car..the GTA Way.

uh oh…call The Russian. We already called in Memphis…call the Russian.

Dangit….I am not a babysitter.

mmmm…foood…tastes like got to eat.

The Russian looks like a roided out Popeye.

You can stab the Russian’s muscles…but it don’t matter.

Don’t stop whacking him….he looks like he felt that last one.

Yer gernade was launched back at you via a very american baseball move.

Big guy…slow down video…make booming stepping noises.that Russian is tan…where did he get a tan?

The broken neighbors who protect the anti-hero. They can barely take care of themselves.

Well that is painful. Piercings seemed like a good idea.

That is one damn big ass paper chopper.

Found your new family. Love will find a  way.

The punisher likes to go shirtless at home…which I guess makes sense…since he only has the one shirt…which fits really well.

1. Sickness Parabelum. When you want piece prepare for war.

How heavy is that fire hydrant to carry around?

Is that the code to the safe behind that picture?

Oh…what kind of colognes does Travolta have.

Need help with some underpants sir? Go fuck yourself…that is the appropriate response to that question.

Turn them against one another.

Howard is weak minded.

Really dig that Fila track suit.

Threw her off emperor style.

Pretty sure she could have ducked the train

Your mother is gone…she took the train.

2. Frank Castle is dead.

3. Justice is a shame. Time to go vigilante. Punishment.

Hey, Frank Castle…or whoever you are…that skull is copyright protected…you can’t just go painting it on whatever you want. Damn Vigilante

Apparently in 2004 extreme man pit hair was still acceptable. That thing was showing up as part of his silhoutte.

Wow…BB King is boss level good with that pistol.

Good thing they keep shooting him in the chest

Saints and Sinners bar

Howard Saint!

John Travolta would make a good riddler.


aaaand I blew up your auto empire.

Most of the screaming is operatic in this movie.

Back to the hell hole I call my apartment.

Think I’ll sit here and look at my dead family’s picture and get stone cold drunk and shoot myself.

Lightening and thunder plays a big part in this movie.

What did he leave in the cupboard? A rat turd? A box of coacoa crispies?

What a weird bandaging job they did on pierce face.

A Plate of mafia cash that probably is marked.

I tried to retire once…it didn’t work so good.




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