Suicide Kings (1997) (Show Notes)

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Suicide Kings (1997)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:   Hey, This movie is more a 90s mobster movie than Eddie Vedar giving Curt Kobain a back rub in a flannel shirt and a pair of Doc Martins. Naww….Naw….don’t say that…Naw…

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thinking you are going to get beat with a bat but getting beat in the face with a toaster instead.

getting beat in the face with a toaster. This movie is officially bumming me out.


I pay your taxes like your mom’s and dad’s do.

Like watching a bad version of Mafia Clue



Stuff I Loved:

Fish boots

You really into that pinky ring Walken.

Wet and Warm


Bunch of punk kids at my table

A big fan of deductibles.

Flash back to Flock Of Seagulls. Miss the reverse mullet.

Roof top tennis courts are a weird place. I can’t keep tennis balls on a regular court. Also, blow up doll.

Do not knock on my dashboard Walken

Who takes a ride with people you don’t know.

Where do you even buy a bottle of chloroform.

Wooo…Wooo…Christopher walker…Wooo

That truck ain’t even slowing down…it’s not a fucking train…if anything it is speeding up.

Why is he wearing his scrubs? I mean this is kind of an non sterile location…what’s the point.

I pay your taxes like your mom’s and dad’s do.

That was wicked. Pinky on ice.

Nipples that would stand up and whistle Dixie.

Stingray boot are not something you want to tell your mobster buddies about.


Showing up with his Lay’s chips and cigar.

Never tell Ira you are borrowing the house to play poker…cause he will invite himself.

You guys are killing me here.

Beer, Porno’s Pop…you know…poker.

They are chopping my fingers off Ira.


You cut the man’s fucking finger off….geez Ira…

About $85 dollars from Pay-Lesss

Should I start counting the F* bombs

You got a benz…I got a busket. Give me a dollar

$500 dollars for a buskett.

Brownies and Oreck.

You don’t get high on your own supply

Pop the weasel.

Where is Ray? There is

Let’s take a look around at these mooks.

Vitamin K

Use the grape.

Double Boggie.

damn rent-a-cop

Worst safe word ever….Marry Me.

That gun is officially bumming me out.

Word on the street. That is solid.

That is some cheap ass fridge magnets

Irish genes

I had to tattoo his ass. WITH MY BAT.

I don’t have a bat…but I do have a toaster…Mr. Toast tattooed on his face.

Everybody is very touchy about their stuff in this movie.


Leary has a violent streak. What can I beat you with?

Monkey fucking a football.

The word Fag was still around

Suicide Kings are wild.

Another flashback story.

The Widow Maker

We know…we know…it wasn’t steak they were eating.

Directions before GPS and google maps.

A good game of who done it mafia style.

Bunch of damn gamblers and drunks.

Naww….Naw….don’t shoot me…Naw…

Sitting on Ira. Gotta sit on Ira

C’mon guys…who is going to help me clean up.

2 million dollars and they are still staying in that crap hole apartment? Living in the city is really expensive.


It was all a scam.

nooo…they killed Robert.

This movie would be a lot different if there was instagram back then.




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