Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997) (Show Notes)

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Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:   Hey, commander Pike…er…Dr. Evil…uhh…Wizard dude mostly in a tube….where should we set up this tank of liquid nitrogen? In a broom closet next to the pilots seat ya say?  got it. Also, I think the marines are down in the holding bay playing shrinky dinks with that experimental matter resizer thingy. Just FYI…

Twitter:  Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997) like using Zoom and enhance on Warwick Davis. It’s gonna end up looking crappy and stupid. Like this movie.

like smoking a cigarette another marine kept behind his ear all day.  Grody.

Like zoom and enhance… The only problem with enlarging the leprechaun is the horrible pixelization. Zoom…enhance…ENHANCE!


Stuff I Loved:

Lionsgate! and Trimark…They were all to blame.

Warrick Davis…in Space!

That’s a convincing late 90s space scene…

This must have been done by ILM … Industrial Leprechaun Magic.


Rendered in 480i

You forgot realistic texture mapping and lighting.

Waxing my gun…he loves the guns.

Mooch is a mooch. and has halitosis

This cigarette tastes like ear wax.

Got to make sure the Marines of the future are coed


He does a pretty good Dan Ackroyd Sargent.

Sticks…why is your name sticks.

Female of the species.

Dr. Evil…just needs a pinky to the lower lip.

Saddled with the non military

Pseudo X-wing fighter

Ray Charles is blind jokes is funny even in the future.

Princess Sacrifice…second week in a row.

May all our wounds be flesh wounds only.

What happened to the Sargent’s head.

ha! yeah ….Detroit is worser than this place.

Princess biscuit tosser

With a wave of his warty hand…magic

Why are the U.S. Marines rescuing  Princess broke panties in Space?

Nice work lucky

Lucky’s nickname should be greedy little shit.

haha…Leprchaun Lightsaber.

Should have cooked that nade a little longer

Leprechaun sacrifices himself for his princess.

Haha…give me a hand joke.

Piss on a leprechauns leg and he comes back to life. Sounds reasonable.

Harold is busy….and is interested in a same sex relationship.

Ibbott played angry German. So Say…Say So.. Dr. Mit-in-ham

Those shorts are so late 90s…Dance girl dance.

Future space tumblers

Ahhh…casual sex in space…

They are in the disposal area of the ship to get busy…the equivalent of having sex in the bathroom.

Shake hands with the big guy. Don’t hurt Mr. Snake.

haha…your dick turned into a leprechaun.

I’m not going to hurt you…the hell I’m not.

Rape is funny…no wait…IT’S NOT LATE 90s  MOVIE

White folks can’t dance…even in the future.

mmmm…feet and knees.

haha…what are you doing!

Her tissues

yes Harold…I know what you were doing.

Do you Harold?

Take more than Penicillin to fix that.

What the hell…lubricant…more like a really bad game of Double Dare. Where is that SOB Mark Summers.

Mooch is really really dead…most sincerely dead.

And here is our space manikin….art.

Pencil Neck Beak?

No sideburns says…crazy!

Star Trek Connection…It’s Commander Pike.

Thanks Harold…I’ll do the jokes.

Be careful to not bang on your mechanical body.

Didn’t recognize Debbie Dunning. Tool Time!

This was prior to Jason X.


Survivors guilt. Gave him a standing tall.

Not a lot of Leprechaun in this movie

Slavery humor.

Has magic..uses it to annoy doc hottie and GED Marine with magic missiles and handcuffs.

Don’t drain me of my blueberry Koolaid!

No Harold…it all went according to plan..MORON!

do not need closeups of Warwick Davis eyes…

What the hell did she shoot him with.?

Not the piggy game!

Deloris is dead…nope…yes…yes…now…dead.

Gun pacifist becomes gun nut when someone she barely knows is killed.

Space doorbells

Leprechaun Lip Syncing…not cool.

Walking cane to the scroat

Which is the living part.

Flat face. That is cartoon as fook. Reminded me of the Garbage pale kids.

DNA is blue milk

What lab is complete without spiders and tarantulas.

That heart in a jar is really bouncy.

Man Mittenhand is by far the best part of this movie.

Door opening sounds are straight outta quake

Yay! Acid…also…always poor water on acid…or whatever is in that container that looks water.


weirdest monologue ever…the tits monologue

Why does Leprechaun need to keep hostages?

Entertainment Lounge on a space ship.  Lights.

Ain’t no strings on me…Sarge.

….aaand nunchucks.

I knew we would get to the karate.

Mittens Spider.

Did not need to see sarge junk

Sarge is having a Good Morning Vietnam moment.

Self destruct

dangit…Sarge was a cyborg!

The Leprechaun has girlfriend problems. But he knows the second rule of keeping a hot girlfriend…insult her.

The view screen….it’s full of stars.

You got the boils

3rd rule…knock ’em out.

Bloody cocoon?

Sure are a lot of gun foley handling work

Has magic…get’s into fight.

This ship runs on Dos…Damnit…it’s a Dos system. I hate his hacker shit.

Get’s shot…takes off his shirt…good job marine.

How did they pitch this? “We need a way to make a giant leprechaun…so we need a enlargement ray…so we might as well do it in the future…hell we might as well make it a space movie while we are at it.”

The only problem with enlarging the leprechaun is the horrible pixelization. Zoom…enhance…ENHANCE!

Shirtless Joe goes on a trip.

Horror movies has a tendency to get it’s actors unclothed.

Sticks is awesome.

We keep the liquid nitrogen on the ships bridge.

How to destroy anything a monster on a spaceship. Suck it out into space of course.

scientist…yeah…that is the password.

haha…Wizard..is that comic sans font?




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