King Kong (1976) (Show Notes)

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King Kong (1976)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:   Hey, I quote De Laurentis -No one cry when Jaws die but when the monkey die, people gonna cry. Intellectuals gonna love Kong. Even film buffs who love the first Kong gonna love ours. Why? Because I no give them crap.

Twitter:  King Kong (1976) – Like trading 6 chocolates for 1 vanilla…The dude does not abide. 

Stuff I Loved:

I quote De Laurentis -No one cry when Jaws die but when the monkey die, people gonna cry. Intellectuals gonna love Kong. Even film buffs who love the first Kong gonna love ours. Why? Because I no give them crap.


Surabaya Indonesia

What’s in the crate going to the Petrox Explorer?

Meanwhile back at the docks. This is a quiet opening.

Looks like Jaws from 007.

There’s Baggly.

One test hole.

It’s The Dude! Appartently, one too many white Russians man.

It’s a cash bribe of the ‘Oops I dropped my wad.’

Stowaway! These ropes are convient.

Mmm…Lemonade….the drink of Charles Grodin

Dino De Lorentis!

Grodin has a wicked weasley moustachio in this movie.

Based on a screen play conceived by an idea…yeah…this is quality stuff right here folks. Right up with…based on a board game or based on something my mom once told me.

Gotta turn the nobs and squint…

Eating a 3 course meal on a boat during a storm seems sort of pointless. Other than it looks funny.

Ever eat a raw herring with a beer chaser and a scoop of ice cream…no.

The original Kong movie was about the other fortune hunters of the time…Film makers. During the 70s it was all about new oil during a energy crisis.

The magic circle!

That’s right Sunfish.

Nasa Spy Satellite!

Ahhh…the corruptions…Big ole pays off the president.

Science man…get up here.

Skull island!

Here comes the social scientist and historian. Did I creep you guys out?

Charles Grodin is the best…

You lying Hippie!

Lying hippie has a greater vision than the rest of you…he isn’t going through life with blinders on…

Come on mister…stop horsing around…I got a job to do.

Ship full of dicks is excited to see she is alive.

First Aid…got to get’s usual…GET OUT OF HERE!

Book of matches is a better indicator of location than a drivers license.

What you got? Crystal Balls?

I’m Fred Wilson…I am in charge…

Pretty girl making a movie in Hong Kong? Godzilla?

That sure is some pretty hair

Dwan…like Dawn…but I switched 2 letters.

What a meaningful miracle. Harry was showing Deep Throat…then the Yatch exploded.

Sailors on a ship…Gentlemen when a woman is involved. Foreshadowing of how a pretty woman influences the beast.

Typical Hippie Propaganda! The Dude gets the girl.

Flock of birds

Trope: Something unusual…nah…it’s nothing.

Like how I cut up your clothes and wear it?

Good thing I stowed away…this needs to be visually documented.

All the foreshadowing…Hororscopes about meeting a big guy….Ape comments…Don’t want to get eaten alive comments.  This movie is piled up with foreshadowing.

All the right shots.

Almost always a juxtaposition of small humans in a big world…big ships…almost every shot is a long to medium shot.

haha…Holy Mother…that looks as old as the pyramids themselves. – Grodin is great.

Grodin is great at being wrong but pressing on.

Well this wall was easy to bypass…just walk around it…nobody tell Kong.

My binoculaurs are cooler than yours…and bigger.

Gotta shake my baby maker at you. Ape Mask Dr Voodoo.

Shutup fellas! Seriously…there is some white dudes up there on our wall.

Shoot in the air only…that way you can’t get her pregnant.

What is he bitching about?

Damn Magic Contaminators.

Monkey Mask Man will trade 6 chocolates for one vanilla.

Coooome Ooooon. – Grodin

Pipe smoking.

Any monkey bigger than 4 feet.

Ahh…the asshole vs the noble environmentalist.

Kong Kong Kong…don’t say it 3 times. or he may appear.

Oh look…how convenient…white girl squatting on a low lying deck…one native vanilla boat scoop coming up.

Do you find my junk hypnotizing? Here…take these drugs.

Where did we get burlap sacks? who cares…look at my abs and gyrating hips..

We got lots of shells…we make you some jewelry.

Is that door a pushy…or a pully?

this movie is sexually frustrated.

Is that door bar a penis?

Who is playing that squeeling clarinet?

Those trees are all in the way…no problem…push down.

53:00 minutes before our first look at Kong. A lot of Kong talk.

Loud Loud Loud…quiet before the storm.

That ape suit is really good.

Here comes the mechanical ape hand.

Still looks pretty damn good…special effects win.

Yay! Kong no eat us…stupid white bitch…let’s dance!

Uh oh…Gods angry…white bitch betrayed us.

Open that gate…we can’t sir we pushed and pushed…it’s too hard…did you try pulling it? Shit.

Ape suit joke. Some guy in an ape suit.

I’m in a hole…I know what a hole is.

How morbid…unless he gobbled her up whole.

Come on old guys! Let’s guy.

Jungle apes don’t eat people

Big hairy chest ape.

big…ape..just gonna run away now.

That is some pretty damn good puppetry they had on this movie…to control that giant hand…look heavy but light enough to not crush the actress.

She hates the empire state building incident…cause that was a reference to the original…fool!

Jessica Lange did a great job of being hot.

Man…when she is punching the close up ape face…those pube hairs…dose pube hairs! Totally adolescent.

Jessica Lange nails the hollywood blonde actress thing.

Why do they always run

She however is not a scream queen…that was some mighty week screaming.

I’m the flare watcher…I have the worst job ever…nope..forgot about ship masseuse…that is way worse.

God Grodin is the best.

Ain’t busting my ass for no white company white man.

You is too stinky even for me…time for an intimate waterfall scene…and I’m a perv…look at my pervy eyes. I think the director called for a longing look. But this ape suit only has purvy face…ah hell..I’m going with it…can I blow you dry? ahhh yeah…you like that? I had fritos for lunch…mmmm….

Glad you think my failure is funny.

Love when a character’s name is Jack in a movie. “Ok Jack…you go first.” “Look here Jack…”

You can hear giant prehistoric birds at the log scene…you never see them…

The log roll was the scariest shit to my child brain…I had never seen anyone fall to their death in a movie up until this point. Could be why I am scared of falling. I remember it being a much bigger log though…

Trope: The “you too big to get me in this small hole sucka. Big is not always better.

Echo.. Echo..

Right on target.

How did they get that bulldozer on the beech?

Grodin cracks me up. He needs a bullhorn…always.

The good thing about Kong is you don’t have to be a great tracker to follow him.

Kong sweet face is creepy as hell.

Oh me…nothing…just knocking your clothes off…CAUSE I’M A HORNY APE! Rape Ape. Rape Ape.

Snake fight! Could they have used a real python. I mean…I know you couldn’t rip his jaw open…but the scenes leading up to that.

Shirtless Jeff Bridges is the best Bridges.

Alright…is the door a pushy or pully…really…I need to know.

He seems a bit upset that you took his woman.

Why did they bolt the door if they wanted him to come on in.

That must be special ape knockout gas…cause there are a lot of people walking around.

We need 20 barrels of knock out gas. Why you questioning my methods to securing oil!

That is some intense monkey door busting.

Backgammon on a rail.

Did you forget Rape Ape?

Wow Jack does not believe in the island people. We took their monkey…they will be drunks within the year.

Pro Tip: When a dude tells a girl he is tired of thinking…that means he wants to have the sex. Rape Ape style…really…you shouldn’t use the term rape in the contest of joking. Unless it rhymes with Ape…

Kong knows you are trying to do it.

Durn my strength…this ship is made of flimsy.

Wait…are you telling me it was a bad idea to put a giant ape into an oil tanker.

Would it kill ya to brush once in a while ya big ape.

Well duh Dwan. Kong always gets his lady.

How did she expect him to resist her with he banana colored shirt.

Kong sleepy…Kong take nap now.

She always gets loopy after stressful situations.

Petrox. We put the giant monkey in your car….screams!

It’s an international event!

Petrox Gas Pump is coming to get you… Just kidding…it’s Kong.

Well that could have went better.

Well we brought a giant ape to the city…that can’t be good for sales.

Oh no…that is not good.

Well folks…there is your multi million dollar failed robot ape

Nothing…just stepping on humans.

Gotta love screaming ladies who tear at their necks.

Sniff sniff…how can Kong smell her coming in a train? This I will not abide.

what a myriad of diversity on the L-Train…all the way down to the guitar carrying guy.

This guy just ran away from his motorcycle. Yoink.

Why would they shoot people on site who didn’t go to the underground shelters? Are they going to mistake somebody for a 50 foot ape?

Why you so stupid “buy me a drink.” he sniffed you out in a train 1000 feet away.

She read his book? Monkey’s don’t swim and other fake facts

Who me? I’m just a giant ape swimming. Don’t mind me.

Well…this sneaking is working pretty good…ELECTRICITY IS NOT MY FRIEND!

We got you on speaker phone….I mean…like literally…speakers.

I don’t care how bad things get…I’m smoking a stogie

Sneaky Kong…I see you! Yoink

Too soon…Twin Towers.

Who are those flame throwing rebels? No matter.

yay Kong!

They brought in Blue Thunder.

Noo…don’t shoot the Kong.

Let me show you hot I punch Helicopters.


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